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Great hike! Pretty well marked, there are only a few parts that are very grown in and the trail gets narrow. I hiked with my two dogs and they loved it - lots of water for them. Make sure to bring waterproof shoes!
The falls are wonderful and hiking along the stream is super nice.

nice uphill hike, interesting smell like horseradish.. I wasn't even hungry so... very pretty spots to explore and spend some time.

This is a nice serene easy trail for a couple or family. Let ya of bigs so definitely come prepared. Not a long trail at all, but the waterfall on the end/on the way is quite beautiful. Great place to explore and make lasting memories.

Great walk for my dog. $5 parking fee at the entrance gate and there was LOTS of people.

I've been coming here for years . pretty easy hike with beautiful view

Easy trail, great spot to hike with kids. Very beautiful during autumn. Pretty waterfalls and streams in the spring and after heavy rains.

This trail was a challenge but I loved it! Took my best friend with me and we had so much fun! I just love climbing rocks and walking in trails!

great place to explore. easy trail.

The kids and I love this place! Not overly taxing, but a great time.. Kids love sliding on the big flat rocks!

big area with tons of trails and other fun things to do.

Beautiful trail with great summit views. I wouldn’t call this a moderate hike but it definitely gets your heart rate up.

6 days ago

As said below the Mattatuck trail stretches from Wolcott to White Memorial Preserve in Litchfield. the trail ends there and continues again further north heading all the way to Mohawk Mountain.!!!

Love this trail!! I did about 4 or 5 sunrise hikes here in July and I have nothing but good things to say about the trail and the view at the top!
There is a couple very very rocky sections but the majority is a nice dirt trail

Nice river walk, payoff is nice with a closed in pond and waterfall

What a nice place to hike. I was surprised by the abundance of different mushrooms in that forest. They grow in many colors and different sizes.
Luckily we used bug repellent so the mosquitoes didn't bother us too much.

nice trail

Great place to hike , gets a bit steep like an intense stair master lol . Took my dog and we both really enjoyed it

Great trail. Very quiet and perfect workout!

I did the Marion Davis Trail up. Very muddy from the rain the night before. If you're hiking anytime soon, make sure you wear some good hiking boots. I ended up just walking down the road instead of the trail due to the mud and slippery rocks. The summit has some nice views. Just try to ignore the parking lot, at the top

Great hike. So picturesque. It can get a little challenging on the more natural paths on the way out but to me that’s the best part.
So many mushrooms on the trail today. Beautiful and varied.

great hike, waterfalls where really nice. We had recently got rain so they had a nice amount of water. Varied terrain, ups, downs, rocks and roots.

Good trail options for any time of year. The loop is nice, with plenty of wildlife sightings- the kids spotted frogs, birds, snakes, and signs of foxes and skunks. Good information along the trail about the types of animals found in that habitat which gave the kids something to look out for besides rocks and trees. Can be a short hike around the frog pond or a longer one through enchanted forest and the meadow. Good for a day hike nearby.

23 days ago

The trails are clearly marked on the white trail on the way up until you get close to the top, but you can easily follow the trail to the summit. If you continue down the white trail, following the loop rather than turning back, the markings almost disappear. The trail is still easy to follow but it's much smaller. Once you reach the Orange trail the markings are great.

24 days ago

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good warm up trail

25 days ago

Very easy and quick hike. Took me 5 minutes from my car to the rock. Great views and easy outing.

25 days ago

A VERY challenging hike on a hot day and the day after a rain storm. Much more challenging than the White Dot, White Cross trails because it's a lot longer...8.8 miles. Don't do it on a 85 degree day like I did.

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