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Xmas morn 2018.. 9 degrees in the parking lot and brisk wind blowing meant we started bundled to the eyebrows. Once in the trees, however, I was able to drop to single layer for the moderate climb. Just shy of the treeline, the dense low trees allowed me to change my wet clothes (in total comfort) and prep for the sustained 20mph winds slashing across the peak. Brutal progression to the peak meant we had to abandon hope for bagging Eisenhower, but once back in the trees the wind vanished and conditions became temperate by comparison. Water froze almost solid, even the one with salts. Note to self: get insulated sleeves for the nalgenes!

We used micro spikes the whole way, dodging postholes made by others. Snowshoes would have been overkill, though.

Beware the grey jays: they expect to be fed and will attempt to steal food from your hands as you eat. One landed in my open backpack and started going through my food bag, despite presence of curious dog.

A good hike, will do it again some day.

Beautiful views from the top, worth the steep climb. Not many views on the way up, but once you get on the ridge, it is breath-taking. Only had to use traction, snowshoes weren't quite necessary.

Excellent hike, did it with my friend Chadd in about six hours, with breaks as needed. Slid down the flume side. Formidable! Happy New Year 2019.

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17 days ago

This was an amazing experience! I will do it again. It took me 9 hours and 30 min to complete North to South, which includes 1.5 hours of rest at the summit of mount Washington.

Great hike. A little ice patch 3/4 way up. Micro spikes are helpful. Great view at top.

23 days ago

We hiked the Crawford Path up and back. The trail is easy to follow and a fairly steady incline to the peak of Mount Pierce. There is not much in the way of views until you approach the peak, which provides a stunning view of the surrounding mountains. The snow is well packed—no need for snow shoes, but highly recommend crampons or microspikes.

Hiked December 4 2018. Two fit 64 year olds. We came across others during the hike, which was a straight shot up Crawford Path rather than the loop. Cold day with 17 degrees at base and single digits at top with strong winds. Lots of snow but well packed trail. Only needed Microspikes. We layered up particularly when we came close to the summit. Needed shell, face mask, and other. We came across several 30 year olds who were fine without shells and hats until a mile from the top. At summit all hikers were dressed for arctic conditions. Experimented with various water bottles. Insulated bottles inside pack were fine. Insulated cycling bottles outside pack were fine until we approached summit and they froze completely. Be prepared for arctic weather in winter.

Pretty! Snow made it harder but was a great workout.

Great hike, we completed this hike on October 26th, clear sky’s and no wind at the summit. There was about three inches of snow and very little ice.

One of my favorite hikes! The views are breathtaking from the summit.

Not being too experienced as a hiker I took this hike on 10-22-2018. It's my fourth hike in the white mountains. The climb is steady up and wore me out. Took several breaks on the way up and down. It snowed lightly for the whole hike. The summit was windy and cold and almost a total white out and still an excellent experience. Id think that this climb was moderate/hard and a leg burner. Will do again in spring to get some views. I recommend this hike

Deceptively easy at first, the ascent was steep and slippery. Probably one of the toughest climbs in the area. Views at the top are great. My recommendation would be to go up Mt Flume and down from Mt Liberty.

Beautiful and very challenging hike. Contrary to what the listing notes, this is a better point to point hike than an out and back. I would recommend doing it as a day hike over backpacking after doing it both ways.

Low 30s, I thought it was perfect weather for hiking. Got warmed up once we got moving and don’t stay too long in one place because you will get cold! Gloves/mittens were a must. Hiked in this order: Avalon, Field, willey, then Tom. Went the wrong way passing willey adding an extra mile but we did the whole thing including breaks in about 8 hours. Got to feed a bird at the top of mount field! Bring bird seed! The three 4000 footers did not have good views but Avalon was very pretty. Personally wouldn’t hike it again but glad to get 3 4000 footers out of the way.

Skipped the Mizpah loop and just took the Crawford path up to the summit and back. I'd describe the hike as unrelentingly moderate. It's never very steep or challenging, but once you get on the Crawford path it's up and up and then up again. . Excellent views of the Eisenhower and Washington and an exposed alpine zone just before the summit.

3 months ago

Before I review, let's get a few things clear. Piper Trail is one of a number of trails that lead to the summit of Mt. Chocorua (I don't understand why AllTrails doesn't just say that in their description; like with many trails it would save us time not having to figure out what trails end at what summit, etc.) Also, there are four different signs on the PIper trail and none of them seem to agree on the actual mileage. It ranges from 4.2 - 4.5 one way to the actual summit, so I'm going to say the round trip is 8.5 miles - not the 6.7 AllTrails claims. Ok, with the business out of the way - this hike is truly lovely. The first mile or so is basically flat with some small steep sections that immediately level out. There are three small stream crossings, nice opportunities for dogs to get a drink. The next two miles climb steadily but moderately. The next mile or so (after the lean to) is intense. Steep, lots and lots of rocks, and a fair number of bare/steep rock crossings. Not for the faint of heart. At about a mile from the summit you can see the summit, and it looks far away and imposing. But actually the last .6 miles is not so bad. The trail is very well maintained; not always marked well at the top but it's certainly clear enough where it goes. The views on a clear day are spectacular. Bring lots of water and sunscreen - there's basically no shade at the top. I would rate this hike more hard than moderate but then again, those ratings are completely subjective based on fitness level. Round trip hiking time (without lunch at the top or stopping to take all the pictures) took me 5 hours and 20 min. Enjoy!

