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1 day ago

Had a great time with my son on this overnight trip.
We started at about 1:30p, done by 5p next day...we felt we pushed pretty hard.
As suggested by a fellow reviewer, we did the trail counter-clockwise, glad we did. Got the hardest done first.
Be prepared to go up the side of a mountain, than back down, many times.
(basically a chain of smaller mountains)
This was my first hike of a constant 18 and camping on the trail. I suggest 2 nights if you can. More time to enjoy the scenery and not have to push so hard to get done.
P.S. - call first during hunting seasons.

Cute, short hike with some amazing geology. We found a few fossils along the way.

1 day ago

Recent prescribed burns by the forestry service have impacted the section outside the state park, in the ozark national forest. However, it is still a gorgeous trek with a well defined trail. It is not for the faint of heart. The trails are covered with rocks that are sometimes slick, but the views outweigh the difficulty. It has well established, primitive camps with ample water sources. I did the trek in two half days going clockwise on the trail. It is a great weekend getaway that I definitely plan on doing again.

We started at the overlook then took the trail to the loop. It was absolutely beautiful! I was disappointed that you could hear a lot of loud music and trucks from the campsites. It was spring break though so it’s understandable, it would just make the views that much more perfect if not for that disruption.

We paired this trail with the caney creek trail for a nice one night backpacking loop. We parked our car at the east caney trailhead and walked about a mile up the gravel road to the buckeye trailhead. Both trailheads are well marked and have plenty of parking. The buckeye is rated as moderate and I believe that is an accurate description. It’s has some decent climbs but nothing too taxing or that lasts for too terribly long. I read where others had some issues following the trail but we didn’t experience any of this. This may be due to the time of year we went which had decreased underbrush. The views along the ridge of the buckeye were vast and the rock formations along this and the caney were impressive. There’s a few good areas to stop and rest or have a snack. Be sure to pack all the water you will need as there is no water for filtering along the ridge. We hiked about 4.5 miles on the trail (not including the 1 mike hike to the trailhead) and arrived at Katy falls. We ended up camping at a spot above the falls and up the stream a bit. It was secluded and peaceful with a nice fire ring and the stream near by for a water source. The falls were a great place for our dog to swim in the pool below and a great place to hang out for lunch. After a good nights rest we joined up with the caney creek trail and headed east. We passed several nice campsites, both near the stream, where the trails merge. The caney creek trail passed through a beautiful forest area and was near the stream for the majority of the hike. There were several campsites along this portion of the trail as well. As with the buckeye, there were a few areas with some elevation gain but nothing too severe. It’s a shady area for the most part unlike the ridge of the buckeye which could also get a bit breezy. After about 4 miles we were at the east caney trail head and at the end of our hike. This was our first time to this area and we can’t wait to go back again.

Absolutely beautiful. Worth the drive to see.

Fun going down, not so fun coming back up! Short round trip with some amazing scenery.

6 days ago

Water fall was refreshing. Too bad caves are closed.

Great views, will have to come again.

8 days ago

Great Trail Wonderful water features. Late winter hike. Definitely do this again when foliage returns.

very relaxing hike.

Pretty well marked. Had to come from the south side because county road was fenced off from the north.

Short trail, but beautiful scenery

11 days ago

Short but fun trail

11 days ago

This is a great trail for the whole family. I have three boys ages 9, 7, and 2. I put the 2 year old on my back. We have hiked this loop many times. Great scenery.

The natural beauty of this place is great,unfortunately it is ruined by the town of Davis which owns the park. Trails lead to nowhere and littered with trash,fish hooks and lines in the swimming areas,and cheap trinket gift shop. They wouldn't let us come in with our dog as they were concerned about dog poop. They oughta worry about people not coming back after a trashy,loud,disgusting visit and do more to make it less of a party spot. We left and went to sulpher state park down the road-much better.

15 days ago

Loved it!

15 days ago

I've hiked this trail several times.

The trail is easy to follow and the glory hole is impressive! Lots of rocks to climb on if you continue on the trail!

well marked, 1 hour 15 min at a relaxed pace, great view at yellow rock, 5 whitetail and countless squirrels

17 days ago

Great trail if you live within four hours or so for a nice weekend escape. Lots of spiders in the late summer but great fall and spring temps.

19 days ago

This is a fun trail but the north loop is pretty much not even a trail. It is very well marked though. Be prepared to crawl over a bunch of downed trees or walk around if possible. Overall I had a good time. Very secluded on the north loop.

First off this is down a very steep mile dirt road. Vehicles that are low to the ground are gonna have trouble. Trail is nice this time of year with no overgrowth yet but you can tell when it gets warmer there will be tons of spiders and snakes. Water was up today and there are several places you need to cross. Bring water shoes or shoes you do not mind getting wet. Falls we’re not really great as there was just a small stream of water but it’s still beautiful. Nice hike to start off the spring season.

It’s not too bad of a place to visit because there’s some nice views. The trails aren’t marked clearly though which makes for some confusion and the zip lines loud music ruins the beauty of the area. I couldn’t imagine camping there though withy family cause it has the feel of a party spot especially with all the beer bottle caps everywhere thru out the camping areas. It’s a nice one time trip in the off season since it’s not as crowded.

20 days ago

Short walk on a paved path but the chapel made it worth it. There are also some painted rocks hidden along the path so adds some fun if you have younger kids.

22 days ago

My 7-year-old and our German Shepherd mix dog took this trail, beginning at the CCC Pavilion. It's a neat trail but we ended up not getting through it all because we got a late start and had to turn around. We somehow missed the Yellow Rock so I don't know if we didn't go far enough or just missed it somehow.

22 days ago

Great trail for me and my 7-year-old. Took us awhile to complete, simply because he needed a lot of rest breaks. Lots of caves, although they are unfortunately closed due to white nose syndrome. I've been before the diseases and the caves are so awesome. This trail has lots of rock formations, crags, caves and different elevations.

WHEN TO GO: Let me save you some time and tell you not to bother with this trail in the Summer. If the creek isn't flowing, there'll be no waterfalls to see, and, moreover, trying to find the trail when the vegetation is full-on will frustrate and confound you.

WHY IT"S GREAT: That said, once the Spring rains start falling, get ready to go see this one! We went this past weekend, and it was amazing. The trail, even now in February, is a bit sketchy, and requires lots of creek crossings - gets a bit chilly, but Tea Kettle Falls is definitely worth your efforts. You'll have the opportunity to see lots of other little Falls along the way, including Reynolds. The creek is gorgeous. I expected it to be churned up and muddy from all the rain, but it was clear and beautiful.

SEE ALSO: If you have time, also follow the road that takes you up to the top of the falls. The road curves around a bit and takes you longer than you might want to spend. There's a short cut, marked by trail signs, but it's a bit of a bushwhack, and you may be happier going the long way. Whichever way you go, it's worth your time. Seeing the water rush through the carved out rock just makes the whole experience better. There are PDF maps on the WMA's site, and you can see the road on there. The other waterfalls in the area are also marked on the map, so you could make a day of it.

GETTING THERE & TRAILHEAD: Regarding the road - it's fine. One of the better "back roads" in AR, so much so that I wouldn't even call it a "back road." It is a bit steep at one point, but anyone with a reasonable vehicle can manage it. As for finding the trailhead, it's not a problem right now, people have pretty much beaten a path to it. Check the satellite view on Google Maps before you go - you'll see it on there, no trouble.

Took my youngest son this past weekend. Lots of water. Some ankle and hip turners on the way down and the rocks were very slippery. If you use the trail next to the stream, there are some hidden holes. Just be careful.

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