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You will love the view

Tougher than we thought it would be. Constant elevation gain. Nice trail though and it was fun to watch the paragliders taking off at the top.

1 day ago

Hiked Friday 13th. We foolishly left our video camera and tripod at the trailhead with all of our family vacation videos on it. We were able to do the entire loop starting clockwise with just hiking boots. Had to be careful along a few snow fields but it was truly amazing. I’m 47 and not in the best shape... it took us 5 hours with lunch at the summit. The husband and teen daughters had to wait for me slowly walking uphill but I did fine on the downhill. It was the best family hike ever, except for losing our prized footage on the camera. Please email me if you found it.... we would be so appreciative. We didn’t realize it was gone until we reached Mr Ranier NP today. :0( Wendyteach@yahoo.com

1 day ago

Great well-maintained trail, fantastic views from the top.

Hiked 7/918 with three other gals!
Drove for a little over a mile on a fairly "gravelly" path and arrived around 1:40 PM then had to get a day permit/pass for $5.00. There are a fair amount of switchbacks and can be jaggedy, which I like. There are two old bridges above the streams with reconstruction at the trail at 3/4 of the trail. Then Arrived at Talapa lake at 2:40 with a lot of breaks and photos ♡ I can easily say an enjoyable hike for beginners who want to push themselves with the elevation.

extremely hard trail. very slick at points. not recommended for beginners. You can do it, but start early.

on Maple Pass Trail

2 days ago

Today (7/12/18) I completed the loop going clockwise. It was a totally spectacular hike! I first encountered snow on the trail roughly 1.8 miles from the trailhead. Once I reached the ridge there were more and much larger snowfields. I brought crampons with me, but I never needed them. My poles were enough to help provide stability (with careful footing). The views were some of the best I’ve ever experienced and will definitely go on this hike again when I am in the area.

Sweeping views

Nice & easy.

Well worth the effort. Thank goodness for the ropes.

Backpacked this loop on 7/7 - 7/8. Going clock-wise with a long 1st day (15 miles) and camped at Dear Lake, out 2nd day. The trail still has snow at the peak of High Divide but footprints were simple to follow. The basin was still full of snow and all basin lakes were still frozen, which was kinda disappointing. If you plan to come for basin lakes' photos, maybe 2-3 more weeks will be much better.

6 days ago

Great hike! Lots of shade which is great for the furry friends, not too difficult but definitely still a good workout. We went early afternoon which was perfect as a lot of people were leaving and it was starting to cool down but there was still a lot of cars when we showed up and parking is tight. Only complaint was lots of bugs at Olallie even with bug spray, but Talapus was great! Want to bring some floaties and spend the day out there next time!

7 days ago

Hiked on 7/6 but only able to get to Heather Meadows due to snow. We didn’t bring trekking poles, but it still looked sketchy so we didn’t want to risk it. Still a beautiful hike with lots of wildflowers. Can’t wait to go the entire loop again!

Not easy to find the starting point. We went up to poo poo point from high school (3.8 miles) and returned via chirico trial (1.7 miles). Nice views of the area and mount Rainier. Also it was nice to see someone paragliding from poo poo point.

Easy to moderate trail, good for leisurely hike. You can pay for parking at the entrance if you don’t have a nw forest pass. Carry mosquito repellent if you plan to go in summers near the lake.

Great trail, seeing gliders glide was a good view

Nice wooded trail, pretty dry most of the way with a few muddy patches. Mostly all uphill but a gradual incline. Lots of dogs on the trail. Easy enough for kids.

8 days ago

This hike was kick butt! The view was so worth it though. It is a grind the whole way up, just make sure to pack lots of water and a can do attitude!

Bring gloves for the ropes!!! You will thank me later ;)

8 days ago

Just don’t forget your gloves! poles can also be helpful on the way back reducing the stress on your knees, enjoy the view!

Great hiking trails...

great hike! I wish I had gotten an overnight pass to camp up there, it was so beautiful and worthy of more time to explore around the lake. definitely bring bug spray, those mosquitoes are relentless!

Lots of elevation gain. Many options and view points.

The hike itself wasn’t bad, nice incline and a great little work out. However, the view at the top wasn’t that great. Don’t get me wrong, it was still beautiful but not like some of the other views I have seen. Not bad at all, glad to say I did it but wouldn’t do it again.

There is still some pretty sketchy snow at the top but I would imagine it should be gone soon. Definately worth the views!

10 days ago

Hiked on 7/3 clockwise (turn left at the trail head). The trail leading up to Maple Pass was pretty easy to follow, couple of snow fields, but nothing too long. Plenty of footsteps to follow. The ridge leading up to Maple Pass is snow free, this is the part with the best views. Maple Pass is snowed in, and the last couple of feet to get on top of the pile of snow are on an almost vertical snow wall (10 feet high?). Snow seemed stable. Continuing on after Maple Pass it is all snow 1/3 of the way, many footprints and animal prints. We were able to find the path, but it required time. There was a part that looked dangerous, closer to where the snow field ends - all snow on a slope. This is where many people climbing the counterclockwise direction turned back. It looks more dangerous looking up, than down. We had just hiking boots and trekking poles and were able to make it through this part with extra care, but I wouldn't recommend it. This part is about 10 minutes walking time. If you just want to reach the top, it would be easier to start clockwise and then head back the same way.

11 days ago

I went about two weeks ago. I started around 3 and was back by 6. It took me about an hour and a half to get to the top. I ran periodically on the way down and made it right at an hour. it was chilly and foggy once I started down. It was beautiful and worth the sore legs on the way up.

12 days ago

Great day hike starting at the shores of lake cushman. Strait up the whole way. We took the short side of the lollypop up and the long way down to save the knees which I would recommend.

13 days ago

Attempted 7/2 around noon. Giving this a 5, despite having to turn back due to trail conditions. The trail got pretty difficult to follow towards the peak due to snow, and my GPS stopped working halfway up. There were lots of footprints veering off in different directions that I felt iffy about following. The snow was also very unstable and soft. Still, this hike is beautiful and definitely one I’ll be returning to. There were forest service crews working on clearing the parking lot when I exited the trail. The didn’t seem too thrilled about the cars parked along the road leading up to the parking lot, but also didn’t explicitly say that it was an issue.

13 days ago

Hiked on 7/1 ...Amazing hike .. still some snow at the initial part .. and at the top as well. Had to search for the trail track when you reach towards the peak . The hike is at the higher side of moderate .. with constant elevation gain .. but the views from the top of rainy lake and lake Ann are amazing and worth the hike .. hardly saw people though we started late at 2 pm and took our time reaching the top .. could not complete the whole loop due to snow on the peak and seemed unsafe (looks like you can do whole loop starting July when snow melts) .

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