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2 days ago

Lot was full by 10am but we squeezed on the road. We read there wasn’t many backpacking spots - and I found maybe 3, but were too close to water or the trail. We found if you go past (between) the final lakes and keep going (careful, the trails spur and we got turned around), you follow a stream on your right after 1/2 mi to approx 3 sites spread by a few hundred feet. It was a good first backpacking trip for my 7yo. There was plenty of water, moderate temps, and while we saw a bunch of bugs, only really got one or two bites. We encountered a cow moose about 30 feet off the trail about half way up!

I think technically this is in the Indian Peaks Wilderness and you need a permit in summer, but, sorry, it is ridiculous to print a form and mail a $5 check or to go to the office. Let me do it online. https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/arp/recarea/?recid=80803

Absolutely beautiful! There were lil steams on the way up that my dog could drink from. I took the Diamond Lake trail and it was amazing!! EVERYONE had their dogs on leash. I was shook.

Overall it's not a trail I'd be super excited to get back to or take anyone to, but it was a nice short hike with shade most of the way. The final lakes/ponds are pretty with some views of the surrounding ridges. The lakes are small with quite a few people crowded around fishing or lounging. The first lake you pass is mosquito heaven and pretty yucky.

Walk the path by the river, it’s beautiful and is not nearly as rocky. We walked the river path up and it was gorgeous!! It brings you out at a nice place to lay out in the rocks and then you continue on to the main tail to the lake.

The trail is beautiful and not too difficult. But I have to agree with other commenters that it’s very busy on weekends and the amount of loose rock is tricky. I still recommend it though because the lake and the waterfalls are relaxing. Also, parking at the Nederland park n ride and getting the shuttle is the way to go; it’s there every 15 minutes on the weekends and you don’t have to deal with the scarce parking at the trail head.

I usually love this hike but the lake was about half drained, almost no water.

7 days ago

Nice well marked trail that takes you up to Lost Lake, a clear, shallow mountain lake at about 10,000 feet elevation. It’s a bit tough on the way up, but a fun hike down. Nice Mountain View’s and shallow rocky rivers with a couple large waterfalls.

Fairly easy hike. Good trail improvements along the way. Definitely a lot of wildflowers, waterfalls, and scenery. The lake at the top is worth every step. We would definitely come back for a picnic lunch on a nicer day. The clouds started rolling in once we made it to the lake and we had to cut the chill time short. I definitely recommend blazing your own trail at the bottom to see a few waterfalls that aren't as easy to get to or see from the main trail. As other reviews have stated stay to the left.

I love this hike, great views, like waterfalls and rolling rivers. go early or go late

Great hike! A bit rocky throughout. We had a little trouble knowing where to go to go around the lake. It was busy and parking was tight. Would go again!

on Jasper Lake Trail

10 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous hike with varied terrain. I arrived about 9am on Saturday and the trailhead was busy. Parking is very limited so I would suggest starting between 7 and 8am if you can. I noticed a shuttle taking people up to the trailhead but I'm not sure how often it runs or where the pick up/drop off location is. The bypass trail to Jasper lake was fairly dry. Not much snow until you got closer to the lake. Sometimes you find yourself maneuvering muddy sections or walking through a shallow stream. My feet stayed dry for the most part, wearing water resistant shoes. Highlight of the hike was sighting two moose. I can't wait to come back and do more exploring. Would highly recommend!

11 days ago

I haven't been on many hikes in Colorado yet, but this one is my favorite so far. Hiking all the way up to the lake is well worth it. There's a good mix of forest and meadows with lots of wildflowers. The elevation gain is gradual and not difficult at all. I've been able to do this hike a couple times already in tennis shoes. I highly recommend checking this one out if you haven't already!

My latest trip was on a Friday and I had no trouble finding parking along the side of the road at 7:30 AM...weekends and holidays are a different story. When in doubt, take the shuttle from Nederland (holidays and weekends in the summer I believe). I took the shuttle on the 4th of July and it was an excellent experience. It's FREE!

11 days ago

Everyone below is spot on, it’s very gravely in the beginning. Lots of family’s at the beginning too. Once you get up about a mile, it splits into a bunch of different directions. That’s when it gets good. I was very surprised how wet the trails was, so be warned. I had hiking boots, so I was good, my friend not so much! It’s gorgeous. It’s very green and worth it!

12 days ago

Trail has a lot of loose rocks makes it hard to keep footing up and down. Very steep in places. Moose, deer, bear all in the area. Wild flowers, amazing! Don't even bother with trying to park at Hessie trailhead on the weekends. The shuttle from Nederland is quick, comfortable and very convenient and best of all FREE.

