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9 days ago

We did this as a clockwise bike going to Camp Alava and beach hike to Sand Point on first day. Our route was determined to coincide with low tide and desire to camp at Sand Point. Not many folks at all but it was also pretty rainy weather.

Petroglyphs were amazing. Also saw a large female sea lion on the beach and very large male on the rocks about 100 yards from us. A black bear was roaming the beach at Sand Point.

We left Camp Alava about two hours after high tide and encountered several large trees to navigate under, over or around. Another hour and we could have just walked around them. It took about three hours for us to go from Camp Alava to Sand Point including some time at Wedding Rock to search for the petroglyphs.

Water was readily available at Sand Creek and although it definitely had color to it after filtering, it actually was very acceptable for drinking even without adding anything to it.

This was a beautiful hike in a remote area and we will definitely go back. As a side note, we found a lot of trash at several of the campsites at Sand Point. It was very disappointing to see the lack of respect some campers have for such a beautiful area. It was also a real eye-opener to see the large trash items washed up from the ocean -- mostly plastic, but also tires and even a row boat.

My husband, dog and I went on my birthday. It’s nice and all but we didn’t even make it all the way up. I wish we had. The hike itself was just so boring, uneventful, and exhausting. We passed two groups on our way back down, both of which seemed quite over it as well. We are not huge hikers and we just moved up here from Florida so take this review with a grain of salt. It was interesting and I liked it because it was a new experience but not because it was some amazing hike.

lots of downed trees, rocky scrambly patches, not great views but good exercise. ok hike

11 days ago

Everyone is pretty spot on with the review. The hike isn't much up, but the view is stunning at the top. Which you could drive too, but we needed the walk.
You can follow our camping adventures here if you're interested;

13 days ago

A magnificent place. So much beautiful nature to appreciate. The views change and astound all the time. The tides, fog, sun make a lot of difference. The boardwalk and the rocks on the beach can get slippery. A lot of driftwood on the beach. A truly amazing experience. Wooden walkways leading to the beach. On the beach between Sand Point and Cape Alava, at low tide, you can walk on rocks, seaweed and sand. The landscape and visibility change dramatically between high and low tide, and between a sunny and a foggy, cloudy or rainy day, which is very interesting to observe. There is an abandoned Makah - Ozette Ranger Station just north of Cape Alava which looks like it should be taken away, as it is quite an eyesore, but the nature and views on this trail are breathtaking. A great place to take in many great views of the seastacks and the picturesque Tskawahyah Island, and enjoy a lovely sunset sitting on a log on the beach.

Great hike, rocky in areas but in all well worth the climb! This is not an easy hike but it is doable! Put your head down look up now and then and you will soon find the summit of CB!

18 days ago

Visited 9/2/18. Confusing turn on 2270 somewhere between 10-11 miles or so. Take left over bridge. Do not take straight/slight right into 2270-300.

Scree starts the hike for 150 ft or so. Enter ONP about half mile after trailhead. Old growth, waterfalls, perhaps not exactly “easy.” A solid Olympic National Park hike.

A perfect way to spend your morning thinking about the things that matter to you. The path down to the beach is well maintained and mostly level without many obstacles or steep grades.

I was lucky enough to enjoy the walk without the fog that moved with the tide on this day. The visibility was roughly 40' when I arrived but quickly improved as the morning progressed.

This is an easy hike for all ages.

Great trail for Mt. Biking. Depending on which way you go around the loop you could end up biking uphill most of the way. My 8 year old boy did the whole loop and loved it.

I agree with the other reviews. More of hard uneventful hike. The view up top at the platform is pretty nice but the hike itself is pretty average. The river walk at the bottom is beautiful and short though. Add that in. Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists.

27 days ago

Hiked today (July 24, 2018). Little longer than advertised-from parking to bridge and back was 5.8 miles with about 2100 feet of total elevation gain. 1st two miles are up and last mile is down. Really a nice hike. Lots of big trees and shade. Well maintained trail. Parking lot was full early in the morning so lots of parking was done along the road. Watch what you park under-just as we came out a large branch from a snag dropped on a car. 3 hours round trip for us. Very enjoyable all the way. Pony bridge is a nice stopping point-but it’s the hike in its totality that I found enjoyable.
Don’t let the elevation gain scare. It steady and gradual-never any switchbacks.

Never got to the waterfalls as the trail disintegrated.

Wonderful trail! Hiked in July, small parking area, but beautiful scenery.

Hiked 08/20/18. This is a nice moderate hike to a gorge on the Quinalt River.

Loved hiking this trail with my rock scrambling mountain goat of a dog even though wildfire smoke disrupted the views. The trail is washed out in parts but with some looking ahead or looking for rock clusters/cairns left by others, you’ll quickly find your way.

