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2/3 of this hike is rock scrambling which was ok on the way up, but I hated it coming down. Not my favorite hike.

20 days ago

A good challenge for a new hiker such as myself. About half the trail is rocks and above tree line, so you enjoy some good views before reaching the summit.

Great hike to end a day. I went up Old Indian Trail and down Harrington. It was very slippery and I would probably go up Harrington next time. I brought my dog and he had a little difficulty going down the steep rocks on Harrington. Watch out for the mosquitoes near Bolton Pond. Short hike but has those few spots you can push yourself and get the heart rate up.

What a great hike for the littles (w/ carriers)! We went with our 4 y.o. and 2. y.o. girls - popped them out at treeline and let them scramble barefoot on the rock slabs to the summit. Definitely a workout for mom and dad to treeline and your mileage may vary based on temperament - one child has been doing this with increasing assuredness since age 2.5, the other needs more encouragement, but they love the party on the top! The key is getting them out of those awful little kid shoes! Barefoot really helps them learn and maintain balance. Close-at-hand supervision recommended, but they are surprisingly instinctual as long as they can feel the ground. Do not recommend climbing at that age below treeline - lots of roots, slippery rocks, etc. but the cone is a blast.

Great hike! Probably the best way up to Mnt Monadnock. Starts out very gradual and wooded, then in true New England fashion you are scrambling up steep rocks. Very lightly traveled. Super fun!

This was a great hike! Some challenges but nothing extremely difficult. A gorgeous day and no bugs!

Halfway House to Mount Rosa was great. Smith Summit trail to top of Monadnock was much more difficult -- unshaded bare rock and not for those who are afraid of heights.

Incredibly crowded late on a Sunday morning in July, and the summit is VERY crowded with noisy families due to a parking area near the top. Views are nice but not spectacular, obscured by towers and tourists. There’s a lot of up and down, a very indirect way to the top (but a nice workout with a few overlooks). I took the left fork at the beginning of this loop so I summited near the end of this hike... I think I would have been too annoyed with the circuitous route to finish had I gone the other way!

I absolutely LOVED this hike. Steady incline until the last 45 minutes-1 hour where you're scrambling pretty much constantly. There were tadpoles at the top when we went too! Super cool to see that. The views were amazing, but seeing the size of the Rocky summit was just as good too. Bug spray is a MUST though, I was being assaulted the entire time by bugs haha

Nice hike but easy to get lost. We took Teds trail up and followed the markers the whole way, but missed the direct route to top. It's not well marked and recommend following the map here as there are no signs for it. The hike is quiet and serene w nice views at the top. We did get a bit bored as the scenery is the same the whole way up and down.

Fantastic hike!

Definitely recommend this route to summit Monadnock. Ran into only 2-3 other hikers until we got to the summit, where it was, of course packed. Had the summit of Rosa to ourselves though.

Beautiful hike! Nothing moderate about this trail! It was hard and kicked my ass!! But, with my 7 year old grandson, my son, and my son in law, we conquered this! Rock scrambles...lots and lots of rock scrambling! Go at your own pace and bring lots of water and enjoy! The best part....only saw a handful of people on this trail.

Def not moderate lol. Much steeper and longer then the white dot and more intense for longer distances

Great trail. Pretty gradual and wooded most of the way. Not particularly difficult and lightly travelled compared to other trails. Saw deer on the trail early in the hike.

Did this trail with my niece a few weeks back and had a good time. Scenic and moderately easy with a few steep points. However it is not that well marked in a few spots and we went off the trail a few times and had to back track. I'll probably do it again in the fall.

Great hike! Ted’s trail follows a stream and has a small waterfall. When you get near the summit there are multiple vista points and good spots for sitting to have lunch. If you bring binoculars (or have good eye sight) on a clear day you can see Boston from the Southeastern vista point. There are wild blueberry bushes at the top that will probably bear fruit by July/August. Carolyn’s trail is easier so make sure to take that one back down.

great trails all around the mountain. shannons trail was the one took most of the way but the gregg is nice too. good views throughout.

Nice views, most of the trail is clearly marked. Enjoyable and scenic. Meet some nice people on the trail and we travel together for most of the trail.

Challenging in winter conditions. Very enjoyable.

This is a good option versus hiking to the summit via the direct route. In the first mile there are signs of the old ski trails that used to be on the east side of the mountain.

3 months ago

I couldn't find the trial head, likley because I didn't have this app then. I parked on bay st. and walked up a long dirt road that had no tresspassing signs every 15 feet, trail head was on the right a half mile up. it was a really great short hike,I saw tons of snakes!

Hiked with my 7 year old. Beautiful weather, some muddy spots with recent rain. Great variety and all around great time.

Great little hike, stream was flowing full with winter run-off. We hiked in 1.5 miles and back, can’t wait to do the whole loop!

Love the snow

Rocky trail with several scenic overlooks. Viewing platform at the top. Recommend good footwear. Avoid when rocks are wet especially links like the Bicentennial trail. Treasure this place so close to home.

Great trail, went up yesterday, look for days with low wind on the summit it was brutally cold at the summit. Microspikes are a must to do safely. Snow isn't too deep yet.

Hiked a variation of the Reservation Loop Trail from suggestion by Katharine Lange. Park at Visitors Center and follow Donbrowo Trail to ski area. Donbrowo not shown on my AllTrails app. Pass lodge and pick up Balance Rock Trail to Old Indian Trail. Balance Rock is an interesting large erratic. Avoid crossing active ski area by bearing right onto Semuhenna to West Side then back to Old Indian. Check out vista to SW not marked on map before final climb to summit. Down Harrington passed Vista well marked to Link to Jack Frost (very nice walk through large evergreens) to High Meadow (another vista) and back to Visitors center via Bicentennial. High Meadow to Bicentennial link not shown on AT app. About 5 mile loop in about 3 hours. Certainly would do this loop again. 40 degrees and 20 MPH winds made it chilly on top.

Did Mountain House Trail. Lot of people but nice trail.

This was pretty good. We got lost off the trail a few times. It wasn’t super duper gorgeous (but still pretty good). Good views going up — nice waterfalls— but the summit didn’t have much to see. Took us just under 3 hours (but we did go at least 0.7 miles off course). I’m glad I did this hike but I don’t think I’ll do it again.

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