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1 mile to great overlook.

Closed due to construction

I’ve been coming here since high school. I have so many wonderful memories of walking and clearing my head at Enders. I went today with my pup, and I was reminded that, although rated easy, it may become challenging if it’s wet. It was very slippery and some parts were very slick, and I needed to walk cautiously.

just beautiful

nature trips
3 months ago

beautiful please definitely want to bring young children could be very dangerous what waterfalls are absolutely gorgeous and wear lots of bug spray

Very good. Reading the history of the arches really helps to understand the walk

Awesome little place. So off the beaten path. Discovered this place is 2003. Best seasons to go are spring, summer and part of fall. First time i went, there was some snow on the ground. Wish some of the trails, were better marked. There is the old foundation of a building there, just the rocks. Huge rocks, waterfalls and pools.

so pretty down by the river... but people, please clean up after yourself.. it's sad...

I had heard about the arches for years but never got around to seeing what the whole deal was. Got out of work today and decided to head over and glad I did. The trail is nothing special, follows a dirt/stone road for a while then goes up into the woods and kinda follows the road as you see it at times just down the hill. Due to the live tracks in the area, it is necessary to use the trail but at points you can still use, what I'm guessing was an access or fire road at one time, not really sure. Stay on the path and you'll be fine getting there. It does have some interesting point like the steel girder walking bridge you have to go over. Eventually, you get back to the "road" and it ascends a bit. You reach a point where it's left or right and don't worry, there is one of those glass enclosures which has the history of the arches so you'll know you're where you want to be. To the left is one of the arches, hard to tell even as you're standing on top of it but be careful and look over and you'll see the thing, it is pretty cool. I went across the arch then climbed down the embankment a bit to take some shots and then went back up and back to the trail sign. I read the history and it has a map of what you might see near it. At this point, you can leave and go right back to the trailhead or continue on straight, which I did. Until you actually realize that you're on an old railroad trail, you're thinking you're just on a hike but while walking this way, you can see the stone retaining wall and up further, look at the sides, they blew out this area with black powder to swath a path for the train. It's really pretty cool what they did. Continue a little further and you've reached the second arch. Just be careful, no railings and steep, you slip you're gone. Anyway, just cross the bridge and on the left you'll see a dirt walkway down. It's a little steep but worth it to catch some of the awesomeness of the arch, just amazing. One arch is 65 feet, the other 70 I believe. The second one I think is the tallest but not positive. Take some pictures and remember when this was actually made and where it is!

Beautiful spot. Easier hiking back up than it looks.

such a beautiful spot I liked it a lot minus the dirty diapers in the trash scattered about from assholes who don't know how to pick up from themselves it could be a very lovely place I would not bring small children no strollers no dogs that's my opinion but a very awesome Place minus the trash

Great easy hike! Not much elevation change, which means you can save your energy for the swimming holes. The water is crystal clear and perfect to cool you down. Bring a backpack with a couple towels in it and you’ll be set. Gorgeous views if you’re willing to climb down the steep embankments off the main trail down to the water. The trail itself (which is more like a road most of the time) is clear and well maintained. It can get a little muddy here and there, but there’s always a way around. Follow the diamond KAB markers and you’ll stay right on track. I’ll definitely be going back to this one.

We camped out near the third/fourth bridge, on the abandoned line that can now be walked across. it was a good day to go swimming and even in the evening the water was still quite warm. If you are planning to hike so far away from the parking lot, I would recommend bringing the smallest tent you can find. I brought my 4-person Coleman tent, but it got pretty heavy and we had to stop several times to rest. will definitely be picking up a smaller 2-person pop-up tent before making the trek again.

6 months ago

Few minutes down from parking lot to beautiful view of the falls. Takes longer getting to the parking lot from any main road but worth it. This isn't in Huntington though. It's in Middlefield. Trail path off to right side from parking lot goes down to the base of the falls. There are man made steps made of stone and wood, a bit different but nice and makes it easy. Very short path to the left goes to the top and there are some shallow pools that people use to wade in and cool off. Bring some drinks and a snack and spend a little time.

7 months ago

My husband and I love this area for hiking. It is utterly beautiful here. You can really get a great workout while seeing nature at its best. On the last stretch back to your vehicle is a bit steep which gives you that final burn, but if inexperienced make sure you leave a bit of steam for it.

Beautiful views of the falls and real easy.

Amazing view , great easy hike for young families to still enjoy a great view.

Short and easy. A few slippery spots but hey your next to water lol. Perfect hot day getaway with few swimming holes.

We hiked the falls trail and I can say that each fall is unique and has you in awe. The trail that runs along the river and falls is not marked well and we lost our way for a bit and wound up climbing uphill to find the return trail of the loop. It was a warm day and lots of people were going into the pools below each of the taller falls! I'd recommend you apply bug repellant of some sort too.

Very fun, short hike with great views and swimming holes. Perfect for summer!

One of my favorite quick trails, perfect if your looking for something short and beautiful. The rock house it a nice spot to take a breather.

park and take a left for a short hike with three different little falls to see within 15 minutes of parking the main trail above the falls is easy for all levels to get down to the top of the falls it's a steep grade with some drop offs but still not very difficult if you take a right from parking you will not find falls but lots of trails and forks in the river to fallow back upstream good place to go with kids and also for a short hike or you could spend some time their

Nice little hike, beautiful trail and the waterfalls were very impressive. Only downside is the trails were not marked well, but other than that highly recommended!

To crowded very rocky

8 months ago

One of the more impressive falls I’ve seen for sure! Top of the falls was super accessible and had a beautiful Mountain View. Hike to the bottom was mostly easy with stairs built into the steeper areas, but was not marked at all. The view of the full falls from below was more than worth the short trek!

Trail was beautiful and easy to follow as it was well marked. Was slightly disappointed that the arches were mostly obscured from view but the waterfalls were stunning enough to make up for it! Parking area was pretty small, though, only about 3-5 cars depending on how close together people decide to park.

Come here all the time and probably always will. Awesome spot

9 months ago

One of my all time favorite places to hike in the Hilltowns!! Trail is very well kept and the scenery is absolutely beautiful!! The arches are visible all year long but are most visible in early spring or fall. Mostly flat with some moderate inclines.

Pretty area. A bit of a shorter hike but nice little falls

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