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I did this amazing trek on March 17, 2018.
Started at 6:30am and finished almost at 3pm stopping for a short lunch down by Colorado river and some rest at Indian Garden.
I did an acclimating hike down Bright Angel trail the day before just to see what those switchbacks were about. Good physical shape and some mental preparation and great spirit was all needed to complete it without huffing and puffing and enjoy every single moment. Amazing views on every spot of the trail. I got lucky with weather as it was in 60s down in canyon and in high 40s up closer to the rim and clear skies. The next day however it snowed and snowed a lot so that last 2-3 miles were covered in snow. So be prepared for a turn in the weather and have layered clothing, snow chains and trekking poles and plenty of water and snacks. If you did hikes in the mountains before, you can do this one too!
My Garmin Fenix watch clocked over 20 miles and over 4700 elevation gain on the ascent by Bright Angel.
Definitely start as S Kaibab as the trail there is more rugged and you want to go down there not up.
There are restrooms and emergency phones at least in 5 spots on the way.

4 days ago

Amazing beautiful adventures!!!

Adding to my full review below:
We left the S Kaibab trailhead at 630am and took 3.5 hours to reach the silver bridge that crosses Colorado. (We picked up the River Trail heading left when Kaibab had gone right towards the black bridge)

I’ve excluded the time for photo stops, and two restroom breaks.

We stayed at the river/Phantom Ranch for 2 hours and headed back up Bright Angel at 1220. We reached Indian Garden/Tonto East by 3pm.

We finished at 1848. So the trip back up 13 mi took us 6.5 hours including all the breaks. And it was very difficult for the last 3 hours due to altitude.

A good near-the-city hike option! Definitely plan on doing again.

On March 7, I hiked this with my 16 and 18 yr old. I trained for over six weeks. And I’m grateful I did. It paid. Fitness wasn’t the issue it was altitude. We live at sea level. We stayed in the village for 3 days. We hiked on the 3rd to allow time to adjust.

We took over 3L ea of water. There are atleast 7 restrooms on this trail. That is a huge encouragement for those who try to not drink but must.

I am so glad we took this hike. And grateful that we made it out just before total darkness set in. We started at sunrise and made it to Phantom Ranch in 4 hrs taking photo and potty breaks.

We had headlamps but the last 4-6 switchbacks were snowy and icy so darkness made it harder and less safe.

The views of the Colorado going down S Kaibab are the most breath taking. Getting to the bottom was wonderful. Likewise the view along the river trail which connects Kaibab and Bright Angel was stunning. Even the 10 mi return up Bright Angel has unexpected brook views, sounds and waterfalls. It’s gorgeous.

Everyone seems to agree that the final 3-4 miles up Bright Angel are exhausting. Practically impossible to complete after hiking all day.
However, many young people passed us. Even jogging. I know there are some who work at the Canyon and do this weekly, even daily. Perhaps those who weren’t resting after nearly each switchback live in the canyon or another 7k ft town. We didn’t ask.

So I cannot recommend this trail, in its entirety, to anyone who hasn’t proven their ability overcome altitude. If you breathe very easily under exertion entering 5, 6, and 7 k feet then this 18 mi hike is for you!!! Otherwise, you are taking a great risk.

We will have this memory forever and are grateful for every minute!

Likewise, I have to recommend a backpack suitable for hiking since water and food are not optional. My kids’ shoulders were really hurting from their packs. And this was their only complaint.

I agree with others who said this was the best and most difficult hike they’ve taken. I can’t wait to go back and try the others!

9 days ago

There’s a path that’s completely flat, which I took, great for beginners.

Beautiful hike with sweeping views and plenty of elevation. A little ice at the top when we started, but didn’t need crampons. They say to allow yourself twice as long to come back up, but it didn’t take us nearly as long. Start early to avoid the crowds!

Best hike I've ever done. Started around 6-7 am and finished around 4:30pm. Truly amazing hike with endless breathtaking views.

A very good and well managed trail

I love this hike!!!I❤️❤️❤️❤️

13 days ago

Good, Long, hike.

15 days ago

love this track
Peace Everyone Enjoy

Legendary trail! Would absolutely recommend doing this during the off-season and with an early start. Notes below...

- Parked at Bright Angel Lodge, nice bathrooms around and plenty of water. Arriving early will also help with parking since there isn’t a lot at the lodge itself.
- Took hiker’s express bus at 8, hours differ throughout the season.
- South Kaibab was continuous downhill and many switchbacks until the river. Had to stop myself from taking so many pictures!
- Not a lot of mules this time of year, but still enough where I needed to watch my step.
- Nice picnic lunch at almost the halfway point by the river and at Bright Angel camp. Indian Garden was after that, good spot for a breather.
- In the shadow of the canyon, it was too cold for short sleeves, in the sun was no problem for shorts and a T.
- Trail was well maintained throughout!

This is a moderately easy (or easy moderate) hike. It's a quick drive from Sacramento. You can get there early to beat the crowds, but we started early afternoon on an overcast Saturday and there were plenty of people, but not so many that we felt it crowded.

You can see from the map there is a gradual ascent to the top of the dam, at which point you can take a short trail of switchbacks to get closer to the base of the dam. You follow the river at the base of the trail.
While there are not spectacular trees or special sites, the river is nice. The trail itself is well-maintained. Even after rain, I think it would be an easy trail to navigate.

