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We hiked it today 3-21-18, gate was open, and only 10 people were up there... we got to the top around noon and ate lunch then came back down, the snow is melting in some places so it's a little muddy at some parts... but the majority of the trail was either dry or damp... the water was really warm and nice :)

We hiked yesterday, 3-18-18. The gate was open, so we were able to park right at the trailhead. The pools are awesome!

Pretty awesome drive...plenty of opportunities to get out and hike around. A lot of the land is BLM so you kinda have the ability to make a trail yourself. We scrambled up the cliff and it was awesome.

Excellent hike back in time!

Hello - does anyone know when the winter gate is scheduled to be open so that we can drive all the way to the trailhead? Trying to take a group of kids and the extra hike on the road is just too much for them...

Sucked walking on the clear dry road so long before you get to the trailhead because of the winter gate. If I come when the gate is closed next time Ill bring bikes. Very crowded and heavily trafficked. I went early morning before much people headed up. If you go when cold than bring something good for walking on ice, its very slick. The springs were pretty cool. I would have preferred to go to it in lower light conditions as the water seems neater colors. Ill definitely go again.

Beautiful! Worth the hike, we were quite sore with the added 3.8 mile walk on the cement back to the trailhead, and the 2.2 miles back to the springs. Overall it took us about 2 hours and 20 minutes to get to the springs, and 1 hour and 45 minutes to get back to the car from the springs. Watch out for slippery rocks and nude bathers ;)

Hiked this trail as part of the Figure 8 trail (7-mile) in the Park brochure. We hiked in March so there was still plenty of ice and snow on the ground in the morning so micro-spikes were very useful entering the trail as part of the figure 8 this is a moderate. We generally hike about 2.5-miles per hour but the scenery on this trail will slow you up for the photos. Also, we encountered far fewer people on this part of the loop (figure 8).

on Shingle Creek Trail

15 days ago

A good trail for snowshoeing. Went up a couple miles after a snow storm and enjoyed the winter scenery.

Went yesterday to find we had the entire trail to ourselves from start to finish. Winter gate is closed which added about 3.8 miles each way. I felt like the trail wasn’t marked well to begin. Once you pass the bathrooms you continue straight on the trail until you come to the hot springs (about 2.5-3 miles) up the trail. I brought micro spikes but didn’t need to use them. It wasn’t bad going up the trail but pretty icy and slippery on the way down. Didn’t see a lot of trash.

Love this hike. I hike it winter and spring. Long haul when they close the road up to the trailhead but worth every step.

Love the hot pots. Great trail. Just FYI, the road was blocked off 4 miles from the trailhead so it ended up being about 12 miles total. So do allow for extra time. Also, go prepared for the trail is super icy, I would recommend some kind of microspikes. All in all, worth it :)

Slushy morning snow freezes over in the late after. Some wheels for the road would speed things up. Trail is nice but a girl broke her ankle today, so think about traction.

1 month ago

This trail is a good one to have on your bucket list. The trail descends into the canyon among the curious Hoodoo's. The descent and return ascent are strenuous, and it is a good idea to bring water. We did this hike in early spring when parts of the trail were covered with snow which was stunning in contrast to the deep reds of the hoodoos and canyon walls, the dark green of the evergreen trees and the bright crisp blue sky. The time of year we did this hike the trail seemed to be ours alone.

Beautiful. Got a bit confused at times and had to double check to make sure I was still on the loop. About an inch of snow in the canyon in February, wear waterproof boots if you’ve got them.

Super icy so make sure to bring spikes or some kind of extra traction. The road is closed about 3 miles before the trailhead making this 11 miles round trip. The springs are kind of gross right now because people aren't packing out their trash and there's a lot of build up of moss.

1 month ago

Went on the hike February 8th. It was a long hike from the closed gate to the hot springs. The road was clear today, would have been great to ride a bike to the trail head then hike in. The trail itself is completely iced over. There are a couple of patches where you walk on dirt but the rest has at least an inch or two of ice. I would suggest some sort of ice traction for your shoes. Great hike and it is beautiful. Hot springs are really warm.

1 month ago

Beautiful views around every turn. Challenging in June sun, but cooler than lower elevation.

Really cool place. Word to the wise... we went in Feb and the winter gate was closed so we had a pretty long (2+mile?) hike to the trailhead. I wish I had brought a bike for that part! Thanks to tips on here (thanks guys

So that hike is only good for if you want to go up a steep steep mile! The falls aren’t even falls! We were freakin lied too. I was deceived by the pictures that are featured. Those aren’t the falls. The falls featured are called Bridal Veil Falls. The water is barely trickling down the rocks.

Hit this up this morning. Took 4.75 hours round trip from the gate including soaking for 30 minutes.

Pretty heavy traffic but a beautiful hike!! If you go in the winter, go prepared. The trail is super icy and we wouldn't have made it without yaktrax spikes. Totally worth to relax in the spring at the end.

Beautiful hike, especially combined with queens garden/Navajo Loop to make a 6 mike figure-8. Yak-traks were helpful for segments that were snow covered.

Super steep but great views. Rock Sofa at the top is a must! Fun short hike. Watch out for rattle snakes

We did it!! And it was even worth slipping and pulling a groin muscle. It took us 6 hours total from the closed gate to the hot springs and back. We spent about a half hour in the ‘hot tub’ and we had it all to ourselves. Nice because we had to strip naked to change back into our dry clothes. That’s because we headed up at 6 am. We saw about a hundred people on our way back. Now I’m going to go buy me some spikes/crampons. Someone on the trail said to us, pointing at his spikes, “best 15 I ever spent.” Thanks brah.

Fun Hike. Pretty scenery l

2 months ago

I chose this trail on the recommendation of a ranger (she said it was her favorite) after indicating I only had time for a 4-6 mi hike. I returned to Bryce in Jan in the hopes of seeing this marvel topped in snow. Unfortunately, I was 24 hours too early. Nevertheless, I was rewarded with the trail all to myself (I didn't see ONE person!) and air filled with floating snowflakes that didn't stick, but still created a winter wonderland effect. If you're not going up on this trail, you're going down. And if you're not rounding right, you're rounding left. Up, left, down, right, down, left... the entire time. This trail is a fantastic example of Bryce and its pillar hoodoos with fun portals that give the trail its namesake.

Ok so there is a little bit of parking at the gate but the main road to the trailhead is 3.4 miles so in total it was about 12 miles. I brought spikes which were super helpful. I would recommend you bring snacks and extra gloves. It was raining today so we were soaked and cold! It took us 5.5 hours not including sitting In the hot springs. So pretty though! I would do it again

Love it easy fun lots of water

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