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A natural place to hike, you can be a beginner like me or an experienced hiker like the rest of the world I seem to be running around with theses days ! Yet, all can enjoy this trail. I stop half way up & then take in the surroundings. & head back. I’ve got a good 2 miles in for the day and I am pleased Tina Hillstrom

Easy hike until the last ascent up to the cave but nothing extremely difficult. The trail markings aren’t the best as you get closer to the cave but as long as you move towards the cave, you’ll be fine. Great views and the cave is a nice spot to relax for a bit even though it sort of smells (probably bats).

Super fun with a bit of scrambling towards the top. The views are to die for.

This trail is now an official, maintained trail with adequate signage up to the Hackberry Spring turnoff. After the Hackberry Springs section of this hike (going counterclockwise) there is no signage and few trail markings. The Alltrails App was of great benefit! The hike itself was beautiful; changing scenery at every turn. Would definitely do it again!

1 day ago

I love this hike but the road going in makes me nervous. I don't trust drivers and have seen too many bad accidents so be careful driving in and watch traffic ahead. I know that sounds easy but you have no idea what I've heard in my lifetime. Anyway. the hike is beautiful throughout. The rocks are beautiful, well marked and maintained trails. Towards the end of the hike, some of the markers fell down and I tried to fix them but didn't have the manpower or equipment. My fitbit showed that the trail was less than 4.50 miles. The first 1.20 miles are all uphill. That's the tough part. Just take your time. The rest of the way is pretty much switchbacks and up and down. I think this trail should be marked hard. Anyway, going down is fine if you watch where you step. Step on the dirt, not the small rocks. It took me 2 hours and that includes taking pictures and talking to strangers and helping the find a different trail.

Great hike!! The view was amazing !

great views!!! A lot of uphill, but had plenty of places to rest and take scenic pics.

this trail is difficult if you have not been to many tough ones before there are some places where you have to use both hands and full body strength to climb if you want to get to the top. but view from the top will not disappoint.

Awesome, wear good shoes, bring water!!

2 days ago

Hiked this trail today. Waterfall was nothing but a trickle. I will have to come back after a rain. Total distance to the falls from the parking area was 5.9 miles.

Beginner hiker and I made it half way in to the start of the incline. The start was easy after you get going. The desert was very peaceful and overall a pleasant hike in and out. Has some rocky points and washes to cross. Not much wildlife. Lots of cholla along the trail. A few black ant hills. Saw maybe 10 total hikers on the trail.

5 days ago

I hiked this trail for the first time on Wednesday around 4:00pm and it was not at all busy we only saw about 10 other hikers. This is a tough trail in the beginning, lots of steep switchbacks. But, once you get past that part it’s a lot easier and oh so worth it for the views. It’s a gorgeous trail and it was very clean. It can be hard on the knees coming down but we took our time and I would do this trail more often if I lived closer.
My step counter was 11993, 4.4miles, and 111floors.

Lots of people. Beautiful view!!

Used to be my favorite trail—beautiful and solid workout. Nowadays it suffers from far too many visitors on it’s narrow trail and too many off-leash dogs and owners who don’t pick up their dog’s poop.

10 days ago

it was a very pretty trail and a easy hike. our dog which is a little dog did just fine, but remember to take water for yourself and your dog.

Love to take guests on this trail!!

Loved this trail! it is a bit challenging and technical but great one. Lots of people with dogs only I worry a bit for small ones but they seem happy. moderate crowded.

Hiked this trail today. Desert was beautiful. Trail is rocky at times.

Beautiful hike. First half is easy, just stay alert to all the jumping cholla lining the trail. Second half kicks it up to a solid moderate. Good workout! Waterfall still had a trickle yesterday. A great reward of a cool, shaded area at the end. We clocked in at 6.5 miles and took us 3 1/2 hrs to complete with a 20 min rest. Dessert was gorgeously green following the wettest October on record.

This trail is not for the faint of heart. Marker 27 after the Helipad was all I could do today. A good tip is to not attempt after leg day at the gym. Will be back!!!

A challenging rock scramble at the top, but definitely fulfills bragging rights when you safely return down...enjoy!

Do not attempt without the AllTrails map. Not well marked at all. Watch for cairns. Very helpful. Spectacular views! Allow plenty of time. Loose gravel in places. I actually fell and I’m a pretty experienced hiker. Also note that there is no cell phone reception out there. I would rate this as moderate, not easy. My FitBit shows it was 5.1 miles but we did get off the trail a couple times and had to double back.

Went up echo trail and down this way! It wasn’t as well marked and less trafficked. At one point I was scaling a rock bc I thought it was part of a trail before someone saw and told me I was on the wrong part. Haha. I’d do it again, although I heard going up this trail is easier than going down.

I hiked this trail a couple weeks ago on a Sunday. It was my first ever hike. Was told by many I picked a tough one for my first ever hike. It was very tough for me. Very steep. I stopped quite a bit on the way up. Sometimes to rest others for the many scenic overlooks. Just about everyone was very friendly. It was quite crowded. Some runners too. The top was amazing with great views. There was a couple people on the top of the thumb too.

Greta trail, I hike on average 10-15 miles per week and this was still pretty difficult for me. I stopped a lot but it was so worth it at the top! I went in December and the weather was perfect. Very traveled on the weekends, so best to go early.

Nice trail. Not for beginners.

Totally worth it! Easy to drive to, not far off the highway, little parking but had the trail all to ourselves. No shade on the trail until you get to the cave and experience that little temperature drop. The first 1.5 miles is really mild. It isn’t until the last .5 miles getting to the cave that it gets more challenging. There are a lot of loose rocks on this trail. It can be tricky at times to keep with the trail so I do recommend using the app and looking out for cairns. The cave does smell but the views are spectacular. I brought a flashlight so I could check out the back of the cave. The hike took an hour and a half or so then spent a good 20 minutes just enjoying the cave and the views.

Solid hike, at times hard to stay on the trail because it’s not marked but definitely a workout for the quads and calves :D

23 days ago

I’m a 60 yr old woman who works in an office all week and comes home to sit on the couch more days than not. I usually keep my hiking refrained until weekends. I hiked this trail for the first time today. I was definitely not prepared!! It was much tougher than I had anticipated (those people who say it’s easy lied!) Seriously though, this is a great hike if you want a good workout. It’s long (over 5 miles) with small areas with a bit of climbing over rocks. On my way out, I got too close to some jumping cholla. I didn’t have a stick, so I walked with them stuck in my leg for a bit until I came across another hiker with a stick. He knocked it off and is my new hero. Even though I started early, I was slow, so when the sun was out in full force, I felt it! You need sunscreen; sunglasses; a hat; and PLENTY of water!! I thought I had enough water but was “rationing” it by the time I neared the end of the Trail. Not gonna lie....this trail kicked my lazy butt!! But I just may do it again, but with a partner next time. Solo was no bueno.

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