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BEAUTIFUL place!!! Just a little tough but well worth it. Bring plenty of water!! There are plenty of places to rest and really beautiful over looks. There is also the remains of a plane crash about a half mile from mcdill point on the pinhoti side.

A steep climb, but not that difficult. My wife did it while 5 months pregnant. Cheaha lake is a nice place during the summer with plenty of family fun in the warmer months. Everything you need there with a camp ground right across the road.

BEAUTIFUL place!!! Just a little tough but well worth it. Bring plenty of water!! There are plenty of places to rest and really beautiful over looks. There is also the remains of a plane crash about a half mile from mcdill point.

Breathtaking in more ways then one. The lake at the start is a little scummy with alot of turtles and there are fish there so I am told. As usual, watch for snakes! The sights on the trail are beautiful. The trail veers back and forth away from the creek all along the way. There are 2 major waterfalls along this trail. The first, which is about a half mile in, is The devil's den. About a 20ft fall with a large pool below. The water is cold, but the thrill is there. A great place to relax in the water on the rocks above and catch some rays. Hike about another 2 1/2 miles further and you'll find the Cheaha shelter complete with fire pit, picnic table and an awesome view. Hiking just a little bit further down the hill from there and you find Cheaha falls. A 25-30ft drop that I wouldn't recommend jumping from unless you've got a harness and rope. Some very nice and level spots to camp next to the stream near by also.

Pleasant walk to the overlook. Not much to see until that point. The view from bald rock is amazing. You can see everything from Oxford to Talladega. If you like rappelling or rock climbing then this a great spot for this. I'm not sure if they let people rappel there anymore though. There is also a modestly steep trail leading down to Cheaha lake. My wife was 5 months pregnant and had very little problem coming down or going back up. The Hawks riding air streams come very close to the main rocks if there aren't alot of people. Picture perfect.

BEAUTIFUL place!!! Just a little tough but well worth it. Bring plenty of water!! There are plenty of places to rest and really beautiful over looks. There is also the remains of a plane crash about a half mile from mcdill point on the pinhoti side.

I hiked this trail early last summer and It was beautiful...Cheaha Falls and Devil’s Den were full of water. I attempted to go back from Chinnabee Lake this January 2019 and the access point from the lake was closed. However, you can access It from the Turnipseed trailhead just a short distance away. You can get a paper map of all the Cheaha Wilderness trails from Cheaha State Park in the Park office/store. You don’t have to pay entrance fee to stop by there.

Great views; beautiful hike!

Always enjoy this one. Gravel trail the whole way up. Beautiful views from the top. Hammock and swings to relax on and enjoy the mountains! Don’t forget to stop over at the old mill before hopping back in the car. Took our pup and she really enjoyed it ! 4 stars bc of gravel. Wish they would have left it dirt.

on Turkey Hill Trail

9 days ago

The park calls this the Wild Turkey Trail as an FYI. Beautiful park and and trail well marked

So after reading all of the mixed reviews on the length of the trail, I was determined to track it. My fiancé and I both used our Fitbit verse and Fitbit iconic and logged the hike. From the absolute beginning arch, the trail is 7.89 miles. We started around 12:30 and got back about 4:00. Some parts of the trail are ruined from falling trees from the rain we’ve had for several days but, after walking through thick leaves and branches, it’s pretty easy to find the trail again, we even had a couple help us find it because they came from the opposite direction of us. The trail is a little strenuous at some points for dogs and humans but it’s only a short stretch. Otherwise, the views were absolutely phenomenal.

I went for a great walk/hike on 12/31/18. I enjoyed the scenery. It was peaceful and quiet. The only thing that I didn't really like was the limited paved paths. It just randomly stops. I went up and down different paths not knowing where I was gonna end up at. I eventually ended up off the paths and out in the woods somewhere. I found the creek and just followed it until I recognized the area I was in.
Overall it was a very nice peaceful walk and I would go back again.

