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Nevada *Easy* Map
3 days ago

Very easy and also very short. Good for a quick change in scenery if you head north or south on the east side of Lake Tahoe and want to make a quick stop.

lotsa water for the dogs.

Nice evening walk. Scouting out places for my daughters engagement photo shoot

Nice leisurely trail. Easy for kids alike.

The trail is close to Reno with easy access. However, there is highway noise for most of the hike. Also, once you get up to the flume level, it is largely a flat and boring hike.

If you are looking for easy with nice scenery it's perfect.

It was fun kinda hard at first but going up but after it was awesome views. Be careful tho we found a rattle snake close to the houses by the little library!!!!!

28 days ago

Beautiful scenery, easy walk along lake and through wooded areas. Only slight negative is that part of trail is below highway 89 and you can hear some traffic noise but bad. Saw a deer grazing about 30 feet from trail at one point.

nice easy trail and beautiful view at the end.

easy peasy but a wonderful walk around the lake. will take all our out of town visitors here.

Pretty short. I was really only about 1/2 a mile to the petroglyphs. We continued on another half of a mile, but there was not really a trail. Nice short easy hike. My 9 year old made it without issues.

1 month ago

A really wonderful loop trail for a family with three young kids ( under 3 years of age)! Trail was dry, with all the meadows green and lush with flowing rivulets everywhere.

not really a defined trail. had a few wild horses block part of the path and there were lots of birds around but overall wasn't what I expected from reviews here :/ meh

Sand Harbor is just picture perfect as it is, so anything step you take there is just amazing

Nice, easy ride:)
Great for all ages.

Great trail. Very beautiful & scenic through most areas. Great for dogs as well.

Gorgeous views!!!

2 months ago

Hike and dog walk. Lots of timber cutting along the ridge. Kinda ugly for a mile or so. We bailed out back to the TRT and called it a day.

Beautiful canyon hike. Early morning is the best.

Very nice hike. Took my one year old on this and he did amazing! almost made it to the N with him walking the whole way. Saw los of birds and lizards and a few snakes so be on the look out as always. Was a little disappointed in all the dog poop on the trails. But thats not the trails fault, just irresponsible owners.

Neat little hike! The trail head is easy to miss. My lab and I bulked a little too much for winter and this is a perfect spot for him to run. As aforementioned, don’t trust the gps. The trail is to the left. I will mark it next time I’m up (:

Great trail to get back into the great outdoors for this new mom. No strenuous elevation changes, and great scenery.

Perfect trail for kids and dogs!!

on Jones Creek Loop

2 months ago

Only 4 stars because it wasn’t well marked. My 3.5 year old made it most of the way walking herself so if she can do it... :-)

very peaceful and Awesome place to hike! I love it

Still snowy and slushy at points. Snow may be coming tonight. Probably not for everyone until later in the season.

Fun little trail next to the Truckee. The gate before the bridge has a latch, but not a lock. Trail doesn't get a ton of use; so in some places using the app to tell which way to go is helpful. Gorgeous views of the river.

Extremely manicured and well trafficked hike. Walks along a neighborhood/golf course and ends at a highway. Much better hikes around.

3 months ago

Hiked with kids and dog around 5pm on a Wednesday. Loop took one hour with my 5 year old and 10 year old. A couple of spots would have had us turned the wrong way if not for this wonderful app! Rocky and hilly but not too tough for kids. Perfect little hike to wear them out. Lots of shade, nice creek with a footbridge broke up the monotony, beautiful pine and aspens...good parking, picnic tables and clean potty at the trailhead.

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