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if you're like me-- born and raised in the NJ watershed and New Orleans (6 feet BELOW sealevel)-- this is some serious elevation, as is all of Mammoth Mountain-- take. your. time. this is an easy trail, but it is not easy for those of us who are used to being at or below sea level. it will be frustrating to pace yourself, especially if you're athletic with hiking experience, but the top of the glacier-polished postpile is breathtaking-- I wish the photos I took could do it justice. for sea-levelers, I recommend walking to Rainbow Falls first, taking a 15 minute break, then moving toward the top of the postpile. The glacier-striated hexagonal columnar basalt up there looks like a damn-near perfect tile patio job. try to be on top of the postpile around golden hour-- real treat.

7 days ago

Simple trail to an underwhelming set of falls. Very pleasant out and back and certainly not crowded even given its proximity to Devil's Postpile.

8 days ago

Hiked in here with a few guys, all in our mid 40s and of various fitness levels. It's a relatively easy hike but a bit long with some elevation change. Best to pace yourself. There are a few campsites to chose from, all with good access to water. There was a fair amount of fuel at the time for healthy campfires. Not the most scenic place once you arrive but a nice quiet place to camp.

Very nice mostly easy terrain until you get to the boulders. For me it was harder going up then coming down but totally worth it even without the waterfall. I’d advise wearing pants or longer shorts as I had to be in some awkward positions to climb the rocks and get back down. No woman wants scraped up legs. I enjoyed that it wasn’t full on sun. There was plenty of shade to enjoy on a hot day. Although I did see dogs at the bath I wouldn’t recommend bringing them up there. Also bring a backpack keep your hands free as you will need them both to get up to the bath.

Pretty easy hike. Went September 8 and it was 90 degrees. Most of the hike is in the open so it gets pretty hot. Unfortunately the falls are dry this time of the year so that is why I only gave it two stars. I will come back in the spring to hike again and I expect to change the rating. The lake is an amazing color and beautiful to look at though. And who doesn’t like a dam?

Very nice trail . We didn’t have any trouble finding
The trails , not much water but it’s a beautiful place

Perfect trail for the littles (ours are 3 and 5). There were some pretty flowers along the walk, and we saw a ton of quail, squirrels, cotton tails, blue jays, and hawks. Bonus: there’s a bathroom at the trailhead. We’d definitely come back!

I got an early start on Labor Day weekend. Since this is a less visited part of the park, I had no trouble at the gate or with parking and I had the trail mostly to myself til halfway through my way back in the afternoon. Very peaceful.

The views of the lake and cliffs are amazing. There are several waterfalls but this late in the year I didn’t expect much of a flow, so I wasn’t disappointed.

The trail itself is moderately strenuous. It is well groomed and free of loose stones for the most part. The steeper grades have steps and the areas that would get wet from the waterfalls earlier in the year are cobbled for better footing. A lot of the trail is exposed and hot, the wooded areas are a great relief but in the morning the mosquitoes were thick! I highly recommend sun block and bug spray.

Though the trail is moderately strenuous, the return trip was difficult. I was tired from the hike out, the sun got hotter, and it seemed like there were just as many inclines as there were descents. Meaning, there was a lot of uphill climbing on the way back.

The trail is dusty from all the crushed granite and I went through more water than I thought I would. Halfway through my return I nearly ran out of water and had to ration. Bring more water than you think you’ll need.

Overall, an excellent experience! Check out my pics.

Great little trail, kid friendly and some really nice views. $5.00 for parking. restrooms at the beginning and the covered bridge. family fun and if you want to fish, plenty trails down to the river.

18 days ago

no waterfall, was completely dried up at the fall. All the cigarette butts and graffiti on the rocks ruined it for me. Felt more like i was hiking in a canyon in the city or something. Dont waste your time going here. Maybe in spring but even if there was water i wouldn't go.

really chill trail for anyone

Nice easy trail and my dogs loved it. Didn't see much wildlife but enjoyed the quiet. It's a great area to walk the dogs if you need a change of scenery.

on Devils Postpile Loop

27 days ago

Great views and easy for beginners.

27 days ago

Great swimming hole !!

Pretty hike but lots of mosquitos, my sister and I got eaten alive towards the end of the hike.

Parts of the trails were misleading. But overall it has beautiful scenery with some wildlife added to the trip. The hike is for sure over 6.7 miles. Also you need to be aware of some rock climbing involved. Overall I would recommend nice trail.

Cool little loop to see this amazing monument. We got off at Shuttle stop #6 and you can continue onto Rainbow Falls at the tail end of the loop. Steep incline to the top but if that's a problem you can just view it from below which is the main focus anyway. Air quality was fine despite the fires but it was dry, hot and windy so bring enough water.

Was rather smokey when we started, but got better later in the morning. Challenging, but the worth the trek. Great view from the top!

Even in late summer with little flowing water the pools and vistas make the hike more than worthwhile!

Awesome hike and very scenic!

First time hiking in Pinecrest and I absolutely loved Cleos bath trail. It's not too clearly marked in some areas, you can lose the trail. Some people are nice enough to spray paint arrows but they are fading. The swimming hole at the top is the best part of the hike!

1 month ago

Started at Bourland Meadow. Near long barn ca

Amazing views. Car size granite boulders. Sandy beach at Hyatt lake. Beautiful cherry creek as a lunch stop. Good fishing.

You basically head to bottom of basin. Then up the granite slope

The saddle u go over is absolutely beautiful.

We slept in truck at trail head Thursday night then hit trail Friday morning. It’s not for a beginner. Down and up. Down and up. Down and up.

1 month ago

The day before we hiked Cloud's Rest and the air was a bit hazy from the Ansel Adams Wilderness fire, nothing like the current Furgeson fire, but since we were staying at Rush Creek Lodge, Wapama Falls seemed convenient and easy. The elevation gain is much more than you think when you are at the dam, about 1,000 feet. We hiked in late afternoon and the sun had left the falls area, so recommend you start in early afternoon to get the best pictures, Still this was an awesome hike around the reservoir, and the falls were still impressive, even after much less snowfall this year in the Sierras. Some words of caution, poison oak is prevalent along this trail, so be mindful along the sides of trail. Also some folks had climbed up the waterfall and in their glee lost their cellphone in the falls. Finally, rattlesnakes are in the area. Loved the waterfall area and multiple bridges. Highly recommend this hike and you get away from the crowds of the valley.

Great summer hike! Rough at times but the swimming hole in the end made it very rewarding.

One of the best I’ve done yet. The reward at the end is awesome. Trail needs a improvement in some areas. Almost lost the trail in certain areas but over all is a great trail.

2 months ago

Three stars only because of the limited water views. Lots of Cranes, Herons. Egrets and Cottontails. Pretty much a full sun hike and I forgot a hat. Should be renamed the "3 Loop Trail".....

Best trail in the area of the 6 I've done in the last few days. But that's not saying much... Not much to offer in the flats. The back corner that you do out and back had a closed sign on it but I was the only one on the trail so I went on it until I hit more signs. There were a lot of quail in the back corner. And lots of wild grape vines in some of the trees.

2 months ago

WRONG PHOTOS Hikers beware, the photos uploaded by Tim are wrong (probably by accident). The large waterfall you see in his pictures is actually Rainbow waterfall, which starts from the same trailhead but goes in the opposite direction toward Devil's Postpile and Rainbow waterfall. I'm not sure if any of his pictures actually depict this hike.

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