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5 days ago

We took our scout and webelo pack camping in the Tuscarora State forest about 40 minutes from this trail. We had a mix of 12-16 year old scouts and a few 10-11 year old cubs with varying degrees of hiking experience and fitness levels. I’m 47 and in decent shape, and I was able to do the steps, then hike another mile or so once we got to the top.

The views are fantastic, and the hike is somewhat hard, but definitely worth it. I would recommend a hiking or trekking stick for the descent, and a solid pair of hiking shoes/boots with thick sides as there are a lot of loose, sharp rocks that will beat up your feet. Also recommend a camera and lots of water. Great trail with an interesting history.

Love this trail. Hiked twice — once in the spring and once in the middle of summer. Would like to try again in the fall. Can be very crowded, but the falls are breathtaking and worth it. Good idea to bring bug spray on this hike during the summer.

10 days ago

A little over 1,000 steps! It was a great workout and the view at the top was awesome.

This is obviously a great hike, though it can be crowded at times. Awesome falls just about the entire hike. It took us about 4 hours to do the loop on a less crowded day. It can be slippery so use caution. Must do hike and IMHO late October early November is the best time.

13 days ago

Quick easy in and out. Beautiful views.

Beautiful scenic overlook

Trail is beautiful! Falls vary in size but all are great. Just hiked today and leaves made for slippery rocks and trails but the scenery was perfect! Great fall hike for sure. I will definitely return. My German Shepherd who is almost 11 years old pretty much ran this whole trail which means I did as well. Also lots of detours into the water for fun! Great trail for dogs (if larger in size and in good shape) lots of well marked trails and plenty of spots to step aside to let people pass. Highly recommend this trail! Experience it because it's worth it!

The walk in was kind of boring... the first 3 quarters of it is just a flat state game lands road. Then the last quarter is a flat trail through the woods. Easy. Nice fall colors right now. The overlook is amazing!!! Just breathtaking. You can hear the rushing water of the river down below.

Absolutely beautiful scenery especially in the fall right now while the leaves are changing! Very steep steps but getting to the top is worth it!

Great short hike, awesome views and a good workout!

heavily packed on weekends.

This was a great hike! It took a little time to figure out where the trail went to the falls. But once I got to the falls I had them all to myself and could just sit & enjoy them!

This is one of my favorite hikes that I’ve ever done!! It’s amazing to see so many waterfalls in one day! Each big & beautiful! Easy trail. Don’t miss the little red lizards!

Hiked this trail on 10/13. Made a right upon entering the loop and we reached an impassable point when we got down to the stream at the furthest point. The trail was no longer marked and we weren’t sure where to go along the bank. Tried crossing the stream and going down toward the Lehigh, but rain and downed trees made it difficult. Going away from the Lehigh upstream seemed equally impossible. Never got to the actual waterfall. Nice scenic overlook of the gorge about 4.5 miles in before descending to the stream, although some trees obstructed the view. The first 2.3 miles of this map is along a wide gravel trail on hunting grounds. Fairly sure you can drive your car on that if the gates are open, as they were Saturday. Didn’t do any of the side trails, although some may lead to more scenic views. I’d go again, make a left upon entering the loop and see where that goes.

This is one of my favorite hikes! It is very crowded during the summer because people swim at the base of the falls, but the trails are never overpacked. The rocks can get very slippery so you need to wear shoes with good traction. The views are incredible every step of the way!

Not well marked and eventually became impassable. The lower trail is mostly access roads that lead to a decent overlook and waterfall area. Avoid the loop section marked on this trail.

This was such an amazing hike that I came back 2 days later and hiked the loop again. A must see for everyone.

1 month ago

kinda was worth the view but went after the rain and trail to the view very muddy wet.

1 month ago

Nice short (3 mile) hike. Half of it is on gravel road. The wooded part is picturesque, but part of it had turned into a stream from flooding when we were there. The trail runs through state game lands, so if it is hunting season you might consider wearing bright colors. The vista overlook is great.

Hard but worth the effort

not that bad of a hike but the steps were hard

1 month ago

I love it here

Great hike with lots of steps. Recommend hiking boots as it was wet throughout the trail.

Great hike. One of the best in Pennsylvania I would have to agree. Went the full loop and saw all the falls. Definitely will come back and do it again.

Even though it is kind of a tough loop. I had not hiked in a long while and was able to make it through it without too much pain. Very important to have good hiking shoes because the trail is quite rocky and wet.

rock climbing
1 month ago

Been there almost annually for past 5 years in January. Crampons and ice gear a MUST in Winter

1 month ago

An amazing trail with several wonderful views. Very difficult trail, not for the faint of heart.

2 months ago

Not good for family hike with kids. Encounter Cooperhead and Rattlesnake on the trees and in between the rocks.

2 months ago

As others mentioned there's stream crossings. Be mindful of the weather and current rainfall as many trail parts show water runoff. Not sure on the normal water levels- went after recent rainfall during September and the stream was about 1'+ high depending where I crossed. There's a second unmapped trail with no water crossings but its uphill and gets overgrown in places.

Update: went back after a couple days of no rain and the water levels had a noticeable drop. If you don't want to use a map, the trail basically follows the water upstream. The "ruins" are a halfway point with a small waterfall near the end.

Beautiful trail along the creek, be prepared for the crossings though!
We had hikers from 8-46 and no trouble navigating the trail.

beautiful! was expecting one fall and a short hike .. 6 miles later and about 30 falls later! so cool.

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