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need to try Map
4 days ago

Fun trail for a walkabout - the foliage is so dense that you don't really get any "views" but that's not what its there for.

Nice area but trails are poorly marked. The trails need more work . Don’t think I will walk again,

Basically, an asphalt sidewalk. Very nice and easy for beginners and/or someone just wanting to take a nice walk. There are some historical landmarks and statues, with information, which is awesome if you're into that. Would definitely do it again, especially on a nice weather day...

A lovely trail. Once you get hiking the forest engulfs. It felt like I was in a remote area and not on a city trail in suburbia.

Trail Candy

trail running
1 month ago

Love running on this trail in the fall

Good beginners trail. Enjoyed the walk. Three hours with nature!!!!

2 months ago

Took our puppy here and he loved it! Only thing I would add would be a few water fountains for fresh water. Otherwise perfect for your dog!

Great hike, devils pool is refreshing.....but rocks are very slippery! Hardly any restrooms though

It’s not bad. There’s different trails in this little park/area, but they are pretty short. Over all It’s a beautiful place and good for a short walk

trail running
2 months ago

Great path for running, biking, or walking. Rather flat, which is great for anyone using it.

It is a good trial did it with my family any bike works and it was a breeze but the kids had some trouble going up the hills

Love!! Went here because it’s close to my sisters in the city but still on the way from Chalfont area. Hike was a workout and kicked my butt! (In the best way of course). I loved that it was easy enough but harder than most of my go-to trails. Will definitely be returning :) watch for the little spiders that build their web right across the trails!

3 months ago

The area itself is beautiful and it’s a decent “nature walk” but there were a couple things I wasn’t very fond of:

- The trail intersects with the disc golf course which made me feel like I was just in the way.

- The trail is somewhat confusing to follow around the halfway point as it opens up to a big clearing and there aren’t many trail indicators directing you.

It’s a much better disc golf course than it is a hiking trail, but it’s beautiful nonetheless.

road biking
3 months ago

The whole path is paved and perfect for road biking. There are off-road paths off the trail that are fun for mountain bikes too.

Great trail for beginners. Beautiful place, not crowded at all. Creek and waterfall were nice.

Great experience!

What is this? No one calls it by this name. Forbidden Drive is a popular trail here.

road biking
5 months ago

The description of this place says road bike friendly and it is not. However this place would be awesome with a MTB

Great view !

trail running
5 months ago

This is a daily out-and-back run. The Wisteria is out today making the trip all the nicer.

Nice easy 2.6 mile hike with woods, lakes, and streams. Great place for birding.

This Trail was my first solo hike ever. So it's not really fair for me to rate this Trail as I have nothing to compare it to. That said the area was beautiful there is a disc golf course throughout the trail so I'm not really sure if I was on the trail or just on the disc golf course. None-the-less everyone that I ran into was playing disc golf and were pleasant and friendly. I will come back on another day and try to find and stay on the actual Trail which is not marked

6 months ago

Just wanted to note I couldn't find the entrance from where the GPS pinned my arrival. There were neighborhoods on both sides of the road. On my way to another park I saw the sign from the Trail Picture but didn't see parking. Next time I'll look harder

7 months ago

Excellent park

7 months ago

Nice walk around a lake. Some parts of path are uneven from tree root growth. Lake has a play ground for the kids. And if you are into fishing the lake has bass, sunfish, carp, catfish, and stocked trout.

My little pup was in HEAVEN here! Tons of playful pups to chase around, ponds and streams to get into, and wide open space as well as trails. Wouldn’t really recommend it too much for non- dog lovers and it was very wet & muddy so be prepared for bath time afterward.

Nice for an easy walk, I agree with other comments that it’s more of a sidewalk along the road than a trail by the river. Lots of green space for a picnic without being on top of other people. Definitely not the right choice if you’re looking for a hike or true nature walk. Can get busy without a lot of space for bikers to easily pass. Great views and decent parking.

Nice easy trail, good for kids or walking the dog.

beautiful in the winter

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