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New Brunswick Map

The trail begins with some industrial views and than follows along the coast.. It's very well travelled and maintained.. The difficulty increases once you go on the portion called "Troy's trail"

Great hike and awesome trail.
Backs on CFB.
beautiful helicopter pad built by the military engineers. awesome spot to set up camp. Along trail their is a great fire pit.

1 month ago

Very well marked out.. Nice view points along the way..

nice little trail. It will soon need a little trimming.

I love this place. It's a great place to spend a few hours walking.

Great hike. Just enough to satisfy someone.

Did this place in the fall. It was beautiful. I can't wait to return next year

Beautiful place to go.

great hike

Great mountain biking trail

1 month ago

Second year completed in a row, did the trail in June both years I did it in two days next year will be doing it in three days

Some mud after the rains nice lookouts

Beautiful view at the top.

excellent day trail. well marked and maintained. especially loved passing through the bog. lots to see

Absolutely love this trail! To me, the real "Hikers Dream Nature Trail" is actually up the first road where the big sign is. This is my favourite trail out of the 3 you can do. A bit longer but still well maintained and clear trail markings. Is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL trail!

Beautiful view of the fall colours. Highly recommended.

2 months ago

Amazing trip!! A must for every hiker!

2 months ago

Nice walk

trail running
2 months ago

Good for short trail run. Start left for longer downhill but steeper uphill. Start right for longer uphill with steeper downhill. Feels a little remote, suggest if running alone, to go in the middle of the day as appose to evening or morning runs .

2 months ago

Awesome views

2 months ago

We hiked in on Laverty and back out on Moosehorn in June. It was rather warm that day. The hike down on Laverty was no problem, but the hike back up on Moosehorn and rather difficult. Many bugs as well. We would not recommend this for anyone carrying a child in a carrier or otherwise. We also had some issues staying on the trail as it was not marked well. Alltrails map helped keep us on track.

beautiful quick 1hr walk. great for snowshoeing in winter.

great trail. took about 3.5hours with breaks and enjoying the falls.

Pretty awesome east coast hike. A group of us did it in 2 night and 3 days. We stayed at refugee cove the first night, and Carey Brook Cabin the second night. The cabins are very nice compared to a campsite, but comes at a cost (Id recommend them if you are struggling to do distance, or if its cold). There are plenty of rivers to get fresh water from so just bring a water filter. The last part of the trail on the north side past eatonville road is rather dull as it is a walk in a forest with moderate elevation gain. In our group of 4, on the last day I left from Carey Brook Cabin and hiked back to the car at the HQ (20.7KM), while the other 3 waited for me on Eatonville road for a ride. Eatonville road is a gravel road, would recommend a SUV, Jeep, or a truck to drive back there our 2010 corolla did fine though.

Most of the trail is inside the forest, but some times popes out to rock beaches, and once to an open field area. There are some cliff jumping spots near the middle of the trail (10', 40' and probably ~60') jumps, but you have to time the tide just right so you dont get sucked out into the bay. During late August the mosquitos were fairly bad. There were plenty of people on the trail, and there is no sense of danger. Just follow Leave No Trace procedures and you should be fine.

3 months ago

Super pretty and fun hike! Did it in 2 days, 3 nights (Seal Cove and Refugee Cove). Hike to refugee cove was beautiful and challenging. Between the two camp sites was a lot more flat than day 1, a long but steady hike. Seal cove to the trailhead is a bit boring, you follow along an old road. Found out later if you ask, there is a shuttle you can pay for and skip the less scenic part of the hike.

Great hike to kill a couple of hours!

3 months ago

Nice trail with some scrambling over rocks when trail hits the river bed - not hard to follow / or find the trail though. Did this combined with laverty falls for a good hike. A few good spots to swim if its hot enough too. Total time was just under 3hrs, with an actual hike time was 2hrs and 5mins as we did lots of sightseeing and picture taking.

Great trail with beautiful waterfall and swimming hole at the end. Last 500m to the waterfall is steep with a stream crossing. Well worth the effort and one of my favourite Fundy NP hikes.

Amazing well groom trails. Great walking for young and old alike. Wheelchair accessible. Paths are hard pack crushed rock.

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