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Similar approach as many NW hikes- many switchbacks then alpine lake at the end. We did the loop through the lovely meadow and through Taylor Creek camp. Very glad we arrived in the afternoon - this was the worst crowd at a trail that I have seen since those inside Zion National Park.

1 day ago

Did this hike in the winter months with some snowshoes and was amazed by the stunning scenery. One of my favorite hikes of all time.

1 day ago

Beautiful place , easy for beginners !

We completed Nitnaht narrows North to Bamfield which is considered the easiest half of this challenging trail. Beautiful views and challenging ladders. Great campsites with plentiful fresh water.


3 days ago

Incredible hike, we stayed at Garabaldi lake campground so we hiked the nine kilometres prior to the ridge hike. The ridge hike itself from the campground was 7km one way and it was rewarded with incredible views. the majority of the hike is pretty straight forward but the last part of the hike is a steep scramble. 100% worth it !!

5 days ago

I went for sunset and it was amazing. It took 3:25 from the rubble creek parking lot.
My only problem was that my bug spray only worked for the mosquitoes and not for the massive biting flies that were everywhere.

6 days ago

This hike was just incredible. Very steep but so worth it! If you manage to make it to the 2nd lake, push on for the waterfall and 3rd lake. There's quite a bit of scrambling to get to it but it was worth the effort. My husband and I took our 6 yr old and 4yr old twins and they made it the whole way, without being carried at all. It's such a fun and engaging hike! Due to scheduling constraints, we were forced to go on a Saturday and we weren't able to get there until 10 and the parking lots were already full. The trail was very crowded. It took us about 6 hours start to finish with 3 kiddos in tow. We were so glad we made the 2.5 hr drive from Vancouver-- which was a stunning drive btw.

6 days ago

Did this last Sunday, absolutely amazing hike. If you want to avoid the crowds and get a parking spot, get there EARLY. We got to the trailhead 6:30 am on a Saturday and the parking lot was almost full. If you go later than 8 am you will have to park down the road.

The hike is not difficult - lots of switchbacks but the views at the top are worthy. Make sure you stop by the Barrier viewpoint (5 km in you will see a sign). We started to come down the trail at about 11:30 am and found maybe 500 people going up.

I would do it again.

7 days ago

The trail up to panorama ridge only has 2 small snow patches which can be traversed through in hiking shoes. There are also 2 small muddy patches along the way. No special equipment needed to get to summit.

Hiking sticks will help with stability as the final couple of hundred of meters are a little steeper. Went through taylor meadows to the ridge from rubble creek parking lot.

It was a long hike!! I would do it again.

8 days ago

Beautiful views and an easy hike!

really nice trail. just deal with the switch backs and enjoy the incredible view

9 days ago

Gorgeous views, fun hike with a little bit of everything. Definitely worth the drive out but try and go during the week as it will be less busy than the weekend. Be sure to make the trek to all three lakes, the last lake has a cool rock field to hike over which is different than what you get at the second.

9 days ago

Great views! But not an easy hike, even for those in good shape. I would not call it Moderate. We were well prepared with water and food, but wish we had even more water. It made for a long, tiring, but rewarding day.

Definitely be prepared for crowds. We arrived at 10:30am on a Saturday in early August, drove up from Whistler. Main parking lot was full, second parking area appeared to have space but by the time we got near the end, the car in front of us alerted us that it was full and there was no place to turn around. We had to reverse the car up a long narrow road to get out. Ended up parking about 1/2 mike away on the side of the road.

My parents (60 years old) opted to turn around about half way. They called it “Disney World” because of the terrible crowds.

I would do it again, but next time I’ll arrive at 6am to avoid the crowds. We also wished we had brought bathing suit and towel so that we could’ve gone in the water. Also bug spray.

9 days ago

low elevation easy trail. but a great summer trail with the river to cool off in.
the falls have a pool below it if you feel courageous enough to jump in.

Did this yesterday. Gorgeous day, overcast and bright but not too hot. Did the trail to Taylor Meadows then the lake and Barrier Lookout and back to parking lot.
23km approx 900m elevation. Took 6 hours with a 40 min rest at the lake.

Trail is very well maintained, lots of markers. Got busier after 10am. Lots of bathrooms

The first 6 km we’re pretty boring switchbacks. The Meadows were beautiful but just about finished blooming.

10 days ago

done this trail 1/2 dozen times. pays to be in shape. it's a slog of not. the elevation gain is pretty steady after Alder Flats. make it an overnight at the top because you simply cant beat the views. I've done it I as fast as 8 hours return and as a two night trip. would recommend this to anyone wanting a challenge. love this park!

11 days ago

Beautiful hike with big payoff at upper Joffre Lake. I would recommend getting there early as parking can get tough, trail gets more crowded, and you can avoid the instagram queens posing everywhere.

12 days ago

outstanding trail and well worth the uphill climb to paradise. make it a destination.

12 days ago

Amazing trail! An unforgettable experience.

An absolut must if you are in the area. You can just camp in the lake to make it easier and take a couple of miles out of your trail.

Really nice hike, a bit packed but well prepared and the lake is just incredible, and the camp ground is really nice too

13 days ago

One of the most beautiful place to hike up to!
Do not miss the third lake and the waterfalls

Did it june 28-july 3. Absolutely amazing trail and experience. south to north is the way to go for sure. absolute essentials to never forget for this trail would be hiking poles, well worn in WATERPROOF boots, and gaiters.

Both parking lots were full by 12pm on a Wednesday.

One day hike, very hard but the view is worth of the pain

19 days ago

Most gorgeous views. Reminds me of Lake Louise and Moraine lakes in Alberta. The only downside is how busy the hike is - but who could blame all these people wanting to see this amazing beauty!

The most beautiful hike I have done so far. The ma provided here is not accurate today since the Taylor Bridge is closed for maintenance - you have to turn left and go through Taylor Meadows campground instead - it does not add much more distance or time needed though. If you are ok with adding extra 2.2km don`t turn right when at Taylor Meadows campground but go forward instead towards Black Tusk junction and turn right around 2 km later (there will be a sign to the Garibaldi Lake). Taylor Meadows trail is as beautiful as the lake itself. Take bug spray with you as well - you may need it although it`s not that bad. The trail is perfectly maintained with no dangerous sections. No snow at all. Highly recommended!!!

The first 4-6km of the hike are the hardest (steepest and many switch backs). But once you are out of the forest, and reach Taylor Meadows, it becomes flatter the rest of the way and the scenic views are unreal from there and only get better. We hiked from Rubble Creek parking lot (started at 8am) all the way over the mountain ridge to the top of Panorama Ridge where you get a stunning 360 degrees view of all: Black Tusk and the mountains and Garibaldi lake. If you want to hike the Black Tusk as well, I would suggest camping and saving it for another day as we didn’t have time to do both. But the entire way up to Panorama Ridge, you are able to see the Black Tusk and it’s stunning from afar so I would personally choose the Panorama Ridge over Tusk if you attempting this hike in a day. We stopped (many times) once for lunch at the top and other times to take pictures and arrived back at the parking lot at 5:30pm. Try and do this on a sunny day, otherwise clouds or fog can restrict you from seeing anything, which it did to us the first time we did this hike and we couldn’t see a thing. Did the whole thing in 9.5 hours.

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