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1 day ago

a favorite as a local.

Havasu, Mooney And Beaver are all beautiful!
Definitely worth the hike.

Check out my videos of the hike and the camp ground.

Youtube account: Melissa DC Gomez

4 days ago

Extremely hard but worth it for the views. When you feel like quitting just keep going and you’ll be so happy when you see the end of trail sign!

4 days ago

Backpacked in starting on the dirt road from the Dry Creek Trailhead parking lot. Adds more than 3 miles but we didn’t record b/c we’re dumb so not sure how many- by the scale on the map, looks about 5mi. It’s not strenuous by any means but it’s not shaded and it feels long.
The trail to secret canyon is beautiful and challenging, especially with packs, but worth it. Very secluded and lots of camping options along the trail as you make your way into the canyon. We didn’t hike all the way in, found a spot near water and camped, then hiked out the next day.

Did not go all the way but it was extremely beautiful. Lots of climbing midway thru first part.

Easy hike enjoyed the views the Bridge is great

15 days ago

“Hard” Rated- Accurately! This hike is definitely some work, lots of straight up climbing and not for the casual beginner hiker. Took 2 hours to reach the top, and a little over an hour to get back to the car. There are lots of false illusions that you are “there”... just keep going. There’s about 3 false “peaks” before you reach the end. Pack lots of water and snacks for the top... all the work is worth the 360 degree views at the top. One of our favorite hikes in Sedona for sure!

If you’re considering this trail and have not experienced its greatness, I suggest you stop everything you’re doing and just go. This was one of the more magnificent places I have been in AZ (sniff sniff). Makes me think of Zion NP in Utah, similar rock formations and foliage but on a way smaller scale. Almost like west trim trail and observation point trail got together and had a red head lil baby. The only complaint was the vast amount of gnats attempting suicide by flying into my open body orifices................other than that I cannot wait to go back and explore around. Careful for the beehives on the top top of the mountain and most importantly don’t give up until you reach the peak. If there were more stars I’d give this one 7/5 because it’s so unexpectedly beautiful and the right amount of challenge.


Please research how these people treat their animals before paying the astronomical permit fees to visit. The waterfalls are nice, but not worth the suffering that the animals endure bc of the tourists. And please, for the love of god, carry your own things and DO NOT HIRE HORSES.

Fun, pretty easy and we love putting our feet in the creek at the end!

My favorite Sedona hike! Less than 5 miles but a good incline so great workout! Unbelievable views!!! Very rocky for most of the trail so poles do come in handy. Follow the white painted arrows painted on the rocks to stay on trail. I highly recommend this hike but it may not be good for beginners.

20 days ago

I loved this trail so much. I started around 7:15 am, made it to the end of trail sign around 8:50. It is tough I was solo with no breaks except for pictures. Just an amazing experience. The trail is very well marked I had no issues up and down

Beautiful views, challenging but well worth it!

We spent the night at a hotel and drove to the Hilltop parking lot in the morning. Started our decent at 7:45am, made it to Supai around 11am to check-in. Going in was long but manageable with two short breaks. Took a longer break in Supai. Roughly a 2 mile walk to the campground, trail is well traversed so I felt it was easy to identify.

The trail down to Mooney is not as well marked. There is a tube you descend to ladders and chains that are very wet due to the spray from the waterfall. Trail down to Beaver is well-traveled and you will cross the river three times on the trail I followed. I think the mileage on the map provided at check-in is inaccurate but I didn't track it via GPS.

Hike out is strenuous with a steep section starting at Havasu Falls that is maybe .5 miles. Then it's just long with gradual incline until the last 1.5 miles (estimate). Then it is a decent incline for about a mile and a steep ascent the last .5 mile. Slow and steady with lots of water and you'll make it.

We carried our own gear and made from Supai to Hilltop in 4 hours. We are in average shape and in our 40's.

The campgrounds are tight and there isn't a lot of room between, so privacy isn't an option. There is a fresh water spring, so water isn't a problem in camp. You can grab food in Supai at the market or the cafe, which can help reduce pack weight (limited options, so don't only rely on it). There is frybread for sale almost daily in camp. There are compost toilet but bring your own paper, as it runs out fast.

It was worth trip. Reservations go the day open for the year. We went in March and it was perfect for hiking and sleeping not so much if you want warm weather for swimming.

