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Hiked the mostly packed trail today with just boots. Was able to make it to the cabins with relative ease. The snow is less packed the farther up you go, but still a nice and easy hike with amazing views. Loved it! It says 6.1 miles but with only boots we could really only make it about 4.

What a gorgeous hike! Went up on 4/15 and the snow is well packed the whole way to the valley and did not need snowshoes. A little post-holing up by the mining cabins if you get off the path but not bad at all. Nice, easy hike with spectacular views.

Did this 4/11 with microspikes and poles with no issue-trail was pretty packed. Saw multiple people skiing. Beautiful views, plenty of parking, fun day!

We did the loop about seven months ago. The late post is kind of to defend this beautiful hike. No there are no signs. No it’s not super easy. Myself, a 55 year old and my guy, a 56 year old managed it pretty well. I tore my MCL in June and did that “kill me now” descent in August. Not super smart but at the time we had no idea how steep the descent would be. That said I would do it again, healthy in a minute. It’s beautiful and peaceful and an awesome workout for people our age to prepare for some bigger longer hikes. We took our flat lander 25 year old daughter with us and she did that boulder field in half the time we did. It was fun and I would recommend it to anyone for a day hike with a pick your path trail.

1 month ago

Love this hike and the views. Splendid! The main trail is well packed - no need for snowshoes but if you plan to venture off-trail - take your snowshoes. We did. The meadow areas are open enough that you won't get lost on the way to the mining cabins. And enough people have gone off-trail so that there are routes to follow. Off the trail, the snow is still 3 ft.+ deep. Enjoy the snow while you can!

Great to snowshoe through the valley on semi packed down snow. The trail through the forest is very packed down and spikes could have worked fine there. Great views!

I’m sure it’s beautiful but heads up- the road is closed for the season about 3 miles ahead of the trail head. Will definitely be back to check out again! Definitely a seasonal trail! Rookie (like me) be forewarned! That’s the only reason I went with 3 stars

Very easy to get to, amazing views and very quiet and peaceful for how close it is to the highway. Went in August 2017. Like anywhere in the mountains, best to get there early to avoid afternoon storms (and light crowds if that's not your thing).

2 months ago

Great snowshoeing and cross country skiing area. Not too steep and very stunning views! Plenty of powder and moderately tracked out; even better if you can scramble up to the ridge!

off road driving
2 months ago

This is a super good trail! You probably want to have a 4x4 for this lol. If you are afraid of heights make sure you trust your driver because it gets pretty close to the edge. I don’t recommend this trail in the winter. It can get sketchy. The view is great!!

off road driving
2 months ago

Awesome trail! Super fun. Must be experienced to do this one but very worth it. Great to hike up too!
The scenery is great at the top

Not my usual type of hike ( I usually do longer hikes with less traffic) but I did really enjoy this one. We took the trail there and the road back. The trail had a lot of snow, snowshoes would help. There were parts where the snow was about 2 ft deep. You do have a lot better views this way vs the road, road has trees on all sides. Lots of wind up by the cabins but other than that very beautiful. The cabins ruins are still in good condition.

Beautiful views all around. Will need some sort of traction and hiking shoes/boots.

3 months ago

Depending on what you want out of the experience this one had it all. Trail itself was packed enough I wore just my boots but kept my snowshoes lashed to my pack. plenty of offshoot trails though if you want to go and do more snowshoeing that I think will lead you to the same cabin ruins, not sure. Otherwise once you make it to the ruins lots of options to shoe up and explore with snow being in great condition for snowshoeing and pretty fluffy so you aren't scraping on rocks or anything. I don't know anything about X-skiing but plenty of them out there and people skinning up seemed like a good sign to me. Left late and got there at 10 and still plenty of parking and not too crowded for a Saturday and was able to be enjoy myself, explore and snack attack and be at my car by 1:30.

3 months ago

We went 12/15 in the afternoon. stunning views! We dont have spikes... but we had snowshoes and I definitely recommend some sort of traction device. felt mostly empty, only ran into a couple back country skiers. ample parking, easy to find. would do again in a heartbeat!

4 months ago

Hiked this on December 18th. Not a large amount of snow yet. However, spikes are definitely necessary. It is very slick when you descend the mountain. The boulder field is avoidable if you stick to the left, there are Cairnes for multiple routes, so stick to the farthest left. However, the boulder field was very fun to navigate and is doable with spikes, there is ample opportunity to get off route. The final push to the summit has some class 3 moves. There was no one else on the trail that day. Probably the best summit experience in the Pikes Peak region.

