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3 hours ago

Really enjoyable hike. Hard on the way up and slow on the way down, but worth it. With a heavy backpack took about an hour and a half each way. Be sure to pack your water if you plan to camp, the only water source is a small stream at the very start of the route.

Great hike through a wooded deciduous forest with a stream parallel to the trail at the start. Quite a bit of work has resulted in a climb that is strenuous but moderate.
The summit affords exposed granite spectacular 360 degree views.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiked this yesterday & Sawyer River Road was open. Took me around 5 hours total. The trail itself was pretty with the fall foliage but psychologically tough because most of it is uphill through the woods with few views. Since it was a clear day it was worth it to see those 360 degree views from the deck though.

This was such a great hike, and it was even better with the changing of the leaves! Tree cover for most of the hike, until you get the ridge. We had such a gorgeous, and clear view. If you're lucky, you may be greeted by a few Gray Jays at the top of the watch tower. They polished off more of my trail mix than I did...And as people have stated, Sawyer Rd is open, and it's a beautiful drive down the road!

Learning difference from 12 yo to 67 yo as far as scampering up and down rocks. Excellent trail but definitely took longer than anticipated and challenging.

We went up on a beautiful day, taking Piper up and “west” loop down. The latter was longer but we avoided going down the rocks we had scampered over on the way up. Summit was glorious- beautiful 360 views.

We started at the Piper Trailhead, then took Carter, Middle Sister, West Side, Liberty, Hammond, and Weetamoo back to Piper. Be careful if bringing dogs. I had my 55lb dog with me. He made it the whole loop but there were many large rocks that I had to boost him up onto. They were at the end of Carter Ledge up to and in the beginning of Middle Sister. We took the trail pretty slow with many breaks. We had 7 hrs moving and about 10 all together. All in all a beautiful trail! Well worth the work to get up.

Tough hike up to the tower. Not many views due to cloud cover but had some breaks enough to get an idea of what it must bring on a sunny day. Will probably try this again on a better day

A great all around hike with different terrain throughout. Some narrow spots, lots of mud but a good day hike. A few river crossings too for a pup to cool off in.

For those wanting a view — not many look out points but the one at Mount Willey is stunning especially in the fall.

Sawyer river road is open. My fiend and I drove up the road Oct 3 2018 to the parking lot at the trail head

difficult but rewarding. great 360 views from the top

Great hike Sat 9-29-18 on a beautiful day! It was crowded at the top. We hit the trail at 9am got the last spot in the lot. Others parked on the road. The parking fee was $5. We are in our 50’s and I’m slow. Took us 3 hrs up and 2.5 down. We had lunch at the top and let the dogs swim in falls on the way back. Beautiful day with beautiful views

Beautiful! Piper trail and Sisters have scrambling and some slippery rocks but the rewards are plentiful. The view is breathtaking all the way! We clocked closer to 19km for the loop rather than 13,7km. as indicated, so give yourself some extra time.

Beautiful Waterfall just a little detour from the trail but great view from the summit overlooking white Mountains!

Absolutely incredible trip! Got to the summit in about two hours, with brief trail running in places but a few stops along the way as well. Not super well-marked once you start to move above the deciduous trees, but it’s apparent enough which way the trail goes. Views between tree line and the actual summit are to die for, pictures don’t do them justice and I probably spent at least an hour and a half just taking it all in. Some sections in the higher elevations are mostly smooth rock face with a little section near the edge that’s easier to navigate, which was probably the hardest part of the hike.

Spectacular views.
End of September, slippery rocks.

Lots of fun — pay attention to the markers for sure.

19 days ago

Love this mountain. Small but mighty! Watch for markers towards the top — easy to get off track!

21 days ago

Great hike with views in every direction. It's especially nice watching an early sunrise.

Very challenging uphill and steep but worth it. Great 360 views at the top in the fire tower. Took us 4 hours round trip including eating lunch at the top. Best for off leash dogs.

The first 2.3 miles was a brisk walk then starts increasing its incline steadily for the rest of the way. Going to the observatory was a little foggy because it was cloudy, but there was still a beautiful view at the summit.

Challenging is correct. Took the dog and I a little less than 2 hours to the Tower. Have to pay attention on some of the lower ledges. Will do again

25 days ago

Just a good uphill hike in the woods with no bogs, no bugs, no mud, and no scary ledges. I found this to be a very pleasant hiking trail, even though its ascension rate is challenging.

Awesome views and not too difficult. Took my 12 yo daughter and her friend and we did it with no problems. Really fun hike.

Beautiful hike with an outstanding 360 degree view from the top. The piper trail offers diverse terrain - from a nice shady walk in the woods, to scrambling on boulders towards the top. I will suggest to keep an eye out for the yellow trail markings as they become pretty difficult to follow/ see once you are close to the summit. We had to turn around a couple of times because the safe way up was not extremely clear! Overall - one of the best hikes I have done this year! I saw many dogs on the trail, however, my older pup would not have been able to navigate through the steeper rocks towards the top easily, so I’m glad I left her at home!

ok...as said read the good reviews...this is not a moderate trail in my opinion..maybe if you take the 1.8 mile trail flat as can be to start and then blend it with the 2.0 mile staircase you get moderate but I felt it was more to the hard..in any case most importantly do not attempt on a wet day or a day after a wet day..was very slippery a day after a drizzle...rocks were flat in areas and there was no traction..you could see where people were trying to create another trail in the dirt. the views were nice workout great...I was the only one up and down that day. saw a beautiful milk snake which I posted...all in all a good trail just listen to the advise on the other reviews...I did and was prepaid because of it...enjoy if you are thinking about doing after all you are in paradise....

This trail isn't for everyone. Beginners that are older or out of shape, beware because it quite possibly will challenge you beyond your limitations. If it has rained recently, the trail becomes a bit more difficult with much of the 2nd half of hike navigating slippery rocks and tree roots. I found navigating Mount Washington less of a challenge then this bad boy.

Views are amazing. Sawyer River Rd. is open.

One of the best hikes I’ve done!

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