So amazing!! Fairly easy hike getting there, as most of it was downhill. Getting back to the trail head was a whole ‘nother story because it was mostly uphill, but honestly the struggle was worth it. The falls were so beautiful and blue, it was surreal. Bathrooms are pretty decent for the most part, but bring wipes just in case because not all of the stalls have toilet paper. Campsite was nicely spread out, first come first serve basis for camp spots. Permits were a pain to get, but I would do it all over again.

Favorite trail in Sedona. Had the top to myself. Not an easy climb but worth it

The hike is through a gorgeous canyon and would honestly be worth it on its own. The falls are an amazing bonus!

Be careful not to swim too close to the base of the falls.

I’ve done a lot of hiking all over the US and I have to rank Bear Mountain in my top 10! Before beginning I assumed we were hiking to the red rock peak visible at the beginning of the trail. However in no time we were up and over that peak and on our way to a peak 3 times it’s size! We had a rewarding picnic lunch at the very top with views of the San Francisco peaks on one side and Sedona on the other!

Quite the challenge for me and my twenty one year old son. It took some grit and willpower to finish as the ascent is very rigorous and several times we mistakenly thought we were close to the top. The trail was marked well most of the way however there were a few times on the way down we had to search for paint. Views from most points on the trail were amazing and seeing the snow covered San Francisco Peaks at the end was rewarding. Recommend reading the warning sign at the beginning of the trail. Completing the entire hike is ambitious but worth it. Bring plenty of water.

Well worth the headache of getting a permit!

Amazing beauty of the canyon, crystal clear rivers, and unbelievable falls. Trails are well managed and camping area is perfect.

29 days ago

I would consider this a moderate to difficult trail. Absolutely beautiful bring a lot of water.

This is my overall favorite Sedona hike, combining stunning views with pure physical endurance, technical hiking, a bit of climbing, a lot of variety in scenery and a fair amount of risk. Bear Mt has a little of everything. It is a long, hard hike with sensational views throughout and an enormous payoff if you reach the true final summit.. It requires physical fitness, experience, and some preparation. Take lots of water, some food, gloves and hat. It is too dangerous for young children, with many trail segments near sheer cliffs or along precarious rock ledges. Recommend starting early in the morning and be prepared for 4-6 rigorous hours of Sedona heaven.

Great trail!

on Casner Canyon Trail

1 month ago

Casner Canyon Trail is a tough trail. It is a continuous uphill trail becoming very steep in certain sections of the last 2/3rds going up. It is very rocky on the trail so have sturdy soled shoes otherwise your feet will be hurting at the end of the hike up and down. The first third of the hike is in typical interesting terrain through trees. However the last 2/3rds of the hike starts to get boring as you climb the side wall of the Canyon amongst scrub brush. This is where it becomes a grind climbing continuously up and getting steep. Very very good cardio workout if that is what you are looking for. Park .4 miles past Grasshopper Point heading towards Flagstaff. There is a small paved turnoff on the right where you will see a old small road with a metal bar gate blocking the road. There is a larger dirt turnoff directly on the opposite side of the road. Walk past the metal gate on the old road and take the trail on your left down the embankment. At the bottom, turn left on Allen’s Bend Trail and head upstream. Where the Allen’s Bend trail definitely ends make your way perpendicular to the river. Look just a little ways upstream for the log you will use to cross the river. Piece of cake. No worries. Walk perpendicular to the river to locate the next small stream. Find your way around the small second stream by walking to your left when you get to it. Follow the rough path that skirts along the side of the steam going downstream now that you are across it. Eventually you will come to the wash that comes from Casner Canyon. Just on the other side of the wash is the beginning of the trail which now goes left. Use your All Trails app to find the trail and stay on it. Otherwise you might take a wrong turn. Take lots of water and some food. Enjoy your extreme cardio workout and the view at the top. Be very careful coming down because the many small and big rocks can be like marbles and your feet can go out from under you quickly. If that happens, watch out that you don’t put your hands right on a cactus when you try to save yourself from falling backwards. I feel there are so many much better interesting trails than this one. This one is for folks who just want to check off a box in their effort to walk every trail in Sedona.

I am trying to get a permit for 2 of us and I can’t get thru the phone lines. I have called continuously but no answer. Any suggestions on how else I can purchase a couple nights stay for 2 possibly 3 of us? Would they help me if I drive all the way there? Please email me if you have suggestions : chapis503@outlook.com

My 58 year old body made it to the top! With my 57 year old hubby as my tour guide, we were successful in following the trail. Very well marked. Lots of great photo ops and the view from the top is breathtaking.

AMAZING. Honestly no words.

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