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Have not been yet but if you are going to give a rating take the time to leave a sentence or 2 than just giving it a 1-3 stars

2 days ago

We walked the loop at this stop and enjoyed all of the amazing formations.

Awesome colors, hard to comprehend how different areas so close to one another can be.

Overlook for Fire Canyon is breathtaking.

Really cool canyon with petroglyphs.

We got there as the sun was setting and once the sun went down we got caught in a sand storm with minimal visibility. We almost couldn’t find our way back to the parking lot so defiantly be very careful this is a short hike but still very cool

the trail is beautiful, but don't forget to stop and look around you or you will miss the hidden gems. There is a wonderful arch you can climb in and through near the end of the loop

this is actually one of my least favorite areas of the park. However if you cross the street from the parking area and go up the hill there's lots of fun rocks to scramble over and a pretty view of Lake Mead

very pretty short trail. This trail also offers one of the easiest access points into Fire Canyon

very nice, but certainly not my favorite hike in this park

you can go in So many directions. you will find great views and and meet great people along the way.

28 days ago

Great walk with the family. The sand is hard to get used to walking in and we all found that it tired our legs out pretty quickly. Make sure you download the map on your phone as there is no marked trail. We got off the trail for a while and had to hike over hills to get back on course. The sand makes for great headstands. Beautiful scenery and we saw lots of little lizards.

Fun little family trail, great to take off shoes and just walk in the sand.

1 month ago

Short little hike over differing terrains, beautiful sandstone contacts and the conglomerates are beautiful as well. Fire wave itself is very small.

1 month ago

Amazing that all these beautiful trails are so close to Vegas. Stunning views everywhere if you can appreciate the rugged, rocky formations. A very serene yet challenging hike in late November.

Beautiful scenery. The colors in the surrounding rocks are incredible

1 month ago

This is a wonderful trail with the spectacular views and colors of the surrounding areas. I would say that the drop into the canyon was a little more than easy. For my wife and I, I would rate this trail more as moderate. Well worth the effort.

this could be one of my most favorite trails I've done. only down side is lost the trail a few times. which led to awsome adventures. I almost preferred being off the trail. I went in February and the weather was perfect. But once that sun goes down grab a sweater.

Amazing views. Few signs, so it’s easy to be lost on the trail. GPS is absolutely necessary to stay on the trail. Some strenuous points; dangerous for those with fear of high.

easy hike and loads of petroglyphs high up on your left as you walk toward the end of hike. lots of traffic on this hike. at the end, look for the stone bowl in ground where native americans used to ground corn and such.

1 month ago

SPECTACULAR imagery along the hike! So many unique rock formations and colors to gawk at. Very simple hike but you will want to be constantly stopping to take pictures and gaze at your surroundings! Valley of Fire is one of the coolest places I've ever visited.

Trail was fun! We stared from the left and continued clockwise when we came across most people did the other way. Someone reviewed that this trail needed more sign to help hikers to stay on the path, which I agree so much. We seen many people practicing rock climbing which is pretty cool. Liked this trail. With some parts, you really need to figure out how to overcome some puzzling way to keep moving forward but you will find different way so, if you feel your stuck, don’t worry, you are not.

2 months ago

Good scenic trail with all kinds of spots to climb and hangout

Agree with everyone’s comments, once you’re no longer on the front side of the mountain it gets harder and harder to know where to go. I never made it completely around but I hear it is possible! I’ll be back to conquer it!

The waypoints on the map give a better idea of the complexity of this route. There are few if any real trail markers (the occasional cairn may be found but are non-directional and so far spaced to be of utility), and you will routinely have to double-back to get back on trail. The portion over Kraft mountain is apparently Class 3+ or Class 4, which would have been helpful to know, as a rating of "difficult" doesn't fully explain whether it is technical, or just steep. Still, a very pretty hike.

A great trail with a decent about of challenges to keep the hike fun. Beautiful scenery in all directions. My sister and I hiked from the trailhead towards the white dome loop. We never made it bc towards the end the obvious trail disappears and boot prints take off in multiple directions. At the same time, the few markers that exist stop all together. We tried to figure out where to go but weren't willing to risk getting lost while on the count down to sunset. Still a fabulous day hike!

Love it

As depicted the east half of this loop is at very least extremely difficult and no easily recognizable trail. We got half way up the north slope and turned back down to the wash and "dashed" trail to finish the loop around the east side traveling clockwise. Beautiful and scenic

This was so neat but sad to see the graffiti on the petroglyphs

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