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This trail was nice with a mix of long flat stretches, and sweat worthy climbs to get to the top. I appreciated that it was pretty deserted, we only came across a couple people, so it was easy to enjoy the quiet of nature.

A nice hike. The fine loose gravel made traction difficult at times, but it was not strenuous (I’m not in great shape, either). Gradual climbs and lots of flat trail areas. We were the only people out there except two people on horses.

Beautiful scenery. Definitely recommend

it was awesome but a little busy and lots of bike riders

Great trail! Had my 20 month old on my back the whole time and it was great! Definitely could see how the heat would be too much in the summer, but I went in December so it wasn't too bad.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Good work out and nice view

The trail is beautiful but a bit flooded out in some places

2 months ago


The visitor loop is a great short little 1+ mile trail run. Gorgeous views and perfect weather!

3 months ago

Great trail! Walk, ride bike, horses you name it. Have fun!

Great for a bike ride and a run....EASY TRAIL

first hike of our season. It's a burner. I'm way out of shape and this trail prove it. It's great in the am hours.

Clean, nice people along it. It’s wide so many people can pass by. There’s a fountain to get water for your dog.

6 months ago

All cement trails. No issues with stroller on trail.

mountain biking
7 months ago

Nice bike ride next to the water that leads you under a bridge while riding fast (pretty cool).

mountain biking
7 months ago

Great starter trail for Mountain Biking.

7 months ago

why is this trail moderate i’ll never understand

7 months ago

This place is a hidden gem! I happened to find it because my dog’s groomer lives nearby and I saw the signs. My friend and I went on a 7.9 mile hike. We took Martha’s Grove Trail to Ridge Trail and then went to a trail on the left that went straight uphill (veering away from the military base) to the Hwy 67 Ranger Station and then down Cardiac Hill back to the Goodan Ranch starting point. The hike along the hilltop was awesome. We climbed over 120 flights on this hike so it’s a great workout. The scenery is constantly changing and we saw tons of wildlife. We saw mostly rabbits and large hares (with the biggest ears I had ever seen). We also saw a coyote. There was hardly anyone on the trail which was awesome because you really felt like you were getting away.

7 months ago

one of my favorite hikes in San Diego County. So nice to be hiking for four and a half to 5 miles and find a beautiful Visitor Center with information about local species and nature and a ranger there to chat with.

trail running
8 months ago

Its a good long flat running trail.

Nice trail, pretty flat but a good distance. only saw a few other bicycles on the trail.

Pretty easy hike.

9 months ago

Great hike! Gate opens at 8am. The trail paths are wide making it easy to hike with a large group. The trail loops and towards the end of the hike, it is all incline so be prepared. Also, there is hardly any shade so wear a hat and use lots of sunscreen.

Great for trail running. A lot of different options here also. Look for "Cardiac Hill." There is 0 shade anywhere so make sure to bring water and wear sunscreen. I'll definitely be going back. I linked up with the trail that overlooks the 67, the ridgeline trail I think? I saw deer in the middle of the day. Very rare in SD.

Great hike. There is a ranger station to use the restroom and refill water close to the end.

10 months ago

would be 5 stars, but dogs are only allowed at night

10 months ago

Loved the cool breeze while walking. Plenty of restrooms throughout the walk. Cement path through lots of park area. Plenty of parking.

Great cool morning hike!

Nice very clean quiet

11 months ago

Great area to take your dogs. Go early. No shade. Nice views.

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