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What a great hike! We did it with our 7 year old and two dogs. Our dogs are very experienced climbers and had a hard time on the way down. I would advise against bringing the pups, but they loved it.

Giving this a 5 star review was a great climb at the top. Really I dont think it's as bad as every one was making it out to be it was foggy and rained the night before so some rocks were slippery. honestly the part I thought was the worst was the loose rock about 50' from the top as opposed to the 50' climb right at the top. Drive was long and hard on the jeep but driving out to the north seemed to be a better alternative. 4wd not needed high clearance helps. I would not try in a car but some people do and make it.

Very fun. Go early to beat the crowds!

Amazing at the summit!!

Tough hike! Almost straight up, but worth it.
I would recommend going early if the temperature is going to be high! We started at 1 pm and it was around 28C!! So hot!
Beautiful views and rocky, narrow trail

I feel like I ought to give everyone some info if you’re planning on doing this hike. Plan for 12.2 miles, not 10.7... and a good 8-10 hour day. Park your car at the WAVE CAVE TRAILHEAD. Then drive over to this trailhead and start the hike. You end up coming down the carney springs road which exits the mountains at the wave cave parking lot. Hard trail to follow without this app, which was so helpful, by make sure you bring something to charge your phone a couple of times so that you can have juice the whole way. Bring more water than you think! Trekking across the superstitions for a good 8 miles after you summit the more difficult flat iron gives you a real fatigue in the leg muscles! Didn’t see one soul after flat iron... be careful!!! (Hiked October 2018)

climbing the chute is not for everyone. take gloves. go slow. 3 points of contact at the sketchy parts. at 2 spots I basically had to do a pullup and was thinking how the hell am I gonna get down! when you go under the tree at what you think is the top, make a hard left to proceed up the last part. I left a beer at the top in the container. perfect fit! someone else brought the container and notepad. dont drink it, it gets windy and needs the weight! share your photos!

Went on a solo hike and it was great. Perfect level of difficulty for me. Took me 2 hours but I stopped a lot to soak in the views. Be prepared for lots of steps, but it’s worth it! The trip down will take probably 1/4 as long as the trip up.

Well maintained trail with lots of great views of Saguaro Lake, as well as Four Peaks and even Flatiron in the distance.
Nice change from the typical Phoenix desert hike, and though the trail is fairly flat, there is just enough elevation change to keep things interesting and to improve the views.
I saw a couple of wild horses at the trailhead. Beside that I barely saw any trash on the trail. Someone must have come through and cleaned up after the party pig summer crew!

very pretty

Lots of steps :) Worth the trip.

11 days ago

This was a great easy hike. We went in October, after A LOT of rain and the stream was running loudly. It was a truly sensory experience, the air was cool and crisp, it smelled so good and sweet, the stream was rushing noisily. The ground was soft from recent rains, so the ground was soft, but it really wasn't slippery muddy. It's a great trail for exploring because you can venture somewhat here and there away from the trail. There is a lovely memorial to the three year old who was killed along with many members of her family in 2017 when a storm hit, causing a flash flood that swept away several members of a family. When we finished the downstream trail, we turned around and walked upstream-both ways were pretty awesome.

Waterfall looked nice. Not a ton of water but definitely enough to get wet!

We did not realize how long this hike was..... we went counter clockwise. It is a truly gorgeous hike. We saw hundreds of butterflies, 3 tarantulas, a snake, and tons of birds.

14 days ago

Very nice hike up and fun run down! It’s better to have a high clearance vehicle for the dirt road but there were sedans and compact cars at the trailhead too. I can imagine that it could be treacherous toward the top during inclement weather.
There was a spot near the top where a group of us were clambering up a steep area , it seemed like doing a hanging pull-up was the only way to do it. We tried to help a hiker make a scary jump down from there... only to realize that some other hikers had found a simple walk around that area.

Decent hike, not the best in the valley. Very popular mountain so if you don’t like crowds I’d stay away from this one.

Beautiful Sunrise if you get up there early.

Tapped out at the wall about 100’ from the summit and decided to live to tell the tale. Ah well, still an awesome hike and I’m sure that I’ll make it the next time.
Go slow and be safe...and yes, the dirt road is pretty bad. It’s a long drive from Mesa to Roosevelt Lake, but it’s worth it to drive less on the dirt road in my opinion.
I’ll be back!

Went there yesterday and the waterfall was flowing! It was so wonderful!

Beautiful! We brought our kids on it and they did great. Our youngest was 2 and he had no problem at all.

We did not do the Bull Head Ranch trailhead, but rather took the Bald Hill Road instead. This 1 mile long road ends at the trailhead, but I would caution that any vehicle without good suspension and/or clearance avoid driving this last mile. We were in a car, so we parked at the beginning of Bald Hill Road (also called FR 214A) and walked the mile to the trailhead

This trail is a killer. Especially getting down into the canyon, which I believe is called Copper Canyon. Very steep trail down with too few switchbacks and too many sandy spots to slip on.

