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Nice short hike. Beautiful colors. Would love to see in the spring with more runoff.

Wanted to do some short hikes before we drove back to Vegas. The upper and middle pool trails were closed due to rock falls so that left the lower pool. It was Ok. Real easy. I will say the fall colors were really gorgeous on the trail! Other than that, the pool at the end was nothing special. If you have time to kill and want to get in a short hike, I would recommend this one.

This trail is fun and simple! Great cool down/warm up. The rock can be slippery when wet so watch your footing! The upper pools are closed due to rock falls in July.

I went at dusk and so avoided the crowds (well, other than a pack of photographers with their 3-legged companions at the start). Trees are changing here and they look spectacular against the canyon walls. The walk from the lodge to the lower pool (as far as you can go right now) was shorter than I would have liked but it was a very welcome opportunity to stretch my legs after a long drive in.

I loved this hike! It is definitely one of my favorite!

10 days ago

Easy loop trail with scenic variety of forest, meadow and panoramic views of Timponogos which steal the show. Definitely layer up this time of year, but I was sweating in the sun when protected by the trees. The melting ice also makes the path very muddy and surprisingly slippery, so be careful.

10 days ago

Beautiful red rock, but you’re also in view and hearing of a major road almost the whole hike.

17 days ago

Took the puppers up here today, was a mild hike, views of Timp are amazing, there is a nice mix of shade and openness. It was a quiet trail (Sunday) only came across a couple of people. Was a little muddy in spots from snow melt after the warm weather.

Nice quick hike trail. I had my two dogs but the trail is pretty skinny at some parts so we kept moving out of people's way. Trail is moderately flat for the beginning then goes up a bit then down again. The climb back up isn't terrible and the bottom by the stream is beautiful. Was there a few weeks ago and there was still a solid amount of fish (most alive but some where dead as it's getting to the end of the season). Lots of people at the bottom but you can keep hiking down to find more solitude.

25 days ago

Beautiful fall hike.

Activity wise not much to speak if but photographically is was fabulous

This was a very crowded hike, way to many people on the paved trail that went to the dirty pool of water. I think there are a lot better hikes to do while here in Zion. The best part was the weeping walls at the top by the pool.

Awesome hike. We loved it. And it was so picturesque. Great place for the teenaged boy to climb around and up the sides of the canyon while younger pre-teens were a little more careful. Made it to the first waterfall with a 3, 9, 11, 12, and 15 year old. There were at least two spots where we literally lifted the younger ones up through the rocks, though. Our 15 year old climbed the rope on the first waterfall and made it to the second one- but there’s no way we all could do that without rock climbing equipment (and one less 3-year old!). Took us about an hour and a half to two hours. We had a lot of fun exploring and climbing around and through the rocks and canyon.

Good little hike for anyone. I recommend doing this hike before angels landing as this is nothing in comparison.

An easy, paved trail that's relatively steep in places, but the hike is worth it.

It looked like a dirty pond. I guess I’m spoiled by other hikes but this one didn’t do it for me. Nice walk to kill some time before dinner. That’s about it.

The upper part of this trail was closed when we went at end of September because of falling rocks and I believe flooding. It was beautiful none the less. This was one of my first times seeing the destruction of nature and one I will remember.

1 month ago

Good hike, nice views. Lots of Fall colors. Moderate hiker traffic and horseback travel.

1 month ago

I wanted to use this hike as a running path but ended up finding it to be more of a walking trail. I’m sure others who are more skilled than me could have treated it as a running trail but I enjoyed the views and the simplicity of it. Great St. George views!

1 month ago

Single wide trail. Definitely moderate. Hard work for young kids.
We missed the Salmon by two weeks. Next year we will make it a priority to be here mid September.
Beautiful colors and spectacular views.

1 month ago

Almost no traffic. Moderately steep, but my kids did great (6, 8, 11, 13). Great views of Timp, the leaves were in full color.


We decided to try this trail on a whim on our vacation and didn’t make it past the first bit of the dirt access road. I just thought I would make it very obvious here since that is one of the more important pieces of information I look for in comments, and it was easy to skim past or underestimate in other comments.

I did this hike in the dark so I didn't the best view of the pools. I have heard they are not as green as they look in pictures due to photographers adding filters to their photos.

Cool walk, very crowded. Middle and Upper pools are currently closed due to flooding.

Such a fun and amazing views. The Kokanee salmon were beautiful as well!!

1 month ago

Easy 5 miler that is much more crowded in Autumn. Hiking this one on a Sunday afternoon during peak season for the Kokanee Salmon spawn, we were coming across other hikers on the single track trail every 1-2 minutes, and you have to step aside since the trail isn't wide enough for two people. This appears to be a bike-able single track, but please don't bike it in the fall - there just isn't enough time for people to move out of the way, and bikers aren't able to get out of the way themselves.

The trail is relatively easy. There is an incline at the beginning of both sides of the trail, with a higher section through open meadow at the top. If you hike a few times a year, you should be able to do it without any problems or any breaks. There were numerous children and older folks in poor health on the trail, so it should be accessible for anyone that can walk unassisted.

If you're here to see the Kokanee Salmon spawn, that is a yearly event during September. The times change. I've heard that it is typically in the second week of September. Of the three times I've been, I've seen single fish once, small groups of fish once (this time), and then the third time they were so thick that you couldn't help but step on them if you kayaked in. This visit seemed a bit late, as there were quit a few dead fish near where the stream emptied into the lake.

Rock fall had blocked access to the upper and middle emerald pools but this trail is still worth the time. Great photo opportunity on the bridge across the Virgin River. This is a popular trail and will be crowded but it is wide enough to accommodate

I love this trail, gorgeous in the fall. It's becoming too popular tho it was a bit crowded comparing 2 years ago. My only complaint would be kids trying to grab and disturb the salmon while they are trying to mate, lay there eggs and being tired from their long swim... please do not allow dogs in the water or letting the kids to play with the salmon. It is illegal to catch them. lets protect what's left.

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