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Awesome waterfall, hard to find trail at first, just go around the gate and you should be good from there!

2 days ago

So much snow and only made it just over half the way. Unfortunately we were not prepared for how much snow and how deep it was! Or we would have continued on if we had some snow shoes. Definitely going to hike again at some point.

17 days ago

A bit confused at the rating of this one, perhaps we just tried to enter at the wrong spot,..The path down from the GPS marking, just past the single lane bridge, is incredibly steep and was not puppy friendly. Even on a dry day, people were having to scoot down the decline on their rear ends.

Perhaps we will revisit and try to decent on the other side of the bridge, though there are lots of other options in the area to visit first.

3/24. Snow on the ground. Make sure you have gloves to get down under the bridge, your hands will be very cold from the cable. Lots of people on bridge taking pictures, beautiful views looking down. Very muddy on the trails.

Ended up way off course due to very little markings, even with a paper map both myself and a ranger ended up taking a four mile detour to find the falls, very pretty end result, muddy so stabilize yourself!

Beautiful trail. Not very well marked... It was quite the fun adventure though. One tip would be to go back out the same way you come in... We made the mistake of going a different way out. Oops

Cool little place to visit. Not marked very well though.

Really beautiful! The bridge is amazing in itself! Gorgeous out there today.

Not very well marked. We walked way more than we should have and everybody on the trail we met was there for the first time. But we found the falls eventually. it was a long hike overall but worth it.

Went here on 2/24/18 it was a chilly day with on and off snow. Firstly park close to the bridge, which is a one lane, secondly walk to the start of the bridge go over the side by guard rails. there is a little path down to the trail, it's a cable and can be slippery in snow if you're now wearing correct shoes. We went left and saw the car and some building structure, but it's a beautiful view of the river! Loved it!

One of my favorite waterfall hikes so far !! Seriuosly breathtaking . Very few hikers today, made it even more peaceful & beautiful . Little muddy & slippery in spots . Totally worth it though . Recommend wearing hiking boots until it dries out .

1 month ago

One of my favorite trails. Awesome views. Lots of wild berries. Over nighter with the place all to my self! Hiked years ago so late post. Just digging up old pics. August 2012

We must not have read the description fully before taking this hike, because we were shocked when we got to the end. The falls are much larger than we thought and so beautiful. We even missed the biggest one of the three, Little Mashel Falls, by accident. We saw Lower Little Mashel and the upper falls. We spent most of our time at the lower falls, which I believe is the one further into the canyon. The way the falls cascade down a series of boulders is just awesome, and makes for great photography. We saw a handful of people in sneakers and regular clothing. I would suggest you wear a good pair of hiking boots for the mud and slippery conditions closer to the falls, and a few layers of hiking clothes for the cold. Most of the trail we took was a dirt road that ascends just slightly. Eventually, you'll end up taking a regular trail down into the canyon which is where you will get the most elevation gain on the way back. Use the app to follow along as there are a few unmarked turnoffs. It's super easy to get here...no crazy forest roads with potholes or anything... have fun!

Amazing hike we hiked to the upper falls, middle falls and lower falls. The trail was a bit confusing to follow but we used the all trails app to try to stay on path. The middle falls was by far my favorite it’s a trail that splits to the left of the sign of the upper falls. There was a bit of snow on the ground and icy in some spots so use caution. Saw plenty of dogs as well. Such a great hike!

The hike is worth it. The falls are amazing.

Easy hike, however obviously due to the season very muddy and slippery in areas so use caution! I love bringing my dogs here as it’s usually not too crowded on weekdays and we can play fetch as we venture down to the falls.

The name is what caught our curiosity but it's not as impress as it sounds lol we did enjoy going over to the water and skipping rocks.

Very beautiful! Went with my husband and 3 boys. It was the perfect family hike and the falls were so pretty!! One of our favorite hikes!

This is a great little walk. I wouldn’t call it a hike, it’s more of a pleasant long stroll on a gravel road. The waterfall is awesome, my dogs loved it, very pretty, but but if you’re looking for exercise this is not the place. More of a family type walk

This is a nice hike. Although not marked well, I was able to ask fellow hikers for directions.

Most of the hike is on an old logging road. When you get to a clearing, bear left and walk at least 1/4 mile until you reach a rock that is painted “Falls”. The trail splits again and bear right. The trail down to the falls is steep and it was slippery. Poles are recommended.

This trail has beautiful waterfalls. It's well worth going. I recommend hiking shoes, and waterproof ones at that as there is a lot of mud. Little Mashel and Upper Mashel falls are close to each other, right at the spit in the trail to Little Mashel Falls, by the entrance. One way in the split takes you to Little Mashel, and the other to Upper Mashel Falls.

Very nice hike, though most of it is on a gravel road. You’ll walk on the road until you see a big clearing and a cement square structure. Take a left there at the fork. You will find a rock painted with “falls” and an arrow to the trail. Once on that trail you have a few options. Lower falls or upper falls.
You can even walk past the painted rock instead of turning and go down to the train tracks and the bridge as well. Love this spot.

Couldn’t make it up to the trailhead without 4 wheel drive and there was quite a bit of snow. Sure it’s beautiful though if you can make it up!

3 months ago

Muddy. Once you get down the side of the bridge with the cable it’s an easy walk. We went east and took the hill up the old grassy area and remnants of a building. There are lots of muddy trails to check out but nothing special. We followed the river up a ways, looks like a great place to ride a dirt bike.

3 months ago

"Ghost town" would be an overstatement, as from what I saw, it's merely an old car, and the remnants of one, maybe two small old buildings. If you're looking for a straight flat hike through the woods, this one is for you. If you're looking for a challenge (or even a cool old ghost town), I wouldn't recommend it.

Of course, any day in nature is a good day, right?

Also, this trail extends pretty far beyond the ghost town, so if you're looking for a longer trail you can just keep going. In fact, we went for much longer than 2 miles, thinking there was more to the ghost town.

I went here on 1/11/18 happened to be the most rain all week. Made a huge loop, couldn't say how long it was, but we were out there for a few hours total. couldn't find the path for the falls for a while so we just wondered and enjoyed the beauty for the trees. Finally found it though and WOW it was worth all the walking. When walking back, we took another way and it was just a gravel road really. But the back way to where I packed, when we got closer to car there was more wonderful sites.

Road is completely undriveable at this point in the year. Extremely rocky terrain, as you approach 3 miles out from the trail, it starts to get really snowy. We had to turn around and never got to the trailhead. I would avoid until the spring.

awesome views definitely work out foe those of us that are out of shape. bring plenty of water and a walking stick. wear good hiking boots

Honestly the hike to the falls was a little lackluster BUT the payoff made it all worth it. A nice easy hike to do with the family!

3 months ago

Lovely way to spend a Saturday morning.

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