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22 hours ago

pretty intimidating incline off the bat. google says to make a right. don't make a right and park on dirt on left. there is a wood that says Dalton and Poop out. if u go to the tipy top u get a 360 view. kicks ur butt.

1 day ago

Starts off very steep then it's all downhill on the way back on Mystic trail. Poop out trail lives up to its name, as you will be pooped out. It will give you the workout you need for lower body and legs strength. It will also help develop endurance uphill. When you reach the top, it's all worth the amazing views.

rock climbing
2 days ago

Nice paved trail until you make it to the waterfall look out. If you have children take them down the rock path to the stream and then climb up to the waterfall. Wear shoes with traction! Rocks are loose. There is a narrow path off of the paved trail to get to the falls but it’s unsafe for children or maybe even pets. Went last weekend and it was a beautiful, crisp day.

What a beautiful hike. There is nothing like getting up to the top and seeing clouds everywhere. It gets pretty crowded at the top so hike early!

What a beautiful hike. There is nothing like getting up to the top and seeing clouds everywhere. It gets pretty crowded at the top so hike early!

3 days ago

very good exercise trail.

4 days ago

Poop Out to Punk Out and down to Mystic. Wow. This is my favorite hike to get a 2hr workout. You get 1500ft elevation gain in the first 1 1/2 miles so expect to get worked. Once you get to the top it's a long 3 1/4 miles trekking downhill. I'm thinking of starting at Mystic then to Punk Out and that will give me a longer time climbing up. Check out Potato Mtn for a nice 4.2 mi 1100 elevation gain 80min workout.

nature trips
4 days ago

I’ve easy trail and enjoyed the interpretive aspect.

Super easy stroll. We did it as a night hike with headlamps and flashlights. Added to the adventure.

Great little loop trail.

6 days ago

The trail humorously lives up to its name. For all that work it's not as gorgeous as I'd hoped, but I was looking for more of a work out and didn't care too much about the vistas, which were still solid in the big scheme of things.

Dogs only allowed on 100-yard trail. The signage for the other trails are marked no dogs.

What a poor decision by the organization managing this resource.

The people who follow the rules will leave. The people who don't follow the rules will take their dogs anyway, and leave their dog crap everywhere.

This area seems like a "checkbox" item that someone used to fulfill a political requirement. It's not designed for the real world.

Awesome views of Downtown LA & the SGV!

18 days ago

Free climbed the 3rd tier. Super fun trail and not difficult at all considering half the trail is paved.

Definitely one of my favorites so far though not sure how often I would come since the drive in (coming from south east) is somewhat lengthy and windy. The trail is mostly easy to follow with the exception near Tri Peaks. You can never have enough sunscreen or water for this hike! Bring a hat.

Off of the Mishe Mokwa trail there is Balanced Rock trail (~ 0.8 miles in and out per map) - this is an unofficial, unkept trail and by no means would I recommend it to someone without a map because it has several false trails. However, the balanced rock is stunning up close and provides great shade for a break! Total hike, 7.6 miles, took me close to ~ 5 hours. Moderate difficulty best describes it. The views make it worth it.

Nice hike! It had nice views, and you felt like you were getting a good workout as well! Recommend!

Great trail. Very clean and wide.
We encountered a baby rattle snake, so be careful. Be aware of your surroundings. It’s all part of the hike/walk.

Nice trail not to hard good work out

I started from Colby, then went to the helipad and made my way along. What I like about this trail is that you can take the fire road, or a light trial to the sides. You can also head north on many of the ridges and explore some of them, getting a good view of the canyon.

At the end you are met with “attack dog” signs, so I doubled back. But as I didn’t have enough food, water or time to go all the way back, I decided to forge my own path down. Not Garcia, but a ridge more west. I ended up in a fancy community, and got a few concerned looks from locals as I wandered out of the water channels.

Fun trip though, easily recommend.

The elevation climb on the way back from the cross is the most work you’ll do on this hike. Don’t think children under 5 years old would like this fire road trail? Not much to explore and a bit more work in my opinion for the lil ones in terms of an “easy” hike. Wondering if people follow the Garcia trail down to the a? Since the fire??? Please comment if so.. nice cardio walk..
(Hike is about 8 miles round trip)

trail running
26 days ago

Ran it today around 4 pm. Temp. was about 85 but with no humidity to speak of it was pleasant enough. Also, with the sun being rather low there was shade from time to time. FYI, if you do it clockwise, the first 2.5 miles or so is a steady climb.

I got a late start and didn’t get to finish my hike today, I will be returning however I plan to wait until it’s an overcast day as there is no shade on this trail. Trail was extremely clean ❤️

rock climbing
29 days ago

Falls might b year round here. 10/18 still a nice flow. Fire road all up until falls area. Trail remains fairly easy. Id recommend this hike to everyone of all levels of hiking. Can’t wait to bring my little ones here. Rock climbed up to top of falls... was too much fun but a bit challenging (advanced hikers only please) may be tricky for some...
Very easy to find parking
Seen signs of car break ins but not today. (FYI)
Rr @ trail head
Lots of places to camp.

A nice hike. Great location good for photos

Great quick hike with my dog , beautiful scenery and low temperatures... bring sweater and water...

1 month ago

First .7 of a mile is steep steady incline. You’ll reach a flag once your there. The push to punk out is also steep and steady incline. There is a flat break between the two challenges... the hardest trek is the first 1.5-2 miles from then on is quite peaceful. great place to work on incline for more intense hikes like iron mountain by bridge to no where... I’m here every morning... love this challenge. No matter how many times I do it I still have a great work out from this challenge.
P.s. there’s a cool flat cement stand big enough to workout on/ or hang with a group.. it’s after passing the flag walking towards punk out sign.. it’s will be on the right hand side right as the mountain dips before ascending again.

It was beautiful when I was there and I was so lucky to have such a wonderful friend

This place has marked my first trail I found and used using AllTrails. It has so much history around it and the memories I made hiking around this area will stick with me forever. Me and a friend came here at such a perfect moment where it was chilly but not too unbearable to climb around the beautiful scenery. If you plan on coming here when it's cold, would highly recommend what I did and bring a thermo of hot tea or coco. <3

Nice trail! Relatively quiet, but that probably has to do with off peak season. Easy trail with some ups and downs and nice views. The fir and pine trees also smell also smell amazing.

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