Super beautiful, takes about 3hours to get there from the creek at hessie trail. Make sure to have pups on leashes

Great hike. Beautiful views and waterfalls. Trail is stupid busy. Do yourself a favor and park in Ned at the Park n Ride and the the shuttle or you're going Yo end up adding an extra mile or two to the hike. Would be 5 stars except for the parking.

Lots of loose gravel.. trail splits into king lake and devils thumb

We got to the parking area around 4:00 on a Saturday afternoon, and were able to find a parking spot as many people were done and leaving. The actual trailhead was about a mile in, we realized that once we were walking on a driveable road and saw many high clearance vehicles parked. The trail was rocky, but not as bad as I was expecting after reading other reviews. Multiple groups on their way down were so kind in letting us know there was an active bear up at the lake - we never saw it, but apparently it had been rummaging through some campsites!
I wish we would have taken time to veer left of the trail to enjoy the river more, and when I do it again I will make time to walk all the way around the lake.

This is a great trail that offers a little bit of everything- wild flowers, roaring creek, water falls, clear mountain lake, snow capped peaks. It was also fairly mild in elevation. Best part is taking the free shuttle right to the trail head and back from Nederland. Offered every 20min during summer weekends.

This was our favorite hike of our trip! The waterfalls are amazing, but you have to venture off the path a bit to see them in their best form. Listen for loud rushing water to find a spectacular 3 fall view! Many other waterfall sightings along the trail and the lake is gorgeous, but small.

I've been hiking this trail for over 30 years and was really sad to see how abused it has gotten in the last few years. It's a highly-used area and absolutely gorgeous. Therefore, we need to respect and PROTECT the land. Here's a few tips: 1) do not make or use shortcuts and avoid social trails (undesignated trails to look outs etc). If you just can't help yourself, please don't make these worse by not staying right on the dirt. If there is a log/fallen tree across a social trail, pls don't just step over it - this is the caretakers way of saying "pls don't go here." Similarly, uphill hikers have the right of way --So pls. STOP and step to the side of a wider part of the trail to let them pass. Pls. don't keep hiking and stepping on the side vegetation to give them room. This is a perfect opportunity to look up & appreciate this special place & only takes a few seconds. And GET MUDDY and keep on the harder/rocky parts of the trail. This trail used to be narrow and is now becoming alarmingly wideFollow the cairns (rock piles) near the top where there are boulders and be very mindful of staying on the designated trail rather than all the off-shoots (giving them a chance to recover) This trail used to be narrow and is now becoming alarmingly wide. Especially above tree line/tundra please please please STAY ON THE TRAIL - tundra is incredibly fragile & takes hundreds of years to recover from abuse. Our natural areas give us so so much and by doing some simple extra effort, we can show our appreciation and give back a little.

23 days ago

Such a beautiful lake! More and more wild flowers the higher you hike.
Campers need a permit.
Parking is limited.

23 days ago

This is the only trail I’ve repeated in Colorado and I’ve hiked it 4 times now. It’s easily my favorite because of how it varies from the woods (lots of shade) to waterfalls and rewards you with a super chill lake at the end. A great hike to take out of towners on too. Definitely veer off to the left for the cascade. The gradual incline on loose rock does suck but does not take a way from the overall experience, if anything it’s the parking but there’s always the shuttle.

the lake and water falls were gorgeous. However I was not prepared for the loose rock on the entire trail with a constant incline. I was having to always look down and watch my footing which took a lot away from the hike.

24 days ago

Great hike. Nice change of scenery from typical Boulder views. Trees provide shade for much of trail. Views at the lake are great. Definitely worth the trip from Boulder if looking for a day trip hike.

24 days ago

Watch your step on the loose rock at the beginning of the trail. Beautiful water views along the trail, wildflowers, and Lost Lake. We went on a Saturday so parking was full but there is a shuttle from down in Nederland to the trailhead should you want to take it. Otherwise, it’s an easy walk along a dirt road.

Fun hike for the whole family. The views were amazing. Foot traffic was low when we were out there also! There is about a 4 mile rocky, dirt road that you take to access the trail so a 4wd vehicle would be a good idea.

it's pretty and very easy. perfect for a quick morning hike. The lakes can get pretty crowded with people trying yo fish.

Nice hike, steep and rocks are a little slippery, but really not bad. Gorgeous views and quiet at the lake. I don’t know who lost it, but we found it

Great hike. Pretty easy but tons to see. Didn’t realize there were a few waterfalls as you hiked along the stream. Great place for a picnic at the lake. Plan to come back and snowshoe this one.

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