4 months ago

Went hiking there today. This was my first winter hike in CO and I was totally blown away! The views at the top of the hill were simply breathtaking. It did get busy with skiers so go early

5 months ago

Beautiful Hike! Just enough snow to add to the beauty! Winds at Gibson Lake were definitely 50+ miles an hour so we took a few pics and heading back.


While skipping Democrat, I hiked the rest of this loop (and hiked 5 other 14ers). It is beautiful and challenging, but this is NOT AN EASY hike. Colorado 14ers are NOT easy.

Conditioning and preparation are required. It is a steep climb to the saddle and steep up to Democrat. It's also a steep descent down the slippery, scree-filled slopes of Bross.

"a great forest setting" - the trailhead at Kite Lake begins at 12,000 ft - above the treeline.

"The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking and nature trips." Oh please! all skill levels???? Those who are not used to extreme elevation or a class 2 hike should avoid. This is not a hike for beginners.

I'm not sure what "nature trips" may mean, but this hike is above treeline and rocky in places. Be careful descending Bross. It is steep, has plenty of loose scree, and should be attempted with poles.

Sadly, it's descriptions like these that can encourage beginning hikers to venture on to a trail that's over their heads. PLEASE ADJUST THE DESCRIPTION AND RANK AS HARD.

We hiked this this past weekend with about 5 inches of snow and it was gorgeous! It's really not a difficult hike and even though it says you're walking up an old jeep road, it doesn't really feel like it. The views are stunning. Highly recommend.

6 months ago

If you don't want to drive up 4wd roads for this mountain and don't want to hike roughly 12 miles round trip, start as described below:
Take gold camp road past 379 to 376. This is a road to the reservoirs on the south side of Pikes Peak. Follow 376 to the gate where you can't go further. On the east side of 376 there is a 4wd road called 379 (its western terminus). Follow 379 east for approximately 2/3 of a mile. In a relatively flat section there will be a 2 track old keep road branching off 379. Follow it north for about 1/8 mile.

This is where directions get tricky. There are cairns along the route from this point guiding you toward the base of south Almagre but no real trail. This half mile section could pose a threat to becoming lost. You must make your way, generally staying on a ridge while heading toward the base of South Almagre. Eventually you will find a barb wire fence. A good trail will start on the other side of this fence at a point where the fence has been taken down. Once you make it through the fence your route becomes very clear for the majority of the rest of the hike.

Very beautiful and secluded trail. I did not see any other people the entire hike.

CAUTION: I would highly discourage anyone from attempting this hike without GPS or at the very least a topo map. There is a large chance to become lost on the section of the hike with no trail.

The first trip recording posted by Thomas Yoder "Almagre from McReynolds Res" is spot on- many thanks to you sir. I used your track as an overlay on a topographic map and followed it without issue!

If you are adventurous and have Alltrails Pro- definitely a hike to do!

Nice hike. We went up the left-hand fork to the amphitheater below Atlantic. Easy going all the way. impressive mine way up the west ridge of Atlantic, still connected by a wire to the structure below.

Great hike with great views! old mining ruins are cool too!

7 months ago

Did this hike yesterday, with the addition of an ascent of Clinton Peak. Very pretty area, but hiking a road isn't my favorite, and on a weekend it could really suck to share it with ATVs & modified 4-wheelers. Climb of Clinton from the lake is a workout, especially the final slope.

Really enjoyed this hike. When I read that it was up a road, I was not very optimistic. The road, however, goes through a heavily wooded forest with frequent views on one side. The mining ruins are interesting, too. The 360 views from the top of the ridge line are FANTASTIC!!! This hike gives quite a bit of bang for the buck.

Beautiful wildflowers and views. Steep incline to the top, but worth it!

7 months ago

Rock crawl here..nice reward at the top..be sure to start early..or you'll be that guy.be aware of hikers and bikers

The Mount Democrat hike is really crowded. Tons of people and dogs marching up together. It gets crazy when crowds going in both directions are attempting to navigate the narrow, loose path. Lovely views from all peaks and the area between Cameron and Lincoln looks like Mars. But the worst part of the day by far is heading down from Bross. Super steep, loose scree for much of the way down.

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