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Loved the hike. The waterfall and icicles were awesome to get to see.

Great for sightseeing, and both children and my MIL with double knee replacements did well on it. It is pretty crowded on busy weekends.

Out and back trail.

10 days ago

Did this trail today, it was a decent trail. It could be better marked. I also found out this is no longer a State Park.

10 days ago

Fabulous views for a relatively short hike

One of my favorites. Easy, short hike in to the falls. Beautiful views. Gets pretty rocky and uneven close to the falls. The hike out is mostly uphill.

Be mindful of the landslide that occurred in the counter-clockwise direction (mile 15 and 14) as of January 7th, 2019. But other than that, the trail was clearly marked and offered beautiful scenery. I like to recommend this trail to people that are just getting into backpacking, but even if you aren’t a beginner, you will love this small section of the Ozarks that Northwest Arkansas has to offer.

Very nice trail but we did Not cross the bridge on the highway because it's Very dangerous. There's No walkway or room for pedestrians.
I would recommend driving across and parking on other side.

walked this in January, no bugs! besides the short walk across the bridge being pretty dangerous as there is no bicycle lane, especially with a dog, the trail was great! well marked, we had a blast

Beautiful place. With watchful eyes we’ll bring our grandchildren soon. Trail is excellent. We went on around below the bluff line beyond Glory Hole. This added not only distance but the bluff line has a lot to offer the eyes. Nothing to not like-even get to take our dog ❤️

17 days ago

Great little hike with great views. Lots of recent rain so be prepared for some mud and water but still very doable. Only four stars because of all the people.

17 days ago

The trail isn’t marked very well and it’s incredibly easy to get lost. We did 4 miles and could never find the way out and ended up having to turn around and go back another 4 miles to get out. We ran into a group of boys who were lost also and they ended up finding a smaller cliff area that was only about a 10 to 15ft jump to the ground and just jumped off lol. Some better trail markers and this would have been amazing.

This was our first time hiking in the Ozarks and it was amazing, use the map on this site to get there because the parking is right on the side of the road, very limited maybe 8-10 cars which I thought would have been a lot of people but not crowded, there had been plenty of rain the days before our hike so the creeks were flowing and main attraction at the end was beautiful, plenty of above and below pics, the walk out is challenging but not to aggressive, well worth the drive

The trail and falls are great. One of the most heavily trafficked trails we've been on (65 and sunny on a Saturday in January), and a lot of really poor trail etiquette (smoking, dirt bikes). We will be back on less ideal conditions!

Great day hike! I look forward to getting back and doing the full trail.

we had a ton of fun. loved the natural photo backdrops

19 days ago

beautiful scenery and challenges that were fun. We highly enjoyed our stay here.


click the link to see :)

19 days ago

We did the Buckeye Mountain/Caney Creek Trail Loop on 12/01-12/02. This review is just for the Caney Creek to Buckeye portion.

Coming down from Buckeye Mountain, we made a stop off at Katy Falls, then jumped on the Caney Creek Trail. About .5 or 1 mile after the falls, we set up camp for the night. This trail has lots of great spots to camp. Most campsites are right along the creek, so water supply is not a problem.

There are several water crossings on this trail. It rained a couple days in a row before our hike. There were two spots where we were knee deep when crossing. Most of the spots though, we were able to rock hop across.

Overall, the trail itself is very easy to navigate and hike. A couple moderate hikes up and down, and some water crossings. Other than that, not bad at all.

19 days ago

We did the Buckeye Mountain/Caney Creek Trail Loop on 12/01-12/02. This review is just for the Buckeye portion. If you are starting from Buckeye trailhead, make sure that you have plenty of water from the start. If you are starting around Katy Falls, make sure you top off before you head up. The trail runs along a mountain ridge and there are no places to stop for water once on the trail.

Started at the Caney Creek trailhead and made the 1.1 mile hike up the road to the Buckeye Mountain trailhead. This hike up the road is by far the worst part of the hike, as it is just a constant gradual ascent for the whole mile. The trail itself is not very difficult. It's a pretty quick hike up to the ridge. Then a several small ascents and descents as you go along the mountain ridges. Lots of great spots for photos. There was one spot on the ridge where we almost lost the trail, but I think this was mostly due to a lot of fallen leaves. Other than that, it was easy to keep up with.

On the descent toward Katy Falls, there were a few spots where some large fallen trees blocked the trail, and we had to get a little creative to get around them. Outside of this, the trail was easy to follow and hike down.

Katy Falls area is a nice spot to stop to rest before completing the remainder of the loop, or finding a spot to camp.

20 days ago

The trail was difficult at times (maybe my own fault, because I overestimated my beginner abilities ;-) ). Besides that, amazing views. Our dog enjoyed himself too. We will definitely return.

21 days ago

Very pretty, sometimes smells bad, but still worth it!

Easy, beautiful, calming.

I love coming out to the lake. Lots of wildlife, clean, and awesome! Make sure to use bug spray. Lots of ticks lately.

“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins; not through strength, but through perseverance.”

I LOVED this hike and the miraculous feature waiting at the end of it. It was the perfect metaphor for a New Year’s Day hike when your resolution includes perseverance, tenacity and gumption.

If you like to use a stick to cross water I advise you to bring it. I left mine in the car and wished I had it.

We were there after a heavy rain and it was flowing incredibly well as were the feeder streams.

Wonderful moderate hike.

Great view from overlook. We've had some good rain and there were several nice and unexpected streams.

21 days ago

The beginning and the end of the hike will test you, but the landscape is worth it. Highly recommend.

We began our new year (2019) hiking a few trails in Newton County, AR. The area had recently had rain, so the falls and streams were beautiful. Glory Hole was absolutely stunning with the water flowing like it was. We will be back.

loved this place

attempted the full hike yesterday(12/30) and was a little disappointed. trail marking in some places were scarce and because of the time of year the trail would kind of "run out" in some places leaving you wondering if you were on the trail anymore or not.
at one point around mile 5-5.5 there was what looked to supposedly be a bridge for a water crossing that was missing so I had to wade through the water (roughly 10 feet across). and then around mile 6.25 the trail ended on a road with no indication of how to finish the hike so I had to turn back prematurely.
Decent hike but I'd be okay not doing it again.

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