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It was an easy trail for kids!! Still curious to find out how people were able to make it to the base of the falls. I did not see a trail leading down...

1 day ago

Should be rated moderate. As it seems to be the case with All Trails, mileage listed is shorter than actual. I recorded something closer to ~7.7 miles. I prefer to go counterclockwise on the loop.

The gate was open so we took our Toyota RAV4 but half way through the road we had to turn back. Lots of big pot holes filled with water blocked our way. Since it rained the day before, the road was very rough. I didn’t want to get stuck in a mud with my 3 year old kid with no cell service. I’m okay paying for an entrance fee so they can fix the damn road. Very disappointing trip indeed.

on Hidden Mountain

16 days ago

I tried to go there today (9-3-18) the access road had a sign up saying the property is under new ownership and isn't accessible. There might be a way to get to the trailhead but I couldn't find it.

nature trips
24 days ago

Beautiful short hike to the falls

trail running
24 days ago

Lots of wild flowers and deer out. Beautiful, well maintained trail.

The road up was a little rough because it had just rained that day but still manageable in our suv. Very beautiful peaceful drive. The hike wasn’t very long since the gate was open it was maybe a little over a mile. Very friendly people there, although before of some nudist. My husband and I had our 4yr Old and Our 3month Old with us So we just distracted them when other people were getting up. Overall it was an amazing experience and we will still be going back.

hey just wanted to point out that the turnoff coordinates are incorrect and lead to a private residential area. The turnoff is at 35.828399,-106.595902.

The waterfall was beautiful. I couldn’t find away down that was safe for my dog but other than that it was an amazing hike

Super easy. Was beautiful and green on that side of the mountain, just wish it was longer or at least another trail similar close by.

So I’m fairly new to hiking/backpacking with only about 100 miles under my feet so far. With that said, however, parts of this trail were pretty hard compared to trails with a “hard” classification. My daughter is very active and even she had a tough time. This trail is BEAUTIFUL and totally worth the sweat and effort despite my previous statement. If, like me, you’re newer to the hobby just be aware that this will be challenging and then GO!!!!

Easy and fun hike. Plenty of shade from the trees and the cave makes a great extra for kids to explore.

Do not attempt to drive this (when the gate is open) unless you have very high clearance! Especially if it's muddy! Just hike the 6-ish easy miles in. It took us about an hour and a half one way.
If you can't decide which hot springs in the area to do, do this one. It's actually hot, and it's beautiful. Clear water, beautiful views, less people. You won't be disappointed.

on Osha Loop Trail

3 months ago

Whole area closed due to high fire hazard.

Steep climb but great vistas!

I absolutely love this place!!!!

4 months ago

The drive in was beautiful! We came in from Cedar Crest lots of people out and enjoying the stream. Saw some deer. I was afraid the road was going to be terrible NY reading other reviews it was not that bad. we saw lots of cars. it is rocky in some spots and there are some ruts but I wouldn't be afraid to take a car on it. The trail was easy. It was narrow in some spots which was nerve racking with littles. The views though were amazing and worth the climb. The staircase was a fun touch and the cave was awesome especially for the kids. The dust is awful so bring masks and flashlights. If you're not claustrophobic or afraid to get dirty you can go pretty far back.

This trail is really short and easy, but totally worth it. At the end is a metal spiral staircase that leads up to a catwalk that goes into the caves. It’s a little nerve wracking to be up on the catwalk, but the views more than make up for it. Keep in mind that the road leading to the trailhead is extremely rocky and not the best for passenger cars. And if you want to explore deeper into the caves be sure to bring a flashlight!

10 miles round trip gate is closed, road can be accessed with bikes or 4 wheeler, downhill all the way in ... up hill back, hiking boots should be used various terrain, the warm springs are off trail, but was really nice! Take water food... long hike.

About a 10mile hike in total if the gate is closed. It’s a very easy hike with little to know elevation changes until about the last 0.5 mile. If the gate is open it’s about a 2mile hike in total. Dog friendly. Kid friendly. One of the loveliest views in New Mexico! Worth the hike!

5 months ago

See recording from today. The only parts recorded are an easier way to access Oso Ridge from Embudito (it’s just the second left after the Embudito trail marker), a direct way to South Peak from the top/end of the Oso Ridge trail, and the path back through Embudito Canyon off of Embudito trail (which cuts at least half a mile off the trip and of course is another great way up).

Really great views but the trail was snowy and icy as you moved away from the crest and into the forest.

Lovely hike even though trail pretty icy. Be sure to check out Kiwanis Cabin. Only did part of trail because of time limitations but will definitely return to finish.

Waterfall was frozen when I hiked this trail but still cool!

Found this trail by accident and loved it! Someone told me you can go 1/2 mile into the cave.

Great loop, but the hike up the crest spur is pretty steep, more on a moderate level. Fairly exposed to wind most of the time, if it's blowing.

One of my favorite places to hike. Usually when the gate is open you can drive all the way down but if not it’s about a 6 mile hike there. It’s not rough terrain so it’s very easy. The springs are beautiful as well as the canyon with the creek. Highly recommended.

7 months ago

Beautiful Hike! Make sure to bring a mask and flashlight if you want to explore the cave.

8 months ago

Simple hike, but nice view of falls. Doable by most

great adventure.

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