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Wonderful hike, but it's more like a walk. No shades so it's better on a cloudy or cooler day. Be sure to put your sunscreen on, hats, shades, and plenty water is a must. We walked to the tip of the island, then we walked all the way to the North shore parking lot, and then we followed the metal fence back down to the Waianae side parking lot. We saw the ground nesting birds and seals at the tip.

Hike was awesome but when I finished the cops were given out citations at the trailhead said it was illegal and off limits.

This hike is very lovely through the forest and along a few streams. We parked near the Hawaii Nature Center to begin the hike, and headed to the left (counterclockwise) to hike the loop. It is wet and somewhat muddy but very enjoyable. The trees will cover you from the rain and/or sun.

I would totally do this hike, main reason there was NO crowd. A good workout, nice views but do be careful it is muddy and gets slippery.

Nice, easy walk flat trail with mud and rocks. Scenery is beautiful there were seals sunbathing and birds.

Great easy trail with an amazing waterfall at the end! Second half was a little steep but nothing a hiking newbie couldn’t handle. It is on private property but as long as you’re respectful it isn’t a problem.

Not too difficult, but definitely you will need a hiking boots. Gets slippery after the rain. No scenic views, since you are going through the woods. However the waterfall is amazing.

Did the hike on 11/1 and it was wet. Rained before and during the hike. The hike up was much easier than the hike down, especially since it was wet. I would recommend the hike to others, but would add caution. The views were worth it, though!

12 days ago

There’s no way the route I took was 0.4 miles. We parked on the side of the road and seemingly went up a very unmarked area of the cliff. VERY steep and a bit terrifying. Once we found the trail, there were a lot of memorials to people that fell off the trail. Amazing views thoughts!

trail running
18 days ago

Good flat long trail for running or nature walk for the sea cliffs. Pay off is good if you like animals.

Did not hike so I cant speak about the hike.
$16.85 to hike.
perhaps we missed access point for trail hike?

Took the counter clockwise route as suggested by many; as advertised, it was a workout but we'll shaded. The trail is muddy in most areas, so ware appropriate hiking boots. lots of changing fauna and plenty of birds. Nice hike all in all.

fairly quick hike, but more of a climb tho! when we were coming down a cop was ticketing a few hikers so we had to run while we had the chance. i recommend that you do this hike at your own risk of getting a citation. it was odd that he was there because normally no cops are. we were lucky that we didn’t get one but you may not.

We loved this hike!!! Would definitely go again!!!

One of my favorite trails of all time, easy as far as distance, but it’s definitely a steep climb. WARNING!!! I went to hike again 10/21/2018 and there was a cop posted at the start ticketing everyone coming down from the top and telling those heading up to turn back! We chatted with him for a while, he’s very nice, but he was firm that the hike was closed and that the state of Hawaii was giving him overtime to stay there over the next few months and ticket anyone who hikes past the signs.

Beautiful trail, good workout, and very few people around. You are able to move at your pace and enjoy.

BUG SPRAY a must. #staysafetbm

lots of vehicle break ins in this area.

Beautiful view! This is more of a climb than a hike. There were many shrines where people fell off and died which indicates the safety of this hike

30 days ago

Decided to check out the waterfall today, it was a nice walk through the forest, took about 20 minutes to reach the waterfall and went for a dip.
The water was crispy cold but it’s something you should definitely do!!

Did this trek on Saturday, 10/6. Flat trail with some serious mud holes. Jeep Wranglers and other 4WD vehicles were on the trail as well. The trail goes along the coast and the views are spectacular. Only one section where you had to go uphill because the trail/road had fallen into the sea.

Short but fun hike. The hike is "officially' closed but pass the signs and keep on going like the others. The ascent (and descent) is very steep going up nearly 500-feet in the 0.4-mile. Some amazing 360 views at the top that may be a little intimidating for those afraid of heights. Go to to both main rocky outcroppings. Be warned that there has been some serious injuries and even fatalities on this hike because of the drop offs at the top.

cash grab. free parking to the beach if you do not mind the walk.

First half of the hike is easy and the hills get relatively steep for the second half. The waterfall is worth the trek.

went on this hike midmorning to early afternoon. very muddy conditions on most of the trail. was going to do waterfall side trail but very muddy and overgrown that way. nothing too special views wise but a very nice area and good place to get a hike in. bug spray a must

A beautiful place to relax and stay for some hours. The nature is amazing and the whole area is pretty clean.

I enjoyed this hike. The first hour (we went counter clockwise btw) is mostly an incline of tree roots then you begin to wind around the summit and descend. WEAR BUG SPRAY. BRING WATER. Oh and it may be a bit muddy in some areas. WATCH THOSE RIDGES! Otherwise have fun!

1 month ago

Kid friendly easy hike through the Waimea Valley Botanical Gardens. Plenty to see and do along the hike. Fee to enter.

One of my favorite trails on island. Gorgeous views of the mountains and ocean and lots of wildlife. You can see albatross at the end of the hike during mating season, and their babies a few months later. Usually an opportunity to see monk seals at the end, and in winter I have often seen whales breaching offshore around sunset.

Entrance is $16.95 because the waterfall is situated within the Waimea Valley botanical garden. You walk 3/4 of a mile in which you'll be rewarded with the waterfall at the end. But before you reach the waterfall, you will be blown away at the numerous beautiful plants and flowers that follows the trails. $16.95 to help maintain the botanical garden and clean up after people's mess? I say it isn't too bad. The only negative opinion I have is the waterfall appears pretty murky. Heavily trafficked and used. If Ur planning to swim, have fun.

1 month ago

Fun short hike. Trail was wet when I went. I would only recommend doing it dry. Also very easy to miss the "short"route up. I ended up going past and then looping back down. Awesome views, but very steep and slick.

parking right across the road from the trailhead, just look for the "do not go past this point" sign. I did see a lot of broken glass which probably means break ins are an issue, but I had no issues this morning.

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