3 months ago

Hiked the flume slide trail today with my experienced hiking dog, unfortunately the rocks were soaked and we both slipped... a lot. Must say the trail is very well marked up until the rock scrambles, so be cautious of that if you chose to walk along the trail which it appeared many have done. Overall if we didn’t summit in the clouds then the hike would’ve been VERY rewarding. Just know it’s very difficult for that last.. maybe 0.8 mile section before you reach flume summit.

Liberty springs was awesome, we were able to run the whole day down without any incidents, even with soaking wet rocks. That last leg of the hike on whitehouse is painfully boring and lasts forever.

A great all around hike with different terrain throughout. Some narrow spots, lots of mud but a good day hike. A few river crossings too for a pup to cool off in.

For those wanting a view — not many look out points but the one at Mount Willey is stunning especially in the fall.

3 months ago

Excellent hike! Took us 6.5 hours up and down. Beautiful 360 view when you get to the top. It’s a must! Signing towards the last 2 miles is very dull, make sure to pay attention.

3 months ago

I've been meaning to do this hike for years and I am so happy to have finally done it! Piper trail was a extremely easy trail that was more of a nature walk until the last 1.6 miles. Amzing views above the tree line but...Lots of rocks. Lots... and lots.. and lots of rocks haha. I personally don't care for bare rock slabs because maneuvering down them is tricky but doable. As many others say the tip top isn't to well marked but it's pretty obvious where the summit is so just finding your own way up is the fun part. Over all a amazing hike with some of the best views in the white mountains. Will definitely do this hike again.

3 months ago

Out of the dozen or so hikes I’ve done since moving back here, this is by far my favorite. The trail starts off easy and warms you up before the steeper summit approach. The bare summit provides amazing views in all directions and is well worth some of the scrambling at the top. Some heavy rains the previous few days made some of the rock faces slippery, but easy going and it all works out.

3 months ago

Great Hike. On clear day you have great 360 views. Went up on Piper. A little bit of scramble on top but not too bad. I could see where it would be a challenge if wet. Went up Piper trail and went down via Liberty - Hammond - Weetamoo Trails.

Nice work out.!!

It says leashed dogs allowed on trail, but I DO NOT RECOMMEND BRINGING YOUR DOG! Also, listen to the reviews, you will NOT go down the slide! You have to hike down the mountain and up to Mount Liberty and then down again because Mother Nature is just making a fool of any sense of distance or direction you will have during this trail. My dog is an incredible hiking dog, and he DID get through this trail, but unless you can carry your dog securely rock-climbing and your dog has something to cover his footpads, I just do not recommend the Mount Flume Slide into Mount Liberty and back down. There’s even some dangerous rock going up to mount liberty you will need to find a way to carry your dog while you climb. There are wooded areas on the side of the flume slide and he was able to go around, but this is a hard hike. No, you don’t get it, a hard hike. It’s terrifying because one slip, and you CAN get seriously hurt. Not like a broken leg. Like dead. This was my first 4K footer, and I’m glad I’ve got one of the worst ones over with. I was with 3 other people and my dog. One of my friends ended up just taking my dog along the wooded side of the slide while we rock-climbed. Not hiked, ROCK CLIMBED our way up. Seriously carb up before this hike...this trail doesn’t care about your diet. You’ll need the energy. Great bucket-list hike, but wow. Your physical and mental limits will be tested. Also, the weather was perfect for us, and it didn’t even matter. This hike is no joke. I just got home and showered from this. Took us about 9-10 hours and I was moving at a snails pace.

Flume slide is little challenging but fun.

Really enjoyed this hike and the views were great. The slide was fun, but tough - not for the faint of heart. Make sure you have good traction and don't even think of doing it on a damp day much less wet. The saddle to Liberty wasn't bad unless, like me, your legs were toast from climbing the slide. Don't miss this one. And thank you to the folk who left the flag on the summit of Liberty.

4 months ago

This hike is worth it. Starting from the Basin, the first 2 miles are a great easy warm up. Once we hit the Slide, we put our poles away since you definately need your hands to scramble up the slide. The Slide was tough. Some spots leave you with no hand or foot holds, so you just have to scurry up quickly. The summit is a Beautiful 360 view. Hiking over to Mt. Liberty was a piece of cake compared to what we had just climbed. It was a beautiful day, perfect weather. The summit was busy today. It was Flags over The 48 today. Today was the perfect day for a hard hike that challenged us every step of the way. It was the Perfect hike to Honor all those who perished on 9/11.

Did the single day point-to-point with 2 staged cars. The weather and wind is no joke, even if all seems calm at the trailhead. Beautiful views, especially along Monticello’s lawn. Perfect time to do it, first weekend of August. Started at 5am.

Great view at the top! Clear day. Road is closed, but parking lot for Crawford Path remains open. Took us 1:45 mins to get to the top and 1:30 to come down. Didn’t do the loop, just took Crawford path to the summit and back down. Lots of mild rock scrambles (hands are not needed much), but levels off about 1/2 mile before summit! Overall great hike, was tough at times, but I would absolutely do it again.

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