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One of the best hikes I have ever made. It takes about 2.5 hours to get to the top. The ridge walk took longer than I expected, but we stopped frequently for pictures. The loop down was though on the knees, if you have hiking poles bring them... (I am not a huge fan, but they will be useful here). Also, this is a busy trail... be ready to share!!

Just finished this hike in late September and it was amazing. challenging but also easy enough for the majority of people to successfully summit the mountain. highly recommend it

great hike!
I would say moderate and not hard.
Took us 5 hours in total from the parking lot and back include stops...
Amazing view, wet and a bit slippery forest and impressive pass from the forest to the Rocky summit.
could be better marked tho

Hiked up the Cliff Trail and returned via the Falls Trail. The Cliff Trail turns right shortly before the tracks and follows yellow blazes. It is easy to miss that turn and to keep going uphill to the railroad tracks, cross and continue up a little used, unmapped trail that continues up the hill. Hike is mostly in the forest with a few open ledges for views. I'd rate the hike moderate rather than difficult. About 4 hours for the loop including a 45 minute stop for lunch at the Falls. I recommend adding the Bemis Trail on the way back to view the Coliseum and Bemis Falls. I'd avoid the loop in wet weather, many roots and rocks to slip on.

Amazing trail with plenty of features, and a breathtaking summit! Definitely very difficult, and you need sturdy waterproof hiking boots, windproof layers, and plenty of snacks, but this is my most favorite hike in all of New England.

We took the Bridle Path up, as there are many outlooks with scenic views, lunched at Mt. Lafayette, crossed the ridge through Mt. Lincoln and Little Haystack (neither is well marked), and then took the Falling Waters trail down, which features many waterfalls and revived us just as we were running on our last bit of energy.

It took us about 6.5 hours round trip, with plenty of breaks and a lengthy lunch atop Mt. Lafayette.

Beautiful peak, Hiked the loop twice on Pouring rain and clear skies on 30f- still breathtaking views

Got up early to Pinkham and hit the trail, detours and all. The detours put you on the ski trail, which is incredibly steep, but it’s short and you get back on Tuckerman’s for most of it. It’s an easy hike until you go past the Hermit Lake hut and it’s water pump (fill up, you’ll need it). Dense fog in the ravine prevented me from seeing anything above me as I struggled up the wall. Halfway up the wall the fog cleared above me, demolishing my hopes of being near the top. But it was fun the whole way up. Got above the clouds and into the alpine zone, scrambled up the rocks to the summit. Time up was 3 hours. Hung out, and took 3 more hours working my way down Lions Head Trail. This is an unbelievable view of the ravine and everything around it. TAKE LIONS HEAD DOWN. It’s way easier too. Total time was 0700-1400. 7 hours total. Great hike but exhausting!

Love this trail. It’s probably out 10th time over the years. Easy, beautiful and peaceful.

If you ever wish to find out what it was like for Hannibal to march 40 elephants over the Italian Alps like a mad man, then this is the hike for you! This trail is on the more difficult end of moderate, so don't pick a hot day to do this. This trail is more like a Highway to Hell, than a Stairway to Heaven, but definitely glad I did it.

My friends and I took Tuckerman's Ravine up to the summit and back down. There were beautiful views. The detour that we had to take right in the beginning, was extremely muddy and difficult to get through but it just added much more conversation during the hike. I would definitely take this trail again.

My favorite place to go hiking thus far.

2 days ago

Super unique and fun hike! I would not plan this as an "out and back" route though. A lot of the sections are narrow and steep. Coming down while others are coming up would not work in a lot of areas. Plan for a loop following the Champlain North Ridge Trail and Orange and Black Path (there's a separate hike listing that follows this route). We took the Orange and Black down to Ocean Drive and walked along the road. Going down that route is way easier. Also, we started the hike later in the afternoon to make sunset at the summit. The views of the bay and sunset were awesome from the top. The path was not crowded at this time, but it was nearly dark by the time we got back to the Precipice trailhead parking lot. Bring flashlights if you're getting a late start.

Beautiful hike in NH with fantastic views

The most beautiful hike in NH

Love the trail. A lot of good mushroom pictures. Wish there was not high winds the day I was there was not able to go to the peak. Definitely worth the hike

Easy trip to the falls. Beautiful!

2 days ago

I would like to do half star but can't!! NH what a rip off! To get to this trailhead you have to pay a$31 fee to drive the auto road to the trail. Have a passenger? Well that's an additional $9 per person!! Skip and do something more fun and less expensive

rock climbing
2 days ago

Well the app deleted my path but just to let you all know. This is a nontechnical climbing trail not hiking so for your safety please be prepared. I loved it. I took the path that made up 4.2 miles instead of just the basic trail. Precipice-lake Champlain- orange and black trail. It was amazing.

Hike is not too challenging from a vertical perspective but is definitely a narrow cliff side trail that has some tricky and dangerous spots that might not be welcome by all. Gorgeous views on the way up and back down. Recommendation would be start on the west side and hike up the cliff side and down the face.

Nice climb. Cadillac is the highest point in Acadia and has some great views, but like any viewpoint that has road access it’s a little cluttered during the day. The south assent is pretty steady with one of the most challenging verticals toward the end of the loop. Easy to tack on a side trip up and down Donn which round me out at about 11 miles.

Awesome trail, love the steel ladders, amazing views!

Loved this hike! Wasn’t sure I could “face my fear” on the 3 ladders, but it wasn’t bad. Great workout on the steep stone steps. Amazing views!

Amazing view. Moderate hiking.

Great Hike with awesome views !! Must go ..

Ma plus belle randonnée !!!

Ian not a experienced hiker but I did it in 9 hr it was great day I enjoyed it views were not great we were in the clouds but I will do it again can’t wait

Take it clockwise and you get the challenging stretch out of the way early. Views from the top are close to 360 degrees. Spectacular by any definition.

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