My wife and I hiked the entire loop and it took us about 4.5 hours including stopping to take in the views at the various overlooks and filling up our water at some of the various streams and waterfalls. The trail is longer than the 6.7 miles listed on here and we ended up hiking into the late evening. Had to pull out our headlamps because of the darkness but even with that the trail was still mostly visible and the blue markings on the trees were easy to find. The cave creek part of the trail is very easy and the path is clearly visible. The Pinhoti side of the trail is where the trail gets more challenging, especially for new hikers. There are a few rock formations/boulders to go over and hiking shoes are recommended for sure footing. Previous reviewer mentioned doing it in minimalist shoes, I wouldn't recommend this unless you are an experienced hiker. A small day pack with water and snacks is also advisable, there are some great areas to stop and take in the views and enjoy some trail mix. There was a portion of the trail with several downed trees that has not been cleared yet, it did completely block the trail and couldn't go over or under the trees but hiking up the mountain a little to clear the trees and back down to the trail wasn't too hard. Overall, it's a very fun trail and beautiful views. Just make sure you're prepared for it.

As usual the Alltrails app took me right to the trailhead. The parking lot was paved and just off the road. This trail was will maintained. No drastic elevation changes so the "moderate rating" rings true. There are several overlooks and a few small waterfalls. One thing I did not know before setting out, is about the plane that crashed at McDill's overlook years ago. The wreckage is strewn throughout a small area just past the "McDill Overlook" sign. I did notice several good camping sites. Overall a great hike.

Great trail and very much a surprise as there isn’t a lot of wilderness around here. Measured out a little longer than advertised but we found the trail quite easy on the cave creek side and moderately difficult on the pinhoti side so all in all a pretty easy day hike.

A couple of reviewers voiced concern about the trail markers but the pinhoti side is marked pretty well and the cave creek side is a very clear trail regardless of markings. The only spot needing some care is the rock field near the junction of the trails. You can always spot the next marker but you have to look for it a bit. If you are the person who second guesses yourself without trail markings, just download the all trails map. It is spot on the entire way (except for the total mileage).


Disappointed - Talladega National Forrest entrance gate was locked and had a sign posted that read - Closed for Winter until March 01, 2019. Trailhead is roughly a mile from this gate, but there were lots of hunters with guns out in the area, so probably not safe to hike anyway.

nice little trails, overlook of river and campground beside river

Outstanding hike on a cool November day! It took us three and a half hours to make the loop. Very fun hike with great views!

Really easy, well marked trail. The views were phenomenal. Well worth the time spent. Make sure you bring $5 for a day pass.

Camping spots are never full. Great river side spots with firepit.

2 months ago

Beautiful Fall foliage!

Ran this for the first time yesterday, headed clockwise. The trails themselves weren't too strenuous, but are quite technical with various rocks and roots along a majority of this section. I wore minimalist shoes and made it through, but thicker soles are almost obligatory.

I downloaded the map after reading some reviews, but it wasn't really necessary. Cave creek was very easy to follow. The trail does disappear for a bit in a gnarly boulder garden where it meets up with Pinhoti, but there are blue blazes to find if you keep your head on a swivel.

Overall, very nice, technical trail with some decent climbs.

It has some very beautiful overlooks.
The only complaint is the trail needs to be a little more well managed

Wear boots wonderful trail well blazed but not marked very well. The trail starts behind the restrooms.

The trail has several overlooks that make this hike worth the effort. We went to McDill overlook and saw the plane wreckage along the way. We did have a couple of places along the trail that was not marked that well. When the trail went from being easily identified to crossing rocks it was rather difficult to follow. If it was marked closer at a couple of places I would have given it 5 but it is a great hike.

nice walking trails. pretty scenery and vegetation. No big view from the top, but it is relatively secluded. you could spend an hour or several hours here.


easy, nice hike. the views at the top are worth it. we went with little kids and they did ok. give yourself extra time to hang out at the house of dreams at the end. I would not use a stroller. too much gravel and you would be pushing forever. we used a child carrying backpack and it worked great. took us one hour to get down walking at a normal brisk pace. took maybe 1.5 hours to get up.

2 months ago

I day-hiked this trail today (10/25/18) and really enjoyed it. It has some great scenery and the water supply is abundant. It’s a shame that some folks litter and don’t exercise any respect for the outdoors & nature. I will say that the majority of the litter was around “the swimming hole”. I do plan to return and hike this trail again and also do some camping.

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