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waterfall a bit overrated. not worth paying almost 16 bucks.lol. nice family walk

3 days ago

Hiked January 2019,
If you asked me to envision my perfect death it would be 85 years old meditating in a cave overlooking the ocean. The cave at the top of this hike is the cave I imagine when I picture this scenario. It’s not about the depth of the cave or the work you put in to get to it. This hike is all about the tranquility you feel when you reach the peak. It frames the ocean beautifully as the ocean holds up the sky in the horizon. Definitely a place to revisit before I leave.

Took my wife and daughter on this path. We went slow, tracing the coast line on the way out for approx 60 mins, then turned around and used the primary “trail” on the way back. The “trail” is basically a road - ranging from gravel to a dirt road with lots of large pot holes. If they allowed it, taking a 4x4 would be a lot of fun.

The scenery is beautiful. Ocean, with huge crashing waves on one side, soaring, green mountains on the other.

The path is not hard at all. Saw lots of little kids.

If you want to appreciate the north shore waves, do this hike. Plus, plenty of parking.

We do the ARK trail all the time but we usually do the 4 mile one and we absolutely love it. The first half is pretty flat and then it gets to be more up and down hills but it’s lots of fun. You’ll definitely want hiking boots when it’s been raining because it is definitely muddy.

Was an overcast day so it wasn't as hot as it can get on the west side. The views were awesome, clear enough to see the North Shore, Kaena and Ko'olina and of course the Makaha Valley, Mount Ka'ala, Kalena and Kamaileunu etc....

I'm sitting at the top of Lahilahi as I write this. It is short but sweet. Easy, but not kid friendly. I come up here to chill and write and fly my drone.

17 days ago

Not exactly a hike, but a quick steep incline and beautiful views at the top. The cave doesn’t look like much when you first see it, but make sure to go into the cave and look out so you can see it frame the ocean view. Make to sure to check out the lower cave too - now that’s a cave! It’s huge, maybe 5x the size of the top cave!

nature trips
17 days ago

Beautiful nature walk through to Waimea Falls. Falls are a little over rated. I’ve seen much bigger and beautiful falls in my hometown in Australia, however the walk was peaceful and tranquil. We arrived at 9am, and it took about 1.25 hrs, slow relaxed pace. We didn’t swim in the falls, didnt feel the need to. I would recommend arriving before 9:30 though as when we were heading back, the amounts of people that were on their way to the falls were growing rapidly.

Absolutely loved this hike! Challenging but not too difficult for all hike levels. After the picnic table the trail gets pretty steep for about the whole next mile. The view at the top is totally worth it!

Did a New Year’s Day hike today. Gorgeous well maintained trails. Lots of hills and challenges. So peaceful.

22 days ago

one of my favorite hikes. dry, exposed hike but with excellent views along the way and once reaching the summit. either need to street parking and hop the gate or wait until 7-8AM for it to be opened. never had a problem accessing the trail personally. somebody went a little rope happy; would really rather see some trail work to create switchbacks until the actual climb portion instead. moderate difficulty 4-5 hours

Great day hike, good pay off at the end. Beautiful views and unique rock structures.

Not much shade. In the bird sanctuary you will see seals sunbathing.

Very Cool hike on the Westside of Oahu. Follow the map as it will guide you where to turn right towards the caves. We went up too far and got side tracked and had to climb down to the turn for the caves. Great view and pretty easy.

my family's favorite.

easy and relax hike

amazing hike with a great view! also nice sunset.

It can be a little technical on the ascent depending on the route you take. Not for kids or people who don’t have cojones. Hella dope view from the top. Bring a drone and you’ll get some epic footage. Can see the whales and sea turtles depending on time of year. You’ll see a sign that says “Danger. Do not go beyond this point” That’s where you got to go to get to this trail.

amazing hike with kids.

I’ve been coming here for over 8 years. It’s a great trail that’s not too far from Memphis proper. The trail has its strenuous spots but it’s not too bad. It can be muddy and if there’s been a recent rain, some of the creek crossings might be impassable. One nice thing is that there have been multiple improvements over last few years. Overall, if you need an infusion of nature and a break from the hustle and bustle of the 21st century, this is a perfect spot.

26 days ago

Super muddy - no infrastructure to make it safer for visitors. DO NOT RECOMMEND unless you have proper equipments.

on Upper Makua Cave

27 days ago

The mistake I made was going after it rained and making a left right before I made it to the top (puka) You’ll understand when you get there. Just make sure you stay on the trail and if it’s hard to get up, you’re probably off track. Definitely not kid friendly or dog friendly. View is no doubt amazing. Definitely will be going on dryer days.

27 days ago

Tough going up in the wood. But again great wood scent. Nice views at the beginning and at the very end. Don't stop at the peak.

Beautiful Mississippi!

Actively cleaning the trail from past flooding with students from my school: NWCC!

Also building a new, higher trail (Highland trail) which is predicted to be flood free and garbage free! In December of 2018, it has been constructed and is marked with green and orange fluorescent markers.

I see signs of deer here, but not actual deer!

Please check out my Ark Trails playlists on Darrell Barnes' YouTube channel for actual footage of this trail.

Muddy start at 9 am but it was fairly dry by the time I got out around 11:30. There’s an albatross nesting on the trail when you get to Kaena Point. Probably the closest you could see one. Lots of others nesting in the distance. There are areas where the trail narrows to one person and you will have to climb up some rocks. Bring sunscreen and water as it gets pretty hot as the sun rises.

Love Ark trails. I have had the good fortune of hosting guided nature hikes here!

Let's go hiking!

Nice trail, best one in the Crowley's Ridge area that I've seen yet.

Awesome trail and stunning views! Mostly flat elevation wise but lots of rocks on the trail. Our two kids, 4 and 5, did just fine but we are regular hikers (ours kids have probably done 30-40 hikes this year). With some reviewers saying not to bring kids I was nervous but we had an amazing experience. We saw the monk seals and albatross’ as well as some marine life in the tide pools. So much fun!! It was definitely hot and lots of water and sunscreen are a must. Don’t miss out on this hike!

fantastic views! it took us just over 3 hours to go to the point and back. the color contrast between the sky and the water and rocks was amazing, even on an overcast day. If you go on a sunny day, bring lots of water and wear a hat and sunscreen-- there is no shade on this trail.

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