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trail running
23 hours ago

Great day. chilly winds but beautiful views from the summit. pompelly is an easy to moderate hike. sharp elevation gain at two major spots but managable.
note to self:Brooks Cascadia trail runners are miserable!

2 days ago

Did Pumpelly for the first time today and I’m in love. It definitely requires endurance and very good traction but it’s well worth the work, and not just for the summit. Once you hit the first vista about halfway up, the views stay with you for a good 90% of the remaining hike, and they are unbelievable. Today was sunny but it had rained the day before, which made it really tricky through the woods where it was muddy and slippery, especially the steeper rocky parts on the descent. It wasn’t a problem at all on the more exposed upper half of the trail, though. I had so much fun scrambling and rock hopping up top. It took me about 4.5 hours including lots of pauses to take pictures (which will never do it justice!), and a stop for lunch. On a beautiful October Tuesday, I only encountered two people on the trail, and maybe 6-8 folks at the summit. Perfect day!

4 days ago

Great trail. Was 9.5 miles for me. Lots of rock scrambles. Weather was perfect. Pretty busy at the peak. And a bonus, I met a Pompelly when finished the trail. Granddaughter of the man who founded the trail. How cool is that.

Took the Andrew Brook trail, was DOPE!

It was a bit muddy, so make sure to have waterproof boots.

8 days ago

This trail is closer to 9 miles. The first section of the trail is easy with basically no elevation gain. The rest of the trail gains elevation pretty moderately throughout the summit. The most challenging aspect of the trail was that it was wet and slippery, making the rockier parts take longer than they typically might. I completed the hike on Columbus Day, and I hardly saw any other people on this trail until I got close to the summit (even then it was still not very crowded given the weather). Unfortunately there were no views during the hike due to the thick fog, but there was quite a bit of exposed ridge line that would probably have great views on a clearer day. Even with no visibility, it was still a great hike and a good way to train hiking in slippery conditions!

Fall and this trail is everything. The views are amazing and if you are lucky enough to have a clear day, will be an awesome hike.

This was a nice hike and you can see that at times of rain it could be very muddy. There was just a few spots that you had to navigate some mud but heck your hiking right? Don’t wear ballet shoes and you will be fine. At the top you can have a nice lunch on the lift platform. They were offering free rides on the gondola back and forth to the lodge.

Great Trail for all ages. Wear sturdy hiking footwear and layered clothing for the fall...overall a great adventure.

Pretty good hike although it was very muddy even though it hadn't rained in a few days. Made it in under 4 hours.

trail running
13 days ago

First couple miles is moderate then starts getting pretty technical the last 2 miles to summit. Fantastic 360° views from the top highly recommended for a day hike!

What an excellent trail!!
I was in the mood Sunday September 30 for a moderate trail and decided on this. I was glad to have dressed appropriately with my hiking boots and trekking poles as there are lots of rocks, roots, water hazards and gradients to challenge me. I did the 6 mile as I didn't have time for the 8. Go early and stay on the orange trail (8 mile). The trail is well marked. Pay attention to your footing!! Enjoy!

Great ups and downs. Had my dog on leash. Trails were a bit muddy some wet spots. Nobody fell. Made out for a good backpacking trip.

I've hiked this trail this past Sunday looking for a moderately easy hike and for some fall foliage. It was good but nothing memorable. I didn't like how muddy the trail was and there wasn't much interesting to see along the way. I do like the constant soothing sound of the running water in the brook and the view from the summit. Much of the summit is still in the treeline so you've got to look for just the few summit spots that doesn't have tree obstructing your view.

I've managed to take a few memorable panorama shots that look over the entire landscape so that makes the trip worthwhile for me. Some reviewers say the summit is not a worthwhile hike. I strongly disagree. I think it's the hike and view from the summit that makes the trip worthwhile.

