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trail running
4 minutes ago

Nice flat trail with amazing views on Lake Mead and old railroad tunnels

Really easy hike, more of a walk really. Quite a bit of foot traffic/bikes on this trail. Nice scenic views.

scenic driving
2 days ago

If you visit Las Vegas, make sure you go to Red Rock and at least take the scenic drive. It is an amazing place to visit! The National Park America the Beautiful pass ($80/year for entrance to all national parks and monuments) gets you in for no additional cost. The visitors center is very helpful in suggesting trails to take if you are feeling like taking a hike. Nice areas to stop and take scenic photos.

Very cool slots, relatively easy hike, and great for dogs too. Was unable to locate the branch for full loop of the trail, but still made a great out and back

Great beginner’s trail. Lots of switchbacks & is a moderate incline the whole way up, but it’s very easy to go down the way back! Safe for dogs & kids. Can get crowded on weekends, but it’s worth it for the view + mini waterfall(s) at the end. My whole family does this hike every year in the spring when snow melt is high & the waterfall is POURING.

The hike itself is great but should not be listed as Light, this is definitely a moderate trail although somewhat short in length.

We also did lose the trail as it splits and we took the wrong direction bc it ended. We followed someone else who looked like they knew what they were doing - our mistake.

We didn't end up finding the waterfall, but the drive up there and the views are gorgeous. I think we got close but it was 6pm and we needed to get back before we were stuck in the dark. I'll probably try again.

Definitely loose gravel, 'stairs', steep inclines, and mixed terrain.

6 days ago

Download the georeferenced map from the Red Rock website. It's REALLY helpful because it's hard to know where the trail goes. It's not marked at all once you get to the bouldering parts, so the map really helps if you aren't intuitive. I don't recommend this as a beginner's hike, as the rocks can be a bit challenging. It's very sunny, and the canyon walls block any breeze so the hike is HOT. The bouldering never gets TOO hard/dangerous - if it does, you've gone off path and missed the various stairs that make it easier.

6 days ago

I wasn’t too impressed until I got to where the loop begins. Like everyone said, pretty much all gravel on the 100 side and not too much to look at. Once you get to the loop and start to see the Petroglyphs, the hike definitely gets better. Loved coming down the 200 side and seeing the city view. Pretty easy, but enjoyable hike!

looked amazing in pics but did not hike $25 entry

my fiance, her cousin, his girlfriend and my son went on this trail. beautiful views! My fiance and I didnt make it all the way, her and I got about halfway through the switchback. the rest of our group made it to the top

Nice hike but we traveled this October and there was no waterfall or pond to see. The trail is poorly marked after the first mile. The area is beautiful to see!

Fantastic find in the middle of the the city.
Just be aware there are coyotes.

Nice, easy hike with great views. Just enough to get the blood pumping. One of my favorite in Red Rock.

Great trail! Pretty easy, not strenuous at all but does have some bouldering and scrambling towards the back of the gorge. Overall, the views were incredible. We were disappointed to not see much water, but it is technically still summer so that was expected. We definitely started early, on the trail by 7am to avoid the afternoon heat but on our way back there were tons of people just starting out. Lots of rock climbers seem to come through this trail, we were half tempted to start following them just to see where they were going but decided otherwise.

16 days ago

Relatively easy hike, just watch your footing on a few weathered parts of the trail!

23 days ago

This wasn't an easy hike for us (family of 4, with a 4yr old and 9yr old). Maybe we are just out of shape but I would call it moderate, not easy. It started out easy enough but then goes straight up and is more like mountain climbing. We had to stop several times and there were younger (more in-shape) hikers that were stopped as well.

The trail is also very hard to find if you don't know the area. The map will take you to a closed off gate and Little Falls isn't even listed on the newer maps. You don't know if you are on the right trail until you are halfway there. We just followed the directions written by someone else on here and finally found it after about 10 minutes of driving back and forth and searching for "stairs".

First hike in the Mojave Desert. The rock formations and views were beautiful. Don’t stop at the “tank”..... if you’re up for a short steep climb, you’ll soon find yourself on a summit overlooking Las Vegas. The trail had a bit more rock climbing and scrambling than expected for a moderate hike, although we were up for the challenge. Once you get to the rocks, markers are nonexistent and its not uncommon to be looking for the right “path” on the way out. Highly recommend!!

Great trail, beautiful views. Only downfall was about half the hikers were maling their own path and causing rocks to slide down from above.

Loved this trail! Enjoyed sitting by the beautiful creek, walking trough the meadow, expansive views of red rocks and climbing through the boulders. I went past the main trail and it was well with the adventure and climbing through the rocks to get to the upper creek. Cairns guided me and I left a few of my own to point the way for others enjoying this trail!

The canyons were awesome. Will definitely hike again.

Amazing trail. Super easy, and so picturesque.

24 days ago

I have been there for a walk, I can't wait to take my bicycle next time.

24 days ago

Excellent trail with lots of scrambles over beautiful sandstone rock faces. Don’t be fooled by the park description. This trail requires a good deal of climbing along rock faces and through gaps. It is also very easy to loose the trail so pay attention to where you are going and where you have been. Markers are few and far between once you start scrambling.

27 days ago

Great hike with a bit of bouldering and rock scrambling. IMO not for small kids or most dogs.

Awesome hike. Did run into a rattle snake though. Be safe & be aware of your surroundings.

Visited the park on the way to Zion National Park and can honestly say I am very glad we did. The Valley of Fire SP does not disappoint. We were able to get in a couple of short rewarding hikes. The rock formations are very unique and interesting. Highly recommended.

Did this amazing and easy hike some years back i think it was 2013-2014. Back than the grapes vines were young and new planted. Did not get to see the full flow waterfall but the spring water was refreshing. Filled my water bottle and no filters back than. Gotta start again.

Nice and short for smaller kids and dogs

Nice pace, lots of different levels. Fantastic view at the end.

Easy and great fun for families!

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