I only saw one other group of hikers out there all day.

The trail is very rocky - I was thankful for thick socks and my sturdiest boots, but even so my toes are sore.

The last stretch is very steep and some scrambling, but very rewarding.

Took me about 3 hours to get to the peak because of the elevation (and lots of stopping for photos/snacks/to take it all in).

Nearby dispersed camping at Campbell Tree Grove was ultra convenient.

Hot and Smokey.........Canadian forest fires ruined my pictures............Steep overgrown 8.2 miles.......of fun and rewarding trail.

What a great boardwalk trail through the forest! We hiked the loop trail counter clockwise that way most of the elevation was at the beginning. I say elevation, it’s hardly anything, but when hiking with kids, all these things must be accounted for. It’s good to have the AllTrails app on for gps for sure once you get to the beach part of the trail. The only bit that was a little confusing for others hiking around us were the bullseyes marking shoot off trails off the beach. Those trails led hikers around beach rocky areas that may be under water. After talking with a few other hikers, as long as the tide is out, it’s way better to just walk the beach. The only problem is hiking on the sand and rocks can get a bit tricky and the seaweed is seriously smelly! The fog was very thick when we hiked today. I was told by Friday that will have lifted.

The view is worth it! The trail is overgrown in many areas and a few downed trees to navigate but completely worth the view!

Good trail gets progressively steeper as you go. a few nice views along the way but probably the best 4500 foot viewpoint in the state on top. may be best selection of berries too. a definite "must do" in spite of its low elevation.

Great trail! The only downfall is it having potholes. And, don't bring your 55 yr. old dad.

We did the triangle over two days and one night spent at Sandy Point. We hiked to the point in the afternoon (a quick easy hike in) and set up camp.the area is beautiful and it’s hard to beat the tide pooling! The hike out the next day was beautiful! Be careful of the tides!

Beautiful hike. Parking area is very small for the amount of cars that go back there. Lots of backpackers. Get there early!

Great walk! A few more people than I expected, but great to see folks enjoying this wonderful stretch of land and sea. Take a meal and take your time.

Amazingly rewarding yet ass-kicking hike to the peak but so beautiful when you wake up and hike up to the peak to catch the sunrise in the morning! lots of over growth in some areas and walked passed a bee hive just be careful going up moonshine flats

Great short distance yet moderately challenging hike. :)

2 months ago

First things first, this is a 17 mile in and out hike, not 13. Multiple gps devices confirm this to be true. There is a shorter trail called Pete’s Creek Trail that will get you to the summit in half the time & effort. You do not need a pass for this hike.

This is a steep trail. I would classify it as hard, not moderate. It starts in a lush rainforest thicket with copious amounts of shade, moss and the occasional massive tree. The trail increasingly becomes rough around the edges. This means: fallen trees, rocky & loose gravel and occasionally overgrown with berry bushes, ferns & other plants. You descend to a dry creek bed and then scale the side of a mountain only to descend the other side into into a lovely meadow full of wildflowers.

After the meadow you begin your ascent to the summit. This is steep, often rocky and includes a stream with some campsites.

The summit is stellar. 360 view that includes Quinault Lake, Mt. Rainier, & Mt. Olympus.

The descent is a bit hard on the knees & feet.

My girlfriend and I loved this. We did it in conjunction with Mckenny Trail and had a great 9 mile hike. I would say moderate/easy difficulty as there are not many sustained climbs. We did run into a couple folks on horseback and several bikers. There is some horse manure but it was not enough to warrant any frustrations for us. If I could do this trail again it would be on a mountain bike. Would have been great to ride in my opinion.

Amazing views!!! Stayed the night in the meadows right next to a water source. If you plan on overnighting, there is a camp spot around 1.5 miles with a water source, we wished we would of camped here so that we dropped our packs before the real steep climb. Just wanted to add that in case anyone was looking! Overall an awesome, yet difficult hike. Make sure you cross the street to start the hike, there is a set of stairs that looks like the trail by the parking lot and it is not apart of this trail.

Perfect day to be on a mountain. This trail is overgrown in parts, but it’s still easy to follow. Wildflowers are really blooming right now, as well as salmon berry and huckleberry. Easily the best smelling trail I’ve been on! Mainly in Forrest most of the way with some spots you break out into beautiful meadows with steep slopes all around you. Moonshine Flats is a great spot to camp if that’s your plan. The first glimpse of the view you are in store for is when you hit the last big switchback getting to the summit ridge. Once you hit the summit, enjoy the incredible 360 views, along with lunch. I think this is more around 8 miles round trip however. But a beautiful hike. Highly recommend.

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