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Beautiful views. Great hike for the whole family!

Amazing but hard hike, definitely a work out!

This is another misleading AllTrails intro. It says 6.6 miles out and back, but has a photo of the reservoir... if you want to go part way up and turn back I guess it could be 6.6 miles... but if you want to go all the way up to the reservoir, here’s what we found:
The dam is about 9 miles up, and the last mile is tough. We nicknamed the last bit “the Hellish Steps to Pompeii” because after 8.5 miles, ~15” backcountry “stairs” are quite trying (if not for you, you have my praise!). Campsites are further. We found ours at 10.7 miles.
The reservoir is breathtaking. The water is just pristine.
TOO MANY PEOPLE. And I wouldn’t mind that: I WANT people to enjoy the wilderness! But honestly, the amount of dirty toilet paper we came across was despicable. Please, people, if you go backpacking, PLEASE LEARN HOW TO PROPERLY POOP IN THE WOODS.
Thank you.

My very first hike-and my favorite. I live in OH & I had to change my breathing yet the trail itself was moderate, the elevation was what I needed to adjust too.
We brought wood for the watch tower. The man that was there when we visited was great (7/29/18). Very knowledgeable and told some great stories. So worth the hike. Temps did change, 90’s at the base and low 60’s at the watchtower. Views from the top are unbelievable-a must do!

11 days ago

ass kicker

11 days ago

Awesome views from the top. God is amazing. Bring lots of water to keep your hammies hydrated though, as this climb will work them.

3.7 miles, 2 hrs 26 min to the top. Difficult but doable! Rough road to the trailhead, was glad to be in a truck rather than a sedan. Gorgeous views in all directions! Very rewarding.

Awesome hike with beautiful views and impressive rock faces. There is a rock arch that can be spotted from the bridge about 3.5 miles out. We were a group of 6 including my 5.5 yr old and everyone enjoyed it. The last mile or so before the falls was beside a marshland and mosquitoes were thick; so definitely wear repellent.

Gorgeous easy hike. Lots of shade. The end of this hike isn’t at a destination and it can be a bit confusing. You simply turn around at 3.3 miles and it seems so ridiculous. I am tempted to make a sign just so people know when the specified hike ends. Still a stunning hike.

18 days ago

Two important things to know:

1) the trail is CLOSED as of September 2017. It was still closed per a sign at the trailhead on July 28 2018. This is not listed on the USFS website for some reason.

2) as some others have noted, your GPS will take you to a dead end of private land with no access to the trailhead. Directions to the trailhead are: take highway 12 form Lolo West 3 miles to FS road #612 (signs for Mormon Creek). Proceed 8 miles up Forest Road #612 up to the trailhead

Will try again some other time!

Beautiful hike, I was expecting a huge waterfall but supposedly as I was told after hiking this trail you have to off trail it to get to the falls over a rocky area. I have yet to go back and try this.

great veiw at the end, lots of downed trees blocking the trail though 05/26/18

This is a moderate trail.. unless you're really outta shape..imo. Very beautiful, hike, ..the trail is very well maintained. The views are amazing! Its close to 4 miles just one way. You can hear the water falls below on the west side at the top. awesome.
This is a must-do hike. The road getting closer to the trailhead isn't the best tho. bring bug spray the horse flies are awful. also there's NO water at all on the trail..so bring plenty of water esp for your pups. btw 95° is Not the best time to do this trail. just sayin

1 month ago

Such a beautiful hike, like others have said go in the morning on a cooler day. The heat can make it a pretty difficult hike. The directions it gave us on here were very wrong for finding the trailhead. Overall a beautiful hike will definitely do it again. .

so many horseflies

Great hike for the dog because water crosses the trail every couple of miles. The trail sign said 5 miles to falls and I'm inclined to believe it. Had to choose workout over enjoying the views because of the rocky nature of the trail and time constraints. Can't believe I've put this trail off. Much longer and challenging than the overlook trail, but much more enjoyable and satisfying.

Beautiful hike and nice trail. Does get a little rocky so you’ll need to watch your step. Breathe taking views.

1 month ago

definitely a great hike with PHENOMENAL views. the road up is a white knuckle adventure so be careful. the directions were not accurate so check with other web sites for the correct route. short hike to the lake with incredible scenery.

1 month ago

Trail is in good shape and relatively easy. Views from the top are amazing. As of today there was only one small patch of snow near Summit that is easy to get around or walk right through without post-holing. The National Forest in these parts is NOT dispersed camping friendly and the campgrounds fill fast. Round trip distance was 7.5 miles/12 km.

Great hike, beautiful waterfalls, towering scenery overhead. A lot of bang for the buck here (and by buck I mean amount of hiking effort). The Bitterroots are extremely underrated as a hiking range.

Great hike, particularly for a first day after flying in from New York. Not too strenuous, but still a good workout. Went all the way to the waterfalls, with marvellous views all along the way (and some tasty huckleberries to be found).

1 month ago

A really nice and challenging day hike. Like others have mentioned, I found the 5.9 mile note to be too light. My GPS noted it 3.7 each way so my advice is to be prepared with water and a snack. A very well maintained and clean trail with three small segments of snow. The view when you make it to the fire watch tower will take your breath away! It is on my list to do again!

1 month ago

This is a great day hike. I’m confused about the 5.9 mile total because it’s 3.6 miles one way. At any rate, the view to the west of the lookout is worth any drop of sweat you may lose. The trail is easy to follow, wide and easy to navigate. The climb is moderate. What I mean is, if you’re in decent shape, this is not a difficult hike. If you spend a lot of time on the couch, yes, this is a difficult hike.

We hiked the trail July 6, 2018. We crossed three snow fields, one a little longer than the others but none of them treacherous or difficult. If you’ve never hiked a mountain of this elevation, understand weather can be very different at the top than on the valley floor. The day we hiked it was nearing 90° in Stevensville around 1 p.m. At the summit it was about 67° with winds gusting to 25 mph. Dress appropriately and have a fantastic hike!!

Nice Trail to look out station. Only minimal patches of snow easy-to-follow at this time

Beautiful hike to the waterfall. Easy hike, lots of rocks and muddy sections. A few bugs in dense brush areas. Waterfall and creek are running fast! Loved it!

mill creek road is gated and padlocked. cool. didn’t get to try the hike.

1 month ago

Went here in early June. Had to turn around after a quarter mile past mission falls due to obstructing avalanche debris. Got to the trail head in a low clearance hatchback with some slow and careful driving.

Didn't make it to the waterfall, but pretty views of river, cliffs, and wildflowers.

2 months ago

I love this hike. One of the most beautiful around. Although there is something about those mountains that gives me the chills. Be careful, mindful and enjoy

2 months ago

Went in the beginning of June. Had a fantastic hike, the views are breathtaking, however at approximately .5 mile up you start to run into some snow on the trail. At approximately 2.0 miles up I lost the trail completely. We found some footsteps that lead us forward but we lost those another mile up. Never made it to the lookout but assumed it was another mile up. Push yourself to some spectacular views at your own risk.

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