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my children and I loved this walk! the wiggly bridge was fun for them to run across, and I'd you go at low tide you can search for treasures off the jetty!

I did this in the 50's the end of Feb, no snow on the ground. then March hit. the bal. rock is cool.

Great trail but a little basic in my opinion

A wonderful hike which rewards you with excellent views at the top! Much of the trail is rock and slab... bring proper footwear. It’s a lot of gain over a short distance, but still, a moderate classification is appropriate I think. Also, there’s many flat spots on the way up to stop and rest, which also have amazing views. Biggest downfall is that once you get to the summit it is beyond crowded with people who drive up. Maybe it’s just me but it looses some of the majesty being surrounded by people who burned gas, not energy haha. There’s a spot about .1 miles before the summit that feels like it might be the top... perfect spot to grab some photos and enjoy your accomplishment away from touristy eyes.

I just love cliff walks around the ocean! This one was about a mile so not that long but did have great views an look out spots. Trail is pretty narrow in some spots and even though it’s rocky it’s still fine to do in flip flops with a baby in your back. Kid friendly. Parking can get a bit tricky tho.

I’m surprised by the complaints regarding this trail. Difficult is not an accurate description, as another rater mentioned, moderate is absolutely fair.
You should have decent leg strength for this one, but no actual skills are necessary. The elevation is gained quickly since it is the shorter hike to reach the summit. If you question your endurance or leg strength, do another hike. But if you’re looking for a beautiful view at the top that you have to work a little for, do this!
We met a lot of hikers who seemed to think this would be easy. When you’re at sea level, you can see the top of the peak. It’s obviously going to take a little work!

This hike took my 16 yo son 52 minutes to reach the summit, it took me 1 hr and 14 minutes. Please don’t be dissuaded from this hike based on comments on difficulty. A moderate rating is fair. This was a fairly easy hike with great views. It’s a 4 because you can hear road noise from cars on parts of the trail, and because the summit is accessible by car, there are a lot of people up there. It was about 3 hours total up and back with time at the top.

4 people, ages 26-28, took just inside of three hours to ascend, admire the view, and descend (deliberately fast pace). On this hot June day the hike was very draining and sorta tough, but I'll call it moderate as I've encountered tougher trails.

Unless you are a rock climber, this is not a “moderate” trial. It’s definitely very difficult. The entire trail is very steep and rocky. Very, very challenging, and I was not the only person who felt this way. We met a number of people on the way up who agreed that this was much more difficult than they were led to believe.

I was actually frightened to go back down the trail once we got to the top of Cadillac mountain. Be aware that the bus that goes around Acadia does NOT go up and down Cadillac Mountain.

In retrospect I’m glad I did the hike, but it should be reclassified as Hard.

Some terrain was challenging , rocky and uneven but that made it very unique and a great hike. Theres so much wide open space you can see for miles. The view at that top is georgous!

Ehhhh, nothing to write home about, probably won’t go back and it is more of a walk and was quite buggy. If I wasn’t using the gps I would have been lost for hours!

Great 2 miles of hiking, a little challenging at times but a great short hike. Good introduction for those going from easy coastal walks. Amazing views of the harbors, bays and coves. My beagles handles the trail like bigger longer legged dogs! Well done Nena and Hazel!

This was a great hike that was a little challenging because of its length and the heat. Some steep parts, but not too bad. I feel like 2.2 miles could be a little misleading because based on my tracker, it was at least 3 miles each way (starting right at the trailhead). I started at the Kebo Brook Trail from a shuttle stop and headed up, stopping in shade along the way. Wear sunscreen or you’ll get burned on a sunny day! The crowds at the top made the hike feel like a little less of an accomplishment, but at least it wasn’t crowded going up or down. Worth trying at least once for the views!

Lovely spot; open woodlands, beautiful marshes and ponds. Very few other people there on a warm June Saturday. Easy parking on Monument Street. Highly recommended!

Punkatasset is a great place to run or to have an easy hike. The loop itself has several trails branching off, though the main alternate is Estabrook Trail, which leads directly north into Carlisle, and ends on to Kibby Pl. It's surprisingly low traffic, and can be a good place to see snakes (lots of wetlands in here), birds, and other wildlife. Note that most of the small trails off of Estabrook Trail end into private property. There's not much parking from Monument Rd in Concord - just along the side of the street. From the Carlisle side, you can park on Kibby Pl without issue.

All of the positive things reviewers have said about this trail are true--lovely, a nice workout but manageable for lots of skill levels, great elevation and views but no serious precipices (for those, like me, who aren't good with ledges, dropoffs, etc.).

Having hiked both the North and the South Ridge Trails on Cadillac, I thought I'd offer some comparison/contrast for people wondering which one to hike.

The North Ridge is of course shorter, but its steep spots are a tad more frequent and steep than you experience on the South Ridge--so you trade some distance for some more spurts of climbing. However, there are plenty of scenic little rock plateaus on the way up the North Ridge, which provide not only frequent opportunities to catch your breath but also to take in nice views of the harbors and islands. If you're looking for more constant ocean vistas throughout your hike, the North Ridge is the way to go; five minutes in, and this is already your experience. It takes longer to clear the trees on the South Ridge.

To say it simply, both trails are superb, but the North Ridge scratches my vista itch, the South Ridge my arboreal itch. If you like hearty but not harrowing hiking, and you have the time, do both!

We combined this trail with the gorge trail to make a full loop back to the car. We absolutely loved the hike! While difficulty is moderate, the hike is certainly strenuous. I couldn’t imagine doing the loop in reverse.

The summit and the views are well worth the hike and the kids loved it!

Good workout on this trail with some stunning views. Well worth a visit

Easy hike, there are clear trail markings and they are easy to follow. Falls lack luster but nice easy walk with one small section of elevation gain.

Awesome views! Our dog loved it too!

This is a lovely way to get up Cadillac without it being too strenuous. It has great views the entire way up and there isn’t any truly difficult sections. There are also a lot of spots that would be nice to stop for a snack. It’s a great family trail as well!

Relatively easy hike considering Cadillac is the highest peak in Acadia. Amazing views from the top that are more appreciated after hiking to them than driving. As long as you are in decent shape and can walk for a little while, this trail has limited incline and should be no problem.

1 month ago

Started this late in the afternoon early evening yesterday June 8th. Only got about a mile and a half in because we didn’t want to be in there too late, I know a few have gotten lost due to unforeseen circumstances and one person was unprepared for dark. However the trail is well marked and maintained. Great little trail walk that I look forward to starting a bit earlier in the day and completing.

Great trail with beautiful views. Good challenging hike.

Moderate trail. Did with our two kids 7 and 9. Took about 2h up and 1h back.

Great trail for walking, running and biking!!! Well kept and beautiful sites along the trail!!!

This was a great trail for people of all ages. The kids loved it. The wiggly bridge is cute and was awesome watching the tide come in. We would do it again.

The trail is not well marked why I don’t recommend following the AllTrail map. We landed somewhere in the woods and returned. I would love to finish the trail because of natural beauty and tranquility. Bring plenty of bug spray because I never have seen so many mosquitos in one area.

It's a rewarding moderate hike to the top of Cadillac. We were the only people on the trail early in the morning, however on the hike down, we had to pull over quite often to let others by. Go as early as you can to avoid crowds on this popular trail

Great trail! Good challenge

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