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10 hours ago

It was a test. But Awesome!

Hiking shoes/boots required. Almost no flat areas. Windy up too at times (windbreaker suggested). Plenty of water and food. Well marked but there are some off trails that can get you in trouble. I wouldn’t do this if you have bad knees or ankles. Overall, amazing trail, phenomenal views and great feeling of accomplishment after completing.

up in 43:40 today. great hike but starting to get crowded

This trail was absolutely breathtaking! The entire way up and down had the most beautiful views. It was not an easy hike but the views from the top were so worth the climb. Give yourself time and bring plenty of water and food if you get hungry! Our pup came with us and he did great too. The trail is well marked with white paint. You can purchase a parking pass at the trail head. Beware: the trail is ACROSS the street from the restrooms and payment areas. 10/10 recommend!

Great hike.

6 days ago

The trail has great views of the Sedona red rocks but also of many residential structures, the City of Sedona and Hwy 89A (which can also be heard for a good stretch). It starts fairly open and halfway in it drops down to Oak Creek, where it is more wooded and nestled in Oak Creek Canyon. Couldn't cross Oak Creek due to a recent heavy rain so caught the rest of the trail from the Midgely Bridge side (where you can also start the hike, assuming Oak Creek is traversible). Would give it 5 stars if not for the street noise and urban sights.

awesome trail with lots of scrambling up rocks. Probably my favorite hike so far in Sedona

10 days ago

This trail is very challenging due to its steepness and rockiness. Beautiful views but those can be had elsewhere in Sedona - this is for the strenuousness. The trail is mostly chapparal and cacti. Someone claimed to have gotten up top in one hour and down in 40 minutes - anyone who has hiked the trail knows the 1 hour ascent time is virtually impossible and running down is definitely impossible due to the steepness and rocky terrain (noted just as a warning because this hike is the real difficult deal and you should plan accordingly). On the other hand if you are in superior shape from regular aerobic exercise (including altitude acclimation, the top is at 6,500 feet) you should be able to complete it in 3 to 3.5 hours, longer in the summer. The five hours noted at the trailhead would be appropriate for someone not accustomed to the altitude or regular aerobic exercise.

Super cool trail. Definitely one of the toughest I’ve ever done. Allow yourself the full 5 hours that it says it takes if you plan to do the whole trail. Only 4ish miles round trip but lots of elevation and strategy involved. Also, so many great places to stop and take it all in. There were 3 or 4 times that we thought we were at the top and realized we had quite a ways left. Once at the top, there is a sign that says “End of Trail”. Totally worth the hike. I 100% recommend it!

great trail! didn’t see another soul on it which was nice! the trail is difficult to find at some points and you need to cross a river which adds to the difficulty but also the adventure!

A good workout and worth it

Amazing hike. Only took an hour to ascend though it wasn’t exactly easy. Let’s just say my legs are going to be sore. The views are stunning. Sedona is an absolutely gorgeous area. My pup and I spent about 45 minutes up on top before descending...which only took about 40 minutes due to the fact we basically ran down it....it definitely doesn’t take 4 or 5 hours to hike like the signs outside of the trailhead say. Well, not if you’re in decent shape.

The perfect amount of challenge for a hike that took less than 3 hours. Properly sore quads the next day. Lots of people using this trail Christmas week. Must have encountered at least 60 other people on the trail.

From the Sterling Pass trail...A lot of scrambling on your way up, I hope you are sure footed! Very steep inclines that reward you with stunning views of the hillsides and clear across the creek. Beautiful scenery in any season. Great outlook points. Once you reach the other side it's an easy march to the arch.
If you do the arch trail and go out Sterling Pass, bring your trekking poles!

One of the best places in the US to visit

Amazing viewpoints as you climb. The hike is mostly a straight vertical climb with a small crossing to another climb. The 360 view at the very top is amazing and well worth the effort. Wear good shoes and bring lots of water. We were 3.5-4hours up and back. Took a break at the top for lunch and to enjoy the views. Also enjoyed many viewpoints on the way out. Trail is across the road from the main trail parking lot and is marked by white paint strokes on the rocks as you climb. Highly recommended and not as heavily travelled as other hikes.

The perfect challenge for an avid hiker. The views make the tough climb worth while. This is the perfect hike to see an almost 360 view of Sedona and the valley below with many diverse viewpoints! Definitely bring lots of water and snacks, this one will wear you out!

18 days ago

Did this trail in early January on a calm sunny day but entire trail was snow-covered until close to the arch. Although it appears you can drive to Vultee Arch trailhead, unless you have a super high clearance vehicle don’t count on it - if you plan to hike in leave yourself plenty of time. I tried to hitch a ride on the forest road to the trailhead but most cars turned back - I only saw one or two make it. On final 3 miles to the arch I was totally alone seeing no one in car or on foot. The trail itself was gradual and wound through trees a lot - I was wondering if I’d ever gain elevation enough to see the arch. It eventually reaches a fork for Sterling Pass Trail after which you ascend to flat red rocks where the arch is visible a couple of hundred yards ahead.

Once at the flat rocks you can continue on to the arch, but in the snow I couldn’t find the trail and was running out of daylight to hike out the long way I came in, so had no choice but to take Sterling Pass trail out (shorter). Don’t make the same mistake! It’s a glute-burning ascent to the saddle followed by a treacherously steep descent - for me on snowy trail in failing light which was scary. Poles totally saved me. Plan accordingly for this one, but worth it if you do. A lot of work hiking it snow-covered unless you have crampons. See my review of Sterling Pass trail for more.

Steep climb and great views. Love it.

Once in a lifetime, must see and do hike!!!! There’s nothing more to say about this place.

24 days ago

The hike is amazing and can be challenging to get to the top. A few false peaks can dampen your spirits and the steep sections can push your legs to the limits. My 11 year old daughter made it all the way to the top and back down in under 3 hours. It was not easy but very fun.

One of the most beautiful places on earth.

25 days ago

Great hike - recommend bringing hiking poles to really enjoy it. The false peaks tricked us on the way up but we were rewarded with snow falling at the top!

Would love to do again on a clear day. Highly recommended.

I like a bit of a workout when hiking, especially if the rewards are as great as they were on this trail - my favorite out of 5 I've done in Sedona. Spectacular views, each "peak" had its own. I loved the lack of tourist traffic, too - only proper hikers on this one. Took just over 4 hours altogether. Will happily return

Excellent workout and great views. Definitely worth it.

Hard hike due to elevation but amazing views. Not for the faint of heart. Keep a look out for the white markers and you will you follow the trail easily. It took us 4 hours to do the hike but we stopped a lot for pictures and calling family to wish them a Merry Christmas.

The trail is more moderate than hard. There are some technical spots though so get your scramble on!! It’s a solid hike. Not for kids. My wife and I did see some seniors out there. We saw them the next day on another trail and they were smartin and sore.

29 days ago

closer to 4.9 miles. each of the fake summits are amazing. worth the trek

Wonderful trail with amazing views, never a boring moment. We went up in about 1.5H and came down in 1H. As noted in previous reviews, we found the trail easy to follow if you looked for the white marks, but can see how it could be confusing for some. For two for hikers, hike won’t be difficult. Bring water! Limited shade.

1 month ago

There are no bad hikes in Sedona. This one offers a variety of terrain with comfortable incline grade changes. With the exception of a bit at the north end, the creek is not visible below. On the other hand, the town is rarely out of sight. You need to ford the creek at the north end of the trail before a significant climb up to the highway — we didn’t see a way to get across and stay dry, so we didn’t try.

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