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Snowshoes to the Hut , then did a day hike to kinsman shelter. Everything was awesome, trail was broken in and the hut master was great!

Great short hike with pretty decent views at the top on a clear day. Trail was well packed; used spikes, didn’t need snowshoes.

4 days ago

Gorgeous hike but definitely need traction especially near the bluff.

5 days ago

My first snowshoe hike! It wasn’t as hard as I thought. The closed I’m snowy evergreens made it feel like Lion, Witch, Wardrobe. When I arrived at the top...boom! Amazing view. Made it to top but phone died.

5 days ago

Thanks to all the snow shoers, we were able to make it just with microspikes! Gorgeous hike, beautiful view at the top. Plus our dog loved it ❤️

Pretty cold and had to hike in from the road because Ravine Lodge is closed. We used micro spikes until we switched to snowshoes at the trailhead. Great hike. Too cold to hang out at the summit though.. It was truly stunning.

This trail was beautiful! Nice short hike in the cold and we used sleds to ride down. Trails were nicely packed and the weather cleared up when we got to the top. Would definitely do this again :)

8 days ago

Yes the hut is open despite the shutdown!! Went on a foggy day and couldn’t see the view much, but still a great hike and the hut is so cool! Definitely need micro spikes, but didn’t need snowshoes as the trial is very packed down. Saw a few other friendly folks too! First mile is steep, then evens out nicely. Will have to go back to see that view on the lake!

Really enjoyed this hike as an intro to snow hiking in the white mountain. Micro spikes were absolutely necessary. Be prepared with extra layers and freezing temps. Amazing views and fun trail. Looking forward to this hike in warmer temps.

Beautiful hike during winter! The views from the top are phenomenal; some of the best we've seen on the east coast. With several feet of snow, we sledded back down which was incredibly fun. Nice short hike.

Snowshoes required!!

13 days ago

Anyone know if the hut is open right now due to the govt shutdown? Thanks in advance.

15 days ago

One of my fav hikes in the Whites.
I was even lucky to see a moose on the top.
The view from the top is stunning. You should be able to see the presi’s if it’s a clear day.

Great winter hike for hikers of all abilities. However this mountain requires traction (microspikes, Trail crampons) in winter months; without traction, the slopes near the summit would be treacherous (quite a bit of ice). With traction, the whole loop is enjoyable, easy-to-moderate, and can be completed in 2-2.5 hours. Enjoy!

Very nice trail. I went with my wife and our 5 and 6 year old boys. We made it all the way to Lake Solitude. It was very icy, but we were prepared for that. It took us nearly 4 hours up and back. We had lots of fun. I did the Newbury trail on the other side of the mountain. That was longer and seemed steeper. Anyway- I would definitely recommend this trail. We will be doing it again in the summer so we can swim in Lake Solitude. Couldn’t have swam it this trip- could’ve ice skated I suppose!!!!

thankful for the hut on windy winter days!

19 days ago

really nice 37°day, brought a lot with us preparing for quite a hike. it was really fun and nice to get out. definatley going back, the top is just beautiful.

21 days ago

So I went in early January (01-02-19). The trail was very well marked and there were only a handful of times I needed to walk away from one trail marker before seeing the next. This is definitely on the harder side of moderate in my opinion. It’s a pretty moderate incline for much of the hike up. If you plan on going during the winter months, definitely prepare... and DO NOT GO WITHOUT SNOW CLEATS AND HIKING POLES!!! It was very icy. Couldn’t have done it without my cleats on. Instead of going up to the overlook, I actually walked out and onto the lake as it was frozen pretty thick. I stayed close to the shore line just in case though. Just in case you’re thinking about making a short cut through the trail (as I did) it was steep, extremely icy and tough. There’s a part of the trail where it does sort of a U- I decided to use the whole shortest distance between two points approach- can’t say it was completely worth it. Probably saved time on the way up- but burned a ton of energy doing so. All in all, great hike. Definitely plan on doing the Sunapee Summit next time with the wife! Also- Lake Solitude looks like it’d be an awesome swimming lake in the summer months... I’ll let you know when I go back! Hike safe.

Great hike!! Trails are hard packed with ice, traction is a must!. My hillsounds made easy work of the ledges. Some mixed conditions (ice and rock) going up Welch. I did run into a group that turned around because they couldn’t get purchase safely with their traction (yax and katahoulas).
The saddle in between the 2 is packed nicely. Beautiful views!! Will be hiking this again.

I have always LOVED this hike! Great views.

I hiked the trail yesterday. I thought the snow'd made it easy to hike. Definitely worth it, let alone the spectacular view at the summit.

24 days ago

Great short family hike with amazing views and water attractions on the route. Best value hike in the white mountains.

24 days ago

Great hike! A little dicey this time of year without good footwear bc of all the ice on the ground. But all in all it was quick and easy with great views.

Parked in the cannon parking lot and hiked the loop counterclockwise. The way up to the viewpoint was not nearly as icey as the way down.

25 days ago

I have hiked this trail during the summer months and this trail in the winter is so smooth and the snow leads to an ease of hiking (no loose rocks to fuse about).
The trail still has plenty of snow on it. Microspikes and Poles worked best today, but I did see hikers with snowshoes (some in hand) and plain hiking boots.
There were some downed tree but easy to navigate around.

Great hike for those looking for a shorter outing in the Whites. The trail was mostly moderately graded with a few steep sections here and there. The snow was packed out well when we went, so only microspikes and poles were needed. Great views at the top for the effort. It took about 1:10 up and 40 minutes down.

Water crossings are not frozen. Be prepared. Otherwise fantastic hike.

We attempted to hike the trail today. With snow on the ground the trail is not well marked or marked at all. We walked until we saw a that sign pointed left across the river. The river was quite deep and there was no visible path to cross. We then went off trail and followed along on the ride of the river for some time until turning around.

Awesome winter hike! Definitely needed spikes , everything was packed down though. Did the ladder, it was a blast! Took about 3 1/2-4 hrs total

First time taking this trail and it was great, especially in the snow. Spikes were a must as it was quite icy. We almost didn’t take the ladders going up Mt Morgan, but I’m glad we decided to give it a try! Lots of fun and in the winter it was nice and quiet.

Nice hike. A balmy 14 degrees in the parking lot, but beautiful sunny day. probably 2+ feet of snow, especially near the top, but trail is well packed. Spikes and poles make this good footing. Views from the top are great. I considered coming back down Indian, but it was very lightly travelled.

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