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3 days ago

Did Ice Box Canyon with my 21 y/o son. I'm 61 y/o. The guide given out at the visitors center rated this as a strenuous hike and AllTrails has it listed as moderate. It is not moderate at all. Very beautiful. After reaching the end and returning down we wandered to the right of the trail and ended up in a ravine. We needed to scale the wall of rocks to return to the trail. I'm very happy that I was able to complete this trail as most of my hiking is in Ohio. My right knee reminded me that this was a tough one.

Lots of scrambling over boulders but most obstacles had a way around them. It was cold and windy wear layers. Beautiful area.

very beautiful, and beautiful sight seeing area and it is not hard at all

17 days ago


Best hike EVER!! Beautiful view! Worth the hike!

28 days ago

Beautiful view!

Came to trail run, ended up hiking my way through the brutal midway elevation gain.
You start this hike thinking you can go all day, only to find the slippery, serious elevation through the mid-point. Everyone talks about losing your way and I agree that it can be easy to stray (I found many people struggling their way up while I was heading down). That being said there are plenty of trail markings which are predominantly spray painted white or teal dots along the path. If the trail is obvious, find your way. If not, look for dots. In any case this is a summit so you should always be walking up or down to get to where you're going. Does it suck, yes. Is it worth it, big time. Have fun and be safe!

Terrific hike and great views of Vegas and the Spring Mts from the top. I'm 62, in good, not great, shape and managed it in about 3+1/2 hrs (120 min up, 10 min at top, 70 min down). I got conflicting info on the various pathways going up to the intermediate saddle which is to the left of the peak itself. IMHO it's best to stick to the main path, which heads up a spur to the left of the most visible runoff gully which leads nearly straight up to that saddle. Blue paint marks on stones will guide you starting about 2/3 the way up to the saddle. White paint spots and arrows serve as a guide from the saddle up to the peak, with one split marked EASY vs HARD in white paint. I chose EASY :) Many people will have to scramble up in a few places - nothing major. I found it very enjoyable in February - would be more difficult in July- August.

My wife and I, along w/ my brother and his girlfriend, started at 11am on an unseasonably warm February day. Just over 60 degrees at the base of the trailhead. To level set, we are between age 30 and 41, moderate fitness level, w/ one of us having slight Asthma, and typically stick to slightly shorter day hikes w/ less elevation change. Stopping several times (>10) for a few mins each, to rest/drink/talk/enjoy views, on the way up took us about 2hr25min. It got a little chilly nearing the top w/ 15-20mph sustained winds coming from the north/northeast w/ temps a few degrees cooler than at the trailhead. Keep in mind wind conditions can vary greatly during this hike. For us, because the winds were out of the N/NE, we were blocked out from any wind on this trail until the last .6 miles or so, at which point we were fully exposed (25mph+ gusts, good motivation to keep moving) for the remainder to the top, and first .6 miles or so back down. We were prepared, but definitely bring a good 2nd layer if it's windy, or even heavier clothes if it's a cooler & windy winter day.

We took about 1hr45min to get down, but were very slow, and very careful, and stopped 5 times or so. Would recommend hiking shoes w/ all the loose gravel/dirt, though 3 of us did it in tennis/walking/gym shoes.

With a half hour at the top taking pictures and snacking, we were just under 5 hours total. We went through 1.5L of water per person even w/ the moderate temps (would def bring more if warm/hot weather). Agree w/ the previous reviews that it's very easy to temporarily lose the trail, though also easy to get back on track. It'd be very hard to actually get lost, and there are markings (painted) throughout most of it. Heights give me the creeps, and this hike didn't bother me at all in that respect. I'd deduct a half a star if I could for the steep downhill spots w/ loose rocks/dirt, but I have to round up to 5 stars for the zillion dollar views.

Starts off with a light trail walking up to rockier points up to eventually climbing over boulders. I felt so accomplished when I reached the end! You’ll know when you’re there when you reach a dead end that you can’t climb over unless you have gear. Very fun, wear the right shoes !

1 month ago

This trail provided excellent views the entire length! There’s an amazing waterfall at the end that is a bit challenging to get to. BEWARE: the trip down from the waterfall is treacherous if you don’t have the proper equipment. Worth every step!

Amazing views of our city from here!

Very good course
2 hours round trip with my son
We ll do better in 2 weeks

Easy hike. Awesome landscapes

Beautiful trail, even in the middle of winter.

1 month ago

pretty cool hike in the canyon!

Great hike, if your in the area check it out.!! Bouldering can get a bit challenging but is fun . Enjoy!!

This trail is fair to moderate in the beginning. However, once you reach the halfway point it gets challenging. The markings are scarce on this trail. It's easy to get off the path so you really need to pay attention to where you are going. The view at the top is amazing though.

trail running
2 months ago

As other reviewers note, the trail is well marked for the first half and then becomes far less marked for the second half. It’s also very steep for much of the second half so the “trail run” became a quick paced hike.

Views are incredible. Better for hiking than trail running.

2 months ago

This trail isn’t so bad. You have a good uphill walking distance you have to cover and then climb down into a river where you will see the rocks slowly become boulders. The boulders can make it fun to climb but for those who don’t want to climb over them , there is little path ways around most of them. You’ll know you’re close to the waterfall once you hit a set of boulders that have to be climbed over. I am new to hiking and this is the 2nd hike I’ve been on so far. If an out of shape hiker like me can do it than I’m pretty sure anyone can.

2 months ago

Very short trail. Wouldn’t recommend for little kids, lots of scrambling over big rocks

Sometimes I lost the trail, but I went solo in December and was warm in my denim and sweatshirt. I traveled with a small dog, saw small game and, remarkably, most of the spring was frozen. Great vistas and trees.

2 months ago

I am an average hiker and this trail was straight up the last half mile. I actually turned around after 1.5 miles (mostly because I didn’t have my hiking poles and was nervous about the down hike). My husband finished to the summit. Beautiful park, mountains and views. Quite the cardio workout, but well worth the effort, but not for the beginner. Saw many other hikers.

Hiked this trail and views are incredible. Trail marked well until 1/2 way up then you’ll need to watch for trail markings (Blue and white dots) to get around the backside of the mountain. After that it’s a hike up to the top, again not well marked. The wind picked up in the later morning which made the descent tricky but would recommend this hike! 2.75h round trip.

Was hiking solo so didn’t go deep into the canyon. Great hike if it’s really windy at Red Rocks. Good one for kids too.

I'm out of shape and did this trail first thing after my flight landed and I did it in 3 hours 15 minutes. it was intimidating and difficult but the hike is rewarding with beautiful views of the surrounding area. I got off trail on my descent once you get off the ridge and it looked like I wasn't the only one so keep your wits about you. definitely worth it!

Very unexpected hike. So glad we did it. Different experience to other hikes due to being dry and dusty. The view at the top was awesome. We did venture off the track a few times as the indicators weren’t the best but made it to the lockbox at the top which was the goal! I found the hike down harder than the hike up as it was steep and gravel made it a bit slippery in places.

3 months ago

Very beautiful trail

Outstanding view when you reach the top. You might get lost a few times as the trail is iffy in places but there are white dots on the rocks as someone painted them to show you where to go. All in all took about 3.5 hrs. Round trip and would do it again. Lastly make sure to note this is strenuous in places and the hike down is almost harder than the hike up because of loose gravel and rock.

It is quite the adventure. No switchback, basically straight up. The view is spectacular.

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