A previous reviewer called this a nice and easy winter hike. I think that is a great description. I usually try to start off with shorter hikes in the winter to get myself into hiking shape for the spring and summer. The trail is well-maintained, a little crowded, but relatively wide in most places, and you get to see the North Fork Dam at the terminus. If you're looking to try your legs on a moderate hike, this one is pretty easy and straightforward. You could finish it easily in 1:30. We took more like 1:45-2 hours, stopping for a snack at the North Fork dam. You can really start it at any time of day (other than near sunset when the recreation area officially closes). I think it might be a little hot in middle of summer, but you are in a canyon for most of the trail, so that could offer some sun protection during certain times of day. We were there in February, so it was cool, but not cold.

The Auburn SRA has a variety of trails at all different levels. You could easily spend all day hiking in the area without seeing half of the trails. This particular trail is accessible to all hiking levels, even though it is rated as moderate.

Super fun hike, as easy or challenging as you want to make it! We only spent 1.5 hours, but did a bit of bouldering and had fun in the couple inches of snow on the trails. Heads up: you need to buy a pass to park your car at the trailhead, but some locals told us they visit often and that the rangers usually only check in the evenings. Still, I would go for the pass over a hefty fine!

I hiked the Grand Canyon for the first time over the weekend with my lady and it was a wonderful experience! Went down South Kaibab to Phantom in 4:30 (ALL the pictures!), spent the night at Phantom in a great communal experience with other travelers, then back up the next day via Bright Angel in 5:15. We were pushing it pretty good coming out but that last 2 miles was tough, lol. I can see in the summer needing to take a lot more time to get out because of the heat, but it was cold so stopping was less appealing to us in the winter. We really just stopped briefly every 30min or so for water and to catch our breath when needed.

Great trail. My two kids of 8 & 11 had a blast.

Parking is $10, park hours are from 8 AM to sunset.

The Clementine Trail extends past Clark's Pool and continues to the Clementine Reservoir. Clementine Dam impounds the North Fork American River- which is the Folsom Reservoir tributary as well- in a narrow canyon. Water from the reservoir pours over the top of the dam regardless of the weather. Though flow is predictably heaviest during the spring months, there's always a healthy flow fueling the waterfall.

The trail itself has two main attractions: the reservoir and Clark's Pool. Clementine Trail follows the North Fork American River, standing roughly 10-15 feet from the riverbanks, for the first mile. After Clark's Pool and the overhanging bridge, the trail widens to a 4x4 track and strays upward, well away from the banks of the river. This wide track continues, paved for the latter part, until the reservoir suddenly comes into view.

There's little to see between Clark's Pool and Clementine Reservoir. The trail is wide, shaded, and with no immediate surroundings apart from unremarkable trees. This stretch of trail coincides with the brief ~400 foot incline. There are some small spurs that can be taken to the riverbank, especially near the reservoir. After a rainy stretch, some tributaries to the river flow active, creating one or two waterfalls/cascades along the trail.

I did this hike on a Friday evening in February and saw ten or so other people on the trail. With relative solitude, this trail is a nice walk that follows a river, snakes through the trees, then culminates at a reservoir. The width of the track and paved portions of the trail are an obvious drawback, and the uninteresting stretch of nothingness between Clark's Pool and Clementine Reservoir detract from the overall quality of the trail. There's little to do (without snowshoeing) when Tahoe is blanketed in snow, though, so I'd recommend this as a laid-back winter hike.

Good section, plenty of shade, very enjoyable trail. will do again as section D this spring.

Beautiful easy hike.

26 days ago

Much better than I expected. I have done this hike two times...once in May and once in December.

Parking- both times we arrived around 7am and easily found parking on Foothill Parkway for free (a big plus for me); however when we left both times the parking situation was much different and people were parking farther down the street

1st visit in May...there are different trails to choose from...we did the Hagador Canyon Watershed and followed it in about 1.5 miles before turning back as it seemed to become harder to follow/see the trail; it was much greener than I anticipated and quite a bit of cover from the sun is provided by the trees and the hills; we then walked over to the Tin Mine Trail and that was 2.5 miles total RT to the end of that trail and back...all together we did just under 8 miles and spent about 4 hours enjoying the area; the Tin Mine Trail is also rather shady and there are some closed mines that you can take a look into (iron gates blocking the actual entrances of the mines); you can hear water trickling in some parts of the trail and just great colors and beautiful;

2nd visit...when we returned in December we did the hike to the Doppler Ball...on the way there we took the wide winding fire road and on the way back down we opted for the more direct route back along the ridge and that was more fun...total miles was about 11 miles with just under a 2,000 ft elevation gain and took us a bit over 5 hours to complete including time to take in the great views and to check out the ruins near the top with the only true trees on the trail and there are some great rocks to take pictures on and of course time spent at the top with pictures of the Doppler radar

This is an awesome little hike, show up early and you'll beat the crowds, there are lots of little trails to go down to the water along the way.

beautiful birthday hike!

Parking can be tricky but the walk is lovely with awesome views of the river and nice rock formations. My 8 and 10 year old loved it. Some good geocaching along the trails too.

Not a winter hike. Trail is in the shade and it was freezing cold. Not many views of the river below. Hike is wide and traffic is high; the trail dead ends at the dam with no other trails from there to view the lakes. Somewhat disappointing.

Made for a nice short walk. Easy hike to bring the kids along.

Beautiful day to hike and great river views, but lots of people and bikers.

1 month ago

Hiked to the radar doppler. 11.4 miles round trip. Took 4 hours and 18 min. Decent fire road but way too many mountain bikers. The top was neat with old ruins, pine trees, and awesome views of OC, Downtown LA, and the IE. Start early in the morning as there is no shade. This trail is good for hikers, mountain bikers, joggers, families, and dogs. Mountain bikers fly down the trail so watch your back. Keep to the right as you are heading down the trail. One and done. Would I hike it again? No.

Nice walk on an overcast day otherwise would be too hot as There isn’t any shade.

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