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3 days ago

Finally got to explore waterfall canyon this past weekend on a 3-day/2-night backpacking trip with the Scout troop. It's worth every step of the trail to get there. The trail is filled with forest canopy, rolling meadow, snow line, and then at somewhere around 7,800 feet... Beautiful waterfalls on either side of the canyon and a reported third (my treat for next year's trip) just a little further down the trail. I could have spent a lot more time enjoying the canyon!

Many moments of solitude on Scout Mountain.
The occasional sound of other campers in the distance was a nice gleam of mentioning others’ presence.
Gentle sights of wildlife and plant life, with an enjoyable glow of sunsets and sunrises.
Camp space was well-laid and cozy. Big enough for two large tents, while small enough to push for some nice walk and exploration of the area.

This is a great hike with beautiful scenery and plenty of covverage to keep you out of the sun for most of the trail. There are plenty of spots to camp between Lower and Upper Palisades with a few between Upper Palisades Lake and Waterfall Canyon.

Beautiful and fairly easy hike. Four stars simply because I prefer trails that don't allow motorcycles on them. Bikes are ok. Views from the top were excellent. Also, nice that it is near Pocatello. Nice wildflowers and didn't see much wildlife.

Great hike!... fire wood is scarce for overnight trips.

1 month ago

Pretty good hike. I would recommend always having a map of the trail as it is not clearly marked. If you go clockwise per earlier review head right at the fork - it will say middle. I would recommend going counter clockwise. There is a killer Hill with all the elevation gain that we walked up in the middle of the day. That half also has the least shade. If you go counterclockwise you hit the open areas in the early part of your hike and are descending the massive hill. At the bottom veer left to stay on trail. The rest is mostly shaded in the woods with minor elevation gains. There are also creek crossing where your kids will get wet and love it. Much better the last half of the hike.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Rode this trail earlier today. Pretty fair climb up, but nothing insane. Super smooth, flowy ride back down. One of the most enjoyable descents I've ever had. Would highly recommend

Doing this trail in one day makes for a long day. We started from the black canyon side. The first few miles are easy and beautiful (The whole trail is beautiful!) There are so many water crossings that it would have taken all day to keep changing shoes back and forth to water shoes each time. Just wear some wool hiking socks, good shoes, and forge through.
After about 4 miles you come to the beaver damn. This is about the last water before you make the climb, so fill up your bottles before you turn up the canyon to the left. The climb from the Black Canyon side is easier than climbing the burns side. You will climb for a few miles till you get to the trail signs. Once you see the signs, the climb is over. Turn left and drop steeply into Burns Creek. (I would not want to climb this side). Once you get to the bottom (a mile or so) you will see more trail signs. Turn left here and follow the creek out. Lots of overgrown vegetation and creek crossings. It was SO lush and beautiful, I didn't know Idaho had such lush scenery. My 9yr old pretended he was in the amazon rain forest.
If you want to make the loop, and you have a group, park a vehicle at each trail head and save the over two mile road walk back to black canyon trail head.
Next time I will just do Burns creek in and out and skip the climb.

2 months ago

Loved this hike! So beautiful! It did start to rain when we got to the top! But i loved it! Definitely doing this hike again!

3 months ago

My family loves this short hike, and has done it many times. It’s easiest to do clockwise. Trail is hard to find in some spots, but nothing that would get you lost. We have taken horses too. Worth giving a try if in the area.

on Corral Creek

9 months ago

Great trail. Lots of incline. Really no River just a small Creek at the start of the trail.

10 months ago

This hike is so pretty and not hard at all! It was super snowy today (October 8) but extremely beautiful and enjoyable. I will definitely be doing it again and look forward to trying it in the spring.

11 months ago

If you're heading to the upper Palisades lake, it's 100% worth the extra effort to head up Waterfall Canyon.

