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13 days ago

Challenging doing ~1000ft/mi but the views are worth it. Surprisingly no bugs at night 8/4 at the Valley Way tent site.

15 days ago

Really strenuous but absolutely beautiful. This was my first presidential and it kicked my butt in the best way! Drink lots of fluid and plan for a full day hike unless you’re a pro. Gorgeous all the way up and down. Worth it!

Challenging switchbacks to get up there but rewarded by incredible views from the summit! The cliff lends itself to pretty epic pictures

Absolutely in my top 10! I will say Lincoln Woods Trail is a blessing and a curse, it is a lot of miles of pretty much flat trail which feels like it goes on forever but once you hit that ridgeline it is beyond worth it. Would definitely do this again. You wont be disappointed. We started around 4am and got back to our car around 5pm

good hike but a few areas were really steep

I hiked up to Bond Cliff this morning. I started at 7 and arrived at the summit at around 10:35-10:45. While many say the first few miles are boring I quite enjoyed them. You walk alongside a river and have the sound of the running river and birds chirping while you go. The trail is a slow gradual incline the first 4-5 miles. After that there are some steep parts but nothing too crazy. I would say what makes this trail difficult is the distance. It’s 9 miles to the summit of Bond Cliff so by the end of the 18 mile round trip day I was pretty beat. I arrived back at the car at about 15:10. The views at the top are some of the best you will ever see!

Absolutely amazing views from Bondcliff-my favorite by far. We spent a long time there. The trail is flat flat flat forever. I wish we had ridden bikes in and chained them. One smart person did that. It took us about 8 hour soto hit the Guyotte campsite. It was crazy crowded there. There’s a great sunrise from the shelter ( it’s being torn down soon). There’s plenty of water sources. I’m not a huge fan of carrying a 25 pound pack but this hike made it pretty sweet. Only one scramble near the summit of Bondcliff. The ridge hike is sweet.

This trail is one of the best hikes in the Whites, and the views from above treeline are, in my opinion, the best in all the ranges here. It starts out with a 2.9 walk along the Lincoln Woods Trail. Some might call that part boring, and it's true there's no real views. But, it is a great way to loosen up both pre- and post-hike. Even once you're on the Bondcliff, the real elevation gain isn't until the end. Once you start gaining some altitude, there are some really fun scrambles, though not too difficult. Once above treeline, the views begin and never stop. This was 19, 20, and 21 on my NH4000's. I've done all the 5000+ footers, and Washington. To me, for pure eye candy, Bondcliff blows them all away!

1 month ago

Took the Valley Way up, which is about 4 miles, this ascends the entire time with no switchbacks. Terrain is pretty easy for the most part. At about 4 miles is the Madison Springs hut. We dropped our packs there and took the 0.5 mile trail to the summit. This was a rockier trail with lots of boulders to navigate on. Took about 3.5 hours to get to Madison Springs hut and 1 addition hour to get to summit and back to the hut. We did not descend Madison, but continued onto Adams.

WOW! Absolutely STUNNING! Worth every minute especially once you hit ridgeline! The first 9miles are fairly flat with elevation gains as you get closer to the treeline. But once you hit that mini boulder scramble get ready for insanely epic views for the entire ridgeline! I absolutely would do this hike again! But I will say if you plan on doing the WHOLE thing start early, this is definitely a summer hike as the days are longer. On the positive because it is fairly flat in the beginning you can deal with a dark walk in or out with decent headlamps or flashlights. Which is what we did, we started at 3:30am and hiked the first 1.5hrs with our headlamps till we could see comfortably without them. Finished around 5:51pm and that was with adding in Guyot at the end of the ridge. And of course tons of pictures. One of the best views so far! We have 31 of the 48 done!

Summited Northbound on day 5 of an AT section hike. Incredible pine and beech forests and so many wildflowers. The summit was astonishing and we were so happy to have planned to stay at Bascom Lodge to enjoy Greylock for a while.

Jefferson was one of my most trying hikes to dates! I’ve been hiking since I was in high school and I have bad knees from playing volleyball. I try to do a couple of difficult hikes a summer but Jefferson was the harshest on my joints. But boy was the view worth it, you can see the tops of every mountain and Washington is right in front of you. Warning, there’s numerous false peaks and there were a ton of bugs on the trail during the time I went, which was in the late Spring.

Hands down one of the best views of the whites! Boots on the ground at 0730 and made to the summit at 1045 to Bond Cliff, hung put up top for over and hour and was back at the car by 1540. Those who are fairly athletic bond cliff is doable in a day , farther than that or mount bond I would recommend camping . High mileage hike but keep in mind roughly 8 miles of flat hiking for the round trip.

We wanted to test our limits, and this proved to be our limit. My wife and I turned around a little past Bondcliff because the views are basically the same as Mount Bond. Overall, it was about 20 miles. I would strongly suggest backpacking and setting up camp at the base of the mountain, or the first mile up, to split it into two days. One day will leave you completely drained, trust me. The trail itself is flat and easy for the first 4-5 miles, then when you make the left to go up it remains easy, but gets gradually steeper. Then the trail becomes difficult about 1-2 miles before the alpine. After the alpine it becomes much easier. Overall, it was 9 hours round trip. Even though we were completely drained, the views made up for it.

