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1 day ago

Easy family-friendly hike. Pretty waterfall at the top. Muddy even when it isn’t raining, like a lot of trails on Oahu.

I enjoyed this hike but it really kicked my ass! I’m out of shape and my husband (who has done this before) pushed me, he got told off several times LOL, but once I made it to the top I could see why!! The trail starts off relatively easy but the higher up I got the steeper it got too. The trail is paved for the most part and you have good views from the top.

over grown
2 days ago

One of best hikes on island. Very well marked. Elevation gain is real. The ropes help but definitely underestimated at first.

3 days ago

We entered from Koolau Golf Course. Muddy but fairly easy and short hike to the falls. If you continue up instead of going to the falls, you will end up on Old Pali Road that can take you up to the Pali Lookout... If you want to go that far. If you want to do that, when you get to a T, go left, then when it looks like you can go left or right, go right, hugging the mountain and you will shortly end up on the road. you can see the road below when you are supposed to take the right hand trail. Be prepared for rain and use mosquito repellant.

4 days ago

Awesome trail. Not very challenging, just long. The further portions of the trail can get pretty muddy and slippery, but the view at the end is worth it.

Be aware of falling rocks!

private property
6 days ago

The last time I did this hike. The river was flowing very heavily. But today was my second time and it was fairly dry. It was somewhat a lot easier getting to the waterfall. This hike may not be for all hikers but be prepared as there is no reception and bring lots of water and bug spray. Also get some good grip hiking shoes!

6 days ago

Short trail with an easy to follow path and lots of shade. Not a whole lot to see, although many of the trees were labeled. There’s a nice view of Kaneohe Bay at the lookout. It’s really more of a nature walk than a hike and the signs warning about ticketing if you park at all on the paved road made me nervous.

8 days ago

Loved this hike so much! It is steep and slippery at times, even in the heat of the day. I just hiked to the first peak and it was beautiful! Very buggy, wear bug spray.

I hiked this short trail to the waterfall with my 10mo. Old on my back... it is slippery and very muddy if it has been raining (as usual) loved it. Great accomplishment for the kiddos.

Great short hike. Can be muddy. Recommend waterproof hiking sandals or boots. My 3 year old did fine on this hike.

rock climbing
10 days ago

Awesome hike! Respect the neighborhood and park on Kamehameha hwy by the showers at the beach lot, and walk to the trail opening (stay right for this trail when it spilts in the beginning). You can see if the main waterfall is flowing or not from the street. Went with barely anything flowing and still well well worth it. It’s over a mile for sure, watch clocked over 2 if you go all the way. This trail is not heavily trafficked at all and the trail is very easily to lose sight. Requires quite a lot of crossing the rock stream. Prepare to get wet, muddy and rock climb. If your up for the challenge follow the ropes and you’ll be rewarded. Also for dogs if they are not good at rock climbing or you can’t carry them up rock walls, they can’t make it safely up to the very top. Brought my pembroke welsh corgi and she hiked herself up then I tossed her in my k9 sport sack and rucked her to the top.

10 days ago

such a great time. this trail felt much longer on the way in as we diverted off the path and boldered our way through the dried up river bed. once you reach the first fall, climb the ropes and carry on to the final two. don't rush and give yourself plenty of time to get to the end. the ropes will slow you down a bit if others are trying to get up and down. not the most physically demanding hike, but having good balance, coordination and confidence in your strength will get you through this one.

Remember bug spray or cover your skin.

12 days ago

It took me two hours in and an hour back. Moderate level. I wouldnt take young or very old since some steep incline, dropoffs at the end, and stream crossings. Always bring at least water and wear bugspray. But short and sweet. I also spent time taking photos. Gps leads to trailhead in a little field between houses. There was a little memorial at the trailhead. I didnt realize until after I came back out that it was for our famous local spiderman. RIL. The trail started off decent it's a little odd seeing houses both sides of a trail. They disappear a quarter down the trail. There were about 3 small trees that have fallen on the trail so had to manuever around them. After crossing a stream the path splits. I took the left following the map. I had slight showers about 3 times but the waterfall and streambed were still dry at the end. Still looked nice. I imagine that it would have to be flashflood weather for it to be flowing. I got some cool photos and I like to see each trail for myself so it was worth it to me.

This may well be my new favorite on the island. Lightly trafficked but the trail is well marked. Challenging & totally rewarding. The views are remarkable and the energy on this part of the island is so tranquil / serene.

Did this hike on New Years Eve. It was awesome! To find the trail, walk up the road to the right of the firehouse. Do not drive or park up there. There were definitely a few tough spots that were slippery so you must be careful because you can seriously get injured. If you lose the trail or are unsure just stay close to the river. You will come to a small waterfall where you’ll have to climb a wet wall with ropes. Again, go slow and be mindful of each step. Shortly after climbing the small waterfall you will reach a magnificent waterfall. It was pretty light water when I was there but still beautiful.

Was an overcast day so it wasn't as hot as it can get on the west side. The views were awesome, clear enough to see the North Shore, Kaena and Ko'olina and of course the Makaha Valley, Mount Ka'ala, Kalena and Kamaileunu etc....

Our favorite on the island so far. Great views but parking is sooooo limited.

21 days ago

Very muddy! Bring extra shoes and socks for the ride home. We had 7 kids ages 6-12 they all did great! Waterfall was worth it! Enjoy!

21 days ago

Pay to park and walk down the road the trail opening is on your left. Very slick trail and we were very thankful for all trails gps. We didn’t make it to the falls we turned around at the last hook. Will definitely go back when we have more time.

22 days ago

one of my favorite hikes. dry, exposed hike but with excellent views along the way and once reaching the summit. either need to street parking and hop the gate or wait until 7-8AM for it to be opened. never had a problem accessing the trail personally. somebody went a little rope happy; would really rather see some trail work to create switchbacks until the actual climb portion instead. moderate difficulty 4-5 hours

25 days ago

Easy. Great for children.

1 month ago

Great short and muddy hike. Water was clean but was too early for a swim. About a mile total. Turn right at the tree with the blue arrow. Bring bug spray.

Haha we missed the tree to turn and holed the “moderate” trail to its entity! Yep we would do it again— on our way out we found the actual marker to lead us to the falls— worth the wait! It rained the entire time - fun

Not the best hike, if you don’t mind walking for hours and hours for a small waterfall then you’ll love it! If you go have good company!

Definitely confusing due to all the different tags. Went of track many times and was grateful to have this app to get us back on the trail. End was amazing and I would totally do it again.

Short if you take the right at the tree. can explore a bit up above, but nothing really that interesting.

Took us an hour to get to the falls. Was very muddy and slippery. Had to go over and under tree branches, cross the stream back and forth. It is easy to lose the trail. Just follow the stream. It is dangerous. There is a place where you have to use ropes to climb maybe 15 to 20 feet over a wet wall. We were not sure if climbing that wall was the end of the trail. We are glad we did not stop and went all the way to find a very high fall maybe 10 stories tall. It felt like an Indiana Jones or Kong movie. This hike had it all. Great workout. Beautiful vegetation and a great feeling of accomplishment. Don’t go alone.

Trail is fun n exciting. Best to go in da morning wen the sun is up. We went around 1 n I gotta say going on a wet day made it fun and dark.also best to put your own marking. On da way back from the falls we fallowed a different path that was marked n it lead us to a game trail instead.

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