I would recommend planning your hike for late June or early July. There is a spring fed waterfall that runs year round, but if you can catch the end of the spring runoff, a second spectacular cascading waterfall will be tumbling down the opposite wall of the canyon.

As with all areas in the Snake River range, watch for black bears. They tend to be shy and avoid people, but if you're lucky you'll spot one grazing for berries on the hill sides.

If an out and back hike is not your thing, you can follow the trail up through the top of the basin and catch the Waterfall Crest trail and Lake canyon trail back down to the lower Palisades lake (although note that these parts of the trail are a little more strenuous, and the trail down Lake canyon is pretty easy to lose).

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Not well-marked. We had to guess that we were on the right trail.

off road driving
Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kind of interested to know where the name Thousand Springs comes from. Didn't see a single one. Although there are probably some when the snow is melting. Also, the castle lake, the supposed climax of the hike, was a small beaver pond, most of it crowded with grass. On the bright side, we did see a beaver. I believe that the trail shouldn't be labels for hiking. It is a four wheeler trail. The hike though, despite some of its disappointments, was nice, especially the second half. The wildflowers were also very pretty. I wouldn't recommend it for hiking, but I think it would be an enjoyable motorized vehicle trip.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

This is a nice trail but it is an ATV trail so keep that in mind as it is mostly used by atv's. I prefer to hike trails that atv's cant go on and do this one on an atv instead. Also keep in mind that castle "lake" is a small marshy pond so don't expect anything huge. Nice scenery along the trail however and there is a bathroom at the trailhead if needed.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Just did an overnighter on this trail. It has lots of trail crossings. I think 19 crossings is about right, so bring some water shoes. If you want to have an easier hike start out on the black canyon side. It is not such a hard up. I did the burns creek to start out, and it gets really rutted and steep. Not too many places to camp until you get to the black canyon trail junction. The trail is in some serious need of work. Super washed out, vegetation above your head. No ticks though, and not too many mosquitos. All around good hike, but I would caution dirt bikes it has a ton of narrow wash out. Solitude rating 10/10. Nobody was on this trail on a middle of July weekend. Happy trailing!

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Very nice trail, gradual incline. Shaded 80% of the time. Alot of wild flowers. Very enjoyable.

Nice trail didn't see any bikes or motorcycles four wheelers lots of trees very scenic pond was nice make sure to bring insect repellent.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Beautiful surrounding, great wildlife. I can't wait to camp up there

Monday, June 12, 2017

I am giving this 5 stars for the 2.5 mile portion we went in with our kids. If you like zero traffic, water crossings, beautiful views and a beautiful drive to the trail, you'll like this. I can't wait to do the whole loop. One of our new favorite hikes for sure!

this is motorbike trail. 4 inch to 3 foot ruts the entire way. pretty view but not the greatest for hiking or running.

Nice trail. Turned around from bad weather coming in. The little pond was a great place to stop and have a snack

Excelent fall hike. good weather and great fall colors.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

This is an ok hike and a good hike for those in the Rexburg area. The hike is fully in trees and is a multi-use trail. I was the only hiker but ran into a couple of motor bikes and a couple of four wheelers. Only wildlife I saw were cows and there were some flies but they didn't mess with me. Castle Lake is a bit of a disappointment as it is more of a small pond with a lot of grass in it. Overall, hike was easy only climbing just over 1,000 feet. You have to travel a ways on dirt forest service roads to get to the trail head. The 10 mile hike out and around Castle Lake was just ok but worth a few hours on a Saturday morning to get out in nature if you don't want to go a long way from home.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

amazing hike

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

very relaxing, i was hoping there was more creeks around, but other than that it was very nice to walk through.


Really great views and , loved the shade of the trees in the morning part of the hike! Wasn't huge on sharing the trail with a lot of 4 wheelers, atvs, and motor cross bikes because of the noise and dust but overall we enjoyed it. We were able to do it with two young kids and a dog. Definitely a family friendly one!

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