3 months ago

Very challenging but stunningly beautiful. Really fun hike

Awesome, butt-kicking hike. Cold weekday morning in October (10/16/17) meant that I did not see another human the entire 7 hours up or down! Perfect! Started to get very icy on the constant boulder scramble 2 miles from the summit. Glad I brought my mini spikes, layers and shell.
The descent is rough on the knees.
Hiking poles a must. Thick layers of freshly fallen leaves last two descending miles hide many foot and ankle hazards.
What a great hike!
I will return.

Great hike and beautiful views at the top, the beginning is long with little elevation gain but spikes two thirds of the way in. Head out early to beat the sunset!

9 months ago

Great hike! As someone who is athletic but not a serious hiker I found this trail perfect. Definitely challenging in some parts and a long hike overall but very manageable with fantastic views at the top!

a long hike no doubt. a lot of flat at beginning then a steady climb. incredible views so well worth it.

11 months ago

Started on valley way then crossed over to Watson. Watson is definitely a leg killer and you come across a few false summits while hiking up some boulders/rocky areas but overall, it was amazing.

Glad to have gotten out today to do this trail because it was such a beautiful day, but I definitely wouldn't rank it as hard. Views were good but not as mountainous as I had hoped. I walked the road for a bit afterwards and enjoyed the views from there much more than from the other side. Decent hike overall.

Great hike. The begining on the old train track is boring but it gets much better. The ridge part is the best.

used AT to summit rated strenuous half quarter mile up, but more moderate to me..spectacular views from the top

Amazing hike to the bonds cliff. Completed this 22 mile hike in 9 hours. Very strenuous and this hike is a test of your stamina. Amazing views from the top.

Beautiful day. Minimal bugs Busy trail to the summit. Many friendly dogs. The food at the summit restaurant was fresh, home made and delicious. The views were awesome. Very pleasant hike. Not too hard in good, dry weather.

this trail will definitely exert you. quite muddy this time of year. bring plenty of water, protein snacks an extra pair of socks or good waterproof hiking boots.
this trail utilizes some paths that are part of fresh water beds, so prepare for some wet, rocky sections.


bug-out gear suggested (emergency/survival kit) and rations should be on you.. . safety never takes a holiday so best be prepared.

my brother and I were tracking quite large bear prints along a majority of the trail. approximately 5.5" paw patterns, some with signs of cubs... so be alert, be safe.. keep an open eye and ear.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

This is an awesome trail with great views as long as the weather cooperates. Have done this trail a few times from Lincoln woods and also via pemi loop. True, the old railroad from Lincoln can be boring, but the views are worth it!

long boring ascent. I like steep climbs much better. pretty good if you are a trail runner.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Started hike at 8am - Ended hike at 4:30pm. We only went to BondCliff. (See map!) So if you want to hike to mount bond, it will be another 1.2 miles from bondcliff. I've read there is nothing special about mount bound as far as scenery, so keep that in mind. Also, we brought our mountain bikes to ride the first 2.5 miles (especially if you want to do this hike in one day). Start earlier if no mountain bikes!! Once you get to the start of last portion of the Lincoln Woods Trail (1.9 miles) you will have to ditch your bikes and walk the rest of the way. We went off to the side of the woods and locked our bikes up. (There is a sign that no bikes are allowed after this point.) From this point up to bondcliff, it is a 5.9 mile hike. As soon as you get onto BondCliff Trail the incline starts, and increases dramatically before the switchbacks (around elevation 2600') and during switchbacks. I generally don't have issues with my backpack, but my back started aching around this incline, and didn't relent till reaching bondcliff. Keep in mind you also are crossing Black Brook four times after the start of the Bondcliff Trail. So if the water is high, make sure you note any signs of this before you start out, or it will be rather interesting crossing the brook all four times. Once you get thru the switchbacks (3600-3900') and your back is en fuego; is when you finally come above the tree line. This is where you have to scale a rather small rock area to finally get to Bondcliff. That rather nagging back issue dissolves once you take in the views from this point. All around stunning views and we had Bondcliff to ourselves. Summit was around 12:15pm (4 hrs and 15 min ascent) with small stops along way. Spent 45 mins up top, and started hike back down at 1pm. Got back to truck at 4:30pm (3.5 hr descent). Overall, loved the hike. Loved that we brought our bikes, cutting down on the hike time. This was an 8 hour hike; so plan accordingly if no bikes and wanting to hike to Mount Bond as this will increase your time on trail. Lastly, since you're walking this long...make sure you wear comfortable hiking socks as the descent increases the probability of blisters; plus your feet will thank you.
P.S. The rail trail at the very end of hike (1.9 miles back to bikes) tends to be L O N G in the tooth..it felt like there was no end in sight. We were so happy to know our bikes were waiting for us to finish the last 2.5 miles back to suspension bridge/truck.

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