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This is a lovely granite trail, with a few great little climbs. I loved the trail just didn’t love that others could drive to the top. It’s a very touristy peak but lovely little jaunt with my family.

Really pretty trails. sometimes narrow but peaceful and varied. Dog loved ut. Lots of big rocks for climbing.

Rather than coming back down the same path - suggest coming via Gorge path which was beautiful!

Pretty straightforward hike to the top of Cadillac but we did it last Thanksgiving weekend we’re temps were in the low teens and boy was it cold out there. Caught a few flurries up top but definitely feel like we earned it as opposed to those who drove up to the top!

My family and I set out on this hike today (mid September). We have to say that, though this is a lovely place, we did not find it to be really kid friendly. The trails were narrow in parts with enough poison ivy to make us turn back at points, though our kids were in shorts. There were many signs warning about ticks. We took care, using our own insect repellent and that kindly left at the start of the trail, we still found a couple on us when we got home. The paths were well marked in the Concord area but less so once we left that part of the park. In fact, a good section of the walk, over Hubbard Hill, seemed to leave the paths completely in violation of the signs outlining the private land owner’s wishes. To sum up, this is a beautiful place but, mainly because we had to be constantly on the look out with the kids, it wasn’t a relaxing experience.

This is definitely more than 4 miles if you’re coming from the Blackwoods campground. Beautiful views on top...If you have a slightly overweight elderly dog-it might be a challenge. Our 8 year old Golden Retriever barely made it down. Overall-Amazing!

good walk with the dog. other dogs off leash made it more difficult. not much water for the falls but balancing Rock is cool.

Trail was very safe for a sunrise hike. Started approximately 2 hours before sunrise time and took our time getting up. A moderately difficult, but looong hike. Parking is convenient and right by the trail head.

This was the first leg of my third hike with my daughter and SIL and it definitely tested my endurance. We ascended to the Cadillac Summit and took the Gorge trail as the descent. I locked into the design pattern early on as it would present incline and then level ground which I thought was manageable. But the more we got into the trail, I thought the inclines became longer and steeper and the level ground seemed to disappear. My trusty staff was literally a God send as some thoughtful hiker left it at the beginning of the trail. Made it to the Summit which was a beautiful view and worth the sweat and grind up hill. The Cadillac Mtn North Ridge was no joke!!

Offers great scenic view of Acadia and the ocean. More or less no shade whatsoever. Involves some scrambling, but manageable (but trekking poles are helpful). Very nice trail, all in all.

Loved this trail and the views! Definitely lots of scrambling so be prepared. We only made it a little more than half way due to a large thunderstorm that popped up. We still had a beautiful view of the water and islands though!

Very nice hike with some scrabbling. Bring water and good shoes. Trail can be slippery with fog. Nice views.

Beautiful views! Beautiful sunlight. So many cars when arrived on top....

Felt like I was hiking back down forever. Great views though.

GreTa trail. surprisingly not to busy. The views!!!

Really nice trail with amazing views along the ridge going towards the summit. Only downside was its proximity to the cars driving on the summit road... you could hear them much of the way up and at points the trail runs near the road. Did this as a sunrise hike because we got up too late to hike the south ridge. However, the views were still great, and we sat to watch the sunrise along the ridge to avoid the massive crowds on the summit.

Absolutely breathtaking! A short scramble, but worth it!

Chose this route from the summit of Cadillac mountain, after taking the Gorge path to the top. Nice route that somewhat follows the summit road. We had parked near the Gorge path entrance from the park loop road, which was about 1/2 mile walk back to our vehicle on exiting this trail.

Buggy way to buddy

Went up in early August. Good, fairly intense hike with well-marked trails. The day before was foggy so we decided to wait a day and it was a great decision. We’re all in pretty good shape (aging from 15 to 50) and it took an hour and fifteen minutes going up with stops for water breaks and pictures.

1 month ago

Nothing spectacular. The ledges were very impressive and is an easy spot to tire the dog out while on vacation. The trail is an easy walk but a bit overgrown in some places while others were nice and wide. Very buggy after a rainy day.

I absolutely love this trail....we did the cliff walk and the fisherman's walk what I'm upset about is the fact there's NO WHERE to park! we got there early but every place was marked permit parking only. we parked on a lawn type lot that wasn't marked but others were parked as well. we did the hike which totaled 3.5 miles. we brought bathing suits to go on the beach as it was 90 degrees out so when when we got back to the car to get our suits we were told we couldn't park there and would have to leave it was by permit only. I said well there's no signs. and she said there are signs now I just finished putting them up. she told us to park on the road. I said there's signs there too saying permit only and she said oh well. so we drove around looking for any place else to park. there's no place! two streets over in the signs said 2 hour parking. we left and went to old orchard beach instead. that is the 4th trail ive gone to through this app that had no parking.

As others noted, the views along the ridge are spectacular. Nothing complicated or advanced here, so the moderate rating is spot on. The trail does require stamina to make it up, but there are plenty of good rest stops along the way if you need them. The top of the mountain has no shade, so planning a early start would avoid the summer heat. It will also give you a chance at a parking spot near the trail head. This trail is a easy descent and makes a nice loop with the gorge trail.

I would rate this trail moderate-hard. The climb is quite steep on many sections on the way up, but totally worth it! Amazing views from every direction! The temperature dropped considerably at the top.

It was a great little hike absolutely picturesque at sunset on our way out. It was a little bit of a challenge to find where it began but the app was very helpful!

Again, I’m not a “hiker” but I really enjoyed hiking with my 20 year old daughter on this trail. We’ll, I did better than I thought since I am completely out of shape and overweight.. The trail is very rocky and just a little slippery in places. Its quite steep for a novice but so enjoyable. The views are nothing short of stunning. I had to rest a couple of times but “speedy” the daughter almost ran up the mountain. One thing that was interesting to me was that several times I thought I was at the summit, but was wrong. Oh well!

rock climbing
1 month ago

Have gone at two different times, warm summer and spring melt off. you have to scramble a small bit through the rivers so prepared to get wet at some point. The first time was epic. The spring melt off made it impossible to reach falls safely. Little bit of rock scrambling at some points. Dog had no problem first time but she is large and is able to manuver very well on many surfaces. Small dogs may have trouble. Slick rocks from moisture, just letting ya know. Definately worth the trip just don't go right after heavy rains/early spring.... my 2 cents.

1 month ago

This trail is one of my family's favorite destination in the area especially during the day. At night, the stretch between Paddleboston to Mystic Parkway bridge gets seriously buggy so you may want to avoid it. The loop is an easy going one hour or so walk at a casual pace. There are plenty of wildlife to see along the way from swans, cormorants, ducks, herons, and sometimes even egrets.

You can rent a kayak or canoe from Paddleboston and enjoyed the Mystic River as well which I've done a few times.

This was the inaugural hike for my daughter and I, and it was amazing. Great bonding experience, to be sure, as neither of us had attempted such a climb before, and we weren't totally sure what the 'Moderate' rating would mean for us. This is a totally manageable hike if you're in decent condition. There are a few steeper, hardscrabble areas, but as other reviewers mention, there are many flat areas to rest, and each rewarded us with a more amazing view than the last. A hiking pole is useful, though not a necessity. While the view from the top is nice, it IS a mass of humanity as most simply drive up. Climb from the bottom;, and bring your camera; you'll be rewarded!

Beautiful but bring bug spray! $5/pp

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