Once you get to the bottom, seeing the trail is hit and miss since it's not maintained. But it's not possible to get lost since the canyon funnels you along the creek. If you are headed to the waterfalls (Maiden Falls and also Supai Falls), hike upstream.

The waterfalls are about 3 hours upstream, after rock scrambling, river wading, tree branch swatting, and inner tube floating. It is very slow going, so it's hard to gauge distances.

Do bring an inner tube in your backpack, so you can blow it up when you get to the impassable section (this section is maybe 100 feet of paddling). We sat on the inner tubes with our backpacks in our laps and paddled with our hands. Wasn't too bad, but the water is COLD!!

Also bring about 3 liters of water. And even then, I finished my water during the hike out of the canyon. And bring plenty of snacks, including electrolyte/salty snacks

You will get wet on this hike. Rock scrambling serves you to a point, but there will be times when you must wade in the water. Usually less than knee deep.

The most enjoyable way to do this hike in my opinion is to backpack partway into it and tent camp, and then finish the hike the next day. Otherwise you will be very sore for a couple days afterwards. There are a few "designated" campsites that others have used by the creek. I'd recommend using these so as not to create more vegetation disturbances/fire rings.

The bottom of the canyon and the creek are beautiful. Lots of trees, mostly shady, steep canyon walls, tons of butterflies, clear bubbling creek. But it takes quite a bit of effort to get down into it and is technical in rock scrambling for 3 hours before finally being rewarded with the waterfalls.

As long as you are prepared and know what to expect, you will have a great time! Not recommended for children or anyone with bad knees or poor stamina. Dogs would have a difficult time as well.

Depending on your fitness I would rate this between easy and moderate. A few areas maybe a bit challenging to those that may be out of shape or do not maneuver well over rocky terrain. The views of the Superstitions are surreal, coming from someone who has a view of them every day. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen as most of the hike is in the direct sunlight. Take your time and enjoy the scenery. You wont be disappointed.

I love this trail! It’s steep and tough, and there are several areas with steps/stairs. But, the payoff upon reaching the summit is so worth it! Great views! And, usually a nice breeze at the top. I love it because it’s an excellent cardio and leg workout, but it’s not too long so it’s definitely doable. I’ve always gone very early - no later than 5:45am. Amazingly, there are usually more people coming down at that time than there are going up! I’ve heard this is a super-popular night hike. And I believe it! Overall: Nice people; Excellent workout; Great views. Can’t wait to do it again!

I will say. Beware man cause there are dead ends everywhere. The trail is terribly marked and so easy to wonder off just a few feet and your toast. I’m no beginner and yes it was 4 am and pitch black but I was running circles for 2 hours till I found the correct siphon to climb to summit. Still a killer hike and reckon you plan to get lost a few times if your not familiar with trail.

23 days ago

Hiked this on 9/15 with my wife and almost 3 year old son and our large dog. Amazing family fun and easy to access even with a small child. Had him hold a hand at all times since the terrain is rocky and uneven. The stream was very calm when we went, but still plenty of opportunity to wade in the cool water. Not a long hike, but lots of up and down over the terrain so make sure to bring plenty of water if its hot. Great place to pack in lunch and just enjoy the moment. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the area. The Tonto Forrest is a special place and we will certainly be back to this cool little trail.

Great workout and fantastic views. I prefer this trail over Camelback.

27 days ago

Don’t know why this mileage is so far off.

Hard to find trailhead parking lot just outside the gated community of Eagles Nest. After a 1/2 mile walk through the gate to the trailhead, you begin the hike and still haven’t seen a sign that says Dixie Mine.

Trail is mostly dirt and easier than the jagged stone hikes on many of the Sonoran trails. While not a big total elevation change, the many up and down segments make it a more moderate hike. You eventually come to a sign that says Dixie Mine at the Sonoran Trail intersection.

After 2 miles on the scenic trail (2 1/2 in) you wonder, “Have I missed the mine?” You come to the remains of a dirt road and think the mine must be down this road.

After another 1/2 mile (now 3 miles from the parking area) we turned around thinking we’ve overshot the mine entrance based on the All Trails app mileage number and turned around.

Never saw the mine holes others talked about. Our hike totaled 6 miles. Enjoyed the scenery. Yup, there is no shade so bring plenty of water to last 2+ hours.

Great hike...the climb is not easy but it’s worth it...I stopped once for a snake :) and twice to catch my breath!!! Beautiful 360 degree view at the top!!!

Great workout. I prefer this to Camelback. The difference may be the 300' vertical elevation difference :-)

I like the views and people sharing the trail seem to be pretty friendly. Great fun for an after work hike.

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