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one of my favorite trails

We did the full 11 mike loop. Gorgeous and easy to follow the trail. So many mosquitos! TONS. I’ll be back when there are no mosquitos! Hike wasn’t too hard. We hiked it clockwise ...about 5.5hrs with breaks

First 2 miles is a steady climb and then it levels out at the top. Great hike with some nice views. We didn’t see any other hikers but had a group of bikers pass us a few times.

There is no marked trail below the canyon. Just climb between the rocks. A little dangerous but funny. When I went there, the fall is very small, but the pool under the fall is still very beautiful.

9 days ago

Hiked this yesterday around 7am before the heat. Starts with a few switchback to get you down to the riverbed. This is the driest I've seen this trail. There's water puddles here and there, with some trickling water. The lower water level does allow for easier climbing and route choice. Take your time on the final accent as you either go straight up the rock face or around the side. There's still plenty of stagnant water at the falls but no actual waterfall, which is a little disappointing, still a beautiful canyon though.

overall I'd give the challenge a 4-5 views and the adventure factor 8 was a fun trail. Check out the ostrich farm while down there.. who woulda thought that would be way out there.

Awesome trail. Came across a rattler between the parking lot and the trailhead, so keep your eyes peeled. The initial descent is gradual, when you get to the river bed it’s fairly easy going except a few spots require some climbing over rocks. We had our 7 yr old walking with us and 10 month old in our Deuter III. There were a few larger rocks in the river bed that provided adequate shade for breaks for snacks. Unfortunately, with the kids progress was slow, starting the hike at 7 am, we turned back around around 830 due to the heat. I’m not sure if we would have been able to make it much further with the child carrier on anyway. All in all, a great hike, I hope one of these days once it get cooler we’ll be able to finish without having to worry about the heat.

If you like hordes of people with kids and dogs running loose then this is your hike!

It was more than moderate.... I thought it was a tough hike.

25 days ago

Took my dog here and overall it was a nice hike with plenty to see, we got to about the 7 mike mark after Sycamore Falls and got lost. The trail was clearly marked and I think because of the excess of water (due to rain) we got turned around. Luckily the road was only about 2 miles from us so we found our way back

Great easy hike. I won’t be doing this trail again only because it was too easy for me and there wasn’t any running water at the time. Also heard it’s packed when the water really starts to flow. Other than that I’d recommend it to anyone who is just starting off hiking or wants to get in a little cardio on the way back up.

I really loved this trail. Great cardio and elevation gain at the beginning. Beautiful views at the top make for a perfect spot for a snack. While the ascent is exposed, the top is a nice flat stroll through shaded forest. The descent is exposed but a more gradual grade than the ascent. Overall a nice moderate hike that can be done in a morning. Fun to drive to Jerome afterwards for a well deserved cheeseburger and beer for lunch!

The drive up to Cibecue from Tucson is quiet a long drive. But these falls are more than worth it. You must purchase your tribal pass prior to going and the pass is per person. The fee is a little steep IMO. The trail is very easy to follow and offers multiple creek crossings to help cool you off if you are getting too hot. When you make it to the falls there are multiple areas for you to lay your stuff out and relax. But remember to pack out what you pack in.

Yikes, a lot more fun and challenging than we expected! This was difficult! The view, however was a lovely stretch of I-10... lots of awesome hiking for a less than stellar view

No water yet. We found tadpoles in some small puddles. Make sure you bring extra water. Very fun and easy hike. Can’t wait to go back! My 8 year old did great

Steep at times and the heat can make it that much more challenging. Bring plenty of water, take breaks, and be ready to be in the sun the entire time. Levels off after a while and the hike is easier. Headed towards the falls, but they had dried up. Some great views on the way back down.

Beautiful hike from start to finish. Although I was very disappointed in a few hikers before us who seem to have left their trash and clothing along the way. Just a reminder to always pick up what you bring in. Other than that, the sights were breathtaking. This has to be my favorite hike so far. (and yes, don't forget to buy your permit!)

Went about a month ago and the hike is easy and beautiful. Rangers definitely check for permits, so make sure you get yours online. Also, there is a dirt road that is pretty rough, make sure to bring a suitable vehicle. Well worth it!

Hiked Picacho yesterday, the trail is really bad. It got washed out by the rain we had last weekend. I have done this trail before and it was nice last time. They have a lot of work ahead of them to fix the trail. Boulders and rocks have fallen in the trail. Some of the steps have broke. If you go be very careful and take your time. I really love this trail, I hope to do it again when it gets back to how it was.

Just hiked this trail on the 24th . No running water, just some standing pools; despite that it was an absolutely beautiful hike. Watching the sunrise over the mountains as you're in the canyon makes getting up really early worth it!


Also received a 50 dollar ticket, the ranger says it is closed until further notice and he said they may never open it up again. DONT GO HERE!


Amazing trail and waterfall... but just posting that this trail is currently CLOSED due to fire restrictions. We were still able to purchase a permit at Sportsman's Warehouse in Phoenix, but the area IS closed and is being monitored by the White Mountain Apache Tribe (and they WERE ticketing - mostly hikers coming off the trail without permits, not so much those of us with permits as we had had difficulty finding this closure information anywhere). Below is the news page of the tribe, and a contact number to call and see if the trail is open. They said that this is the most reliable way to know when area is closed / reopened.



The views are beautiful!! However, just because dogs are allowed on the trail, I would not say it is a dog friendly trail. Our 80 pound dog who has hiked with us across the country, needed to be picked up and lowered back down to get over some of the boulders. Her paws became cut and deeply gouged by the riverbed rocks. We felt horrible after bringing her there because she couldn't walk. You may lose cell service just prior to the turn off, leaving GPS useless. The brown wooden sign with yellow lettering is not easily seen from the main roadway, which left us driving past it. Just know, that when you get to the bottom of the Salt River Canyon, you need to turn into what appears to be a parking lot, but is actually the correct road. It is a poorly maintained dirt road down to the trail. A vehicle with some ground clearance may be your best bet. The trail itself is not well marked. It crosses in and out of the river. With all of that said, it is still an absolutely beautiful, remote, hike, and the waterfall at the end is breathtaking!

The site is.


Got the permits online, only had to show the tenant the email/receipt on my phone.

Great hike even in the heat. The afternoon sun shades the canyon.

If you need a permit, call ‭(928) 338-4385‬. If you’re located in Phoenix, Sportsman’s Warehouse sells the permit, (480) 558-1111‬

Challenging and beautiful!!

Drove all the way up and the pay station in the parking area is non existent. The online link is broke. How do you get a permit to be allowed to view and hike in nature! Pretty irritated

The website for permits is expired. Does anyone know where to get a permit?

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