25 days ago

I had been wanting to hike Mount Sunapee for quite some time and finally decided to trek it alone on a September day during the week. The trail was fantastic. Very well maintained and a nice gradual climb. I gave this hike a 3 because considering the length of time and effort it took to get to the summit, I was very disappointed with the views. This is mostly because I’ve hiked a ton of mountains that are moderate 3-4 miles round trip with 5 Star summits. This was not one of them. I was so disappointed I didn’t even take pictures. I will say, however, the staff at Sunappee are super nice and the adventure course looks cool!!

I took this hike as a random pick of some place to go. The beginning of the trail starts out easy before turning to lots of rock. in some places it resembles a brook bed. The trail was well marked throughout. As soon as you enter the state forest there is a register to sign in and make notes. The foliage was just starting to turn in some spots which made the hike even more pleasant. It gets easier as you near the small lake. Continuing on past the lake to the overlooking cliffs was well worth the additional short walk. Beautiful views over the lake and far beyond. Overall I would say it's a moderate hike but very pleasant.

1 month ago

loved this hike. some tough, steep spots but it was worth it when you got to the top! The trail was marked really well, and it was so easy to follow! SO many cool things to see on the way up, lots of good photo ops! The only thing that put a damper on the hike was the mud, lots of muddy spots!

1 month ago

Absolutely loved this one. Hike was enjoyable. Summit offers amazing views. I’m not sure if I would say hard. Maybe in between hard and moderate. Very highly recommend!!

Fantastic hike to start getting back into it.

Long hike! If you continue on to the summit it is 6.8 miles round trip with a 1700’ elevation gain. We did this hike today in 90+ heat with my 8 year old grandson. He was a trooper! The view from the ledge looking over Lake Solitude was beautiful! The hike to the summit was nothing great, just wanted to complete the hike so we did it. If your short on time, I wouldn’t bother to summit but definitely go to the ledge.

Awesome trail! Not too many bugs this time of the year and great Lake for the dogs to take a dip!

This was a good hike but trail was definitely longer than expected- to the lake itself is 2 miles then you have to hike above for the nice look out an back- id say at least 5 miles possibly 6 round trip. Good amount of different things to look a along the hike but very deceiving because around every bend you think you’re almost there but you’re not haha. Not too bad of an incline- doable enough with a baby on your back. Took us slow pokes about 3.5 hrs. Beautiful at the top... once you reach the huge rock above lake just venture out towards cliff and you’ll see the lookout... trail does extend on for a connecting trail.

Only a few sections are hard and you get beautiful views along the ridge.

Great trail, I did the red trail, my gps showed it at just about 5 Miles. The trail was very well marked. I’m a novice and this was a perfect trail for me. It challenged me in some spots but was easy enough not to be intimidating. Lots of bugs, but isn’t that expected in the woods? Im looking forward to going back to do the 8 mile loop.

Great workout. Harder than it looks!

1 month ago

This is my favorite climb up monadnock. I am local and have climbed this mountain over a hundred times. I enjoy the longer stretches of vistas you get along both sides of the trail. I don't find it difficult as white dot. Maybe not a good trail to introduce someone to monadnock but definitely worth it if you have tried several others.

1 month ago

The red trail is beautiful! I would love to return when the ticks aren't as bad.. Found about 25 of them on the dog after the walk.

This actually is getting four instead of five yesterday because of the enormous amounts of mud. It took us almost 5 hours up the Peru trail because of having to cut around to avoid large swaths of the stuff, 6 inches deep in some spots. I’m only complaining because at one point while trying to jump from rock to rock, I fell....and ended up looking like Big Foot. The trail and wonderful 360 degree view at the top made it all worth it! Great, relatively easy...and I’m a whiner.

Very beautiful hike. It was my wife's first hike, it was equally strenuous and pleasant. I would recommend if you are looking for a moderate challenge!

We jogged this trail which had many stream crossings and gently meanders up to Bromley Skiway. It rained hard the night before so the trail was muddy but not terrible. We met some AT hikers at the top (there’s a small lodge) and checked out the surrounding mountain ranges that weren’t blocked by the clouds. It’s 6 miles round trip (out and back) and it took us almost 2 hours jogging most of the way with about 20 minutes spent at the top. It you’re in the area and are looking for a good hike that won’t take all day, I’d recommend it!

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