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Nice hike, great views at the top!!

Solid trail for a decent

Super cool to see the fire tower and the view from it! This is a nice mellow hike for when you don’t want a long day.

6 days ago

Definitely a challenging trail. I’m in good shape but being from a lower elevation, I felt pretty winded at times. With breaks I still took about 4 hours with a half hour break at the peak. The view was worth it for sure. Highly recommend getting an early start since the trail is in the full sun at the beginning.

Good hike. Would like to crest the peak next time

This hike borders on moderate to hard. A fairly mild incline with a few steeper sections. We have run into a large bear on this trail so be alert and be prepared for what to do. We had to turn around the last time when the big guy would not back off and grant us passage.

Beautiful Trail. Very little tree coverage so plan accordingly with sun and heat.

trail running
11 days ago

This a a great trail for running on a weekday.

12 days ago

This is a great hike. I would call this the long slog to the top. We took Mesa via Towhee to Shadow Canyon to Bear Peak. Really beautiful views at all levels of the hike. Ran into rain/hail going up and waited it out. it cleared for a bit and by the time we reached the saddle more fronts we coming in. The Summit scramble was quick and we got pounded again with hail/rain coming back down to the Saddle. Overall...it was an awesome hike with wonderful view. took us 7.5 hours round trip. Most of that was due to several breaks and a couple good pauses for sheltering from the hail.

Great walk

nice easy trail for out of town visitors, pretty area. just kind of a bummer to be so close to the highway for half the hike.

18 days ago

2 mid-twenty girls and it took us just a little over 4 hours up and down. Awesome hike, the views make it worth it. Lots of rock scrambling and not much else than going straight up! A good workout, but not too too difficult.

Make sure you have $5 cash for parking!

19 days ago

Well worth the hike!

Great trail with your kids! Nice and well maintained. Our 5 and 7.5 year old did not have any issues and want to come back.

22 days ago

Good trail for a quick hike! With minimal stopping it took about 35-40 minutes to get up. Since the area at the top is closed, I didn’t go all the way to the cave. Hardly anyone was on the trail once I got past the intersection with the Table Mesa trail (probably due to the fact that the cave is closed for the summer). The trail leading up to that intersection has several offshoots but they seem to all lead back to the main route or they dead-end quickly so you know to turn around. After the intersection the Mallory Cave trail is well marked. Just keep an eye out for the markers. There is a marker where you turn up the hill to get to the final stretch. I saw a couple of hikers turn early, so just a warning- keep going till you see the sign! I’ll probably try trail running this one next time around.

24 days ago

We hiked Bear Peak on Saturday 7/21, very hot sunny Boulder summer day. Coming from near sea level and not an experienced mountaineer I have always tried to follow the rules of climbing when doing 14ers. and other Peaks. We got a late start and ran out of water even though we had approx. 3 liters each. While we didn't get lightening it came close and we could see storms rolling in from the northwest. This was a very strenuous hike on a 94 degree day. 4 hours 20 minutes , 10 miles from NCAR parking in total, we did a loop. While I would highly recommend this hike and I will do this again, always be prepared. Enjoy!

Nice hike close town. Easy trails with great views. Ruins are pretty cool. Good sun and some shade along the way. Several trails you can add on or not to make the trail shorter or longer to your liking

Great hiking , beautiful views


Transplant to Colorado and have done a few hikes and this was one of my favorites. Hiked this today and it was tough. Gorgeous views from the top!! Definitely want to do this before it gets too hot out on your way down. A lot of rocks, shade and great trail.

Just literally missed stepping on a rattlesnake by 1 step within the first 20ft of the trailhead. Be aware!!

Great views, nice variety, good workout, a little confusing a couple times as the trail name changed. Would recommend.

Christy I Smoked a whole pack of cigarettes while running this trail! Very easy trail with minimal traffic and great views! There were people who weren’t smoking which is total bs

We arrived at the trail at 930 am, totally sunny, trail is 90% in the sun and hot.

It took us 2 hours up around the loop and back.

I'd say this is correctly categorized as a medium. Quite a bit of rock stepping and there were two spots where we almost went off trail on the back side.

I'd do it again.

1 month ago

This Fire Lookout is now a private campsite rentable through the US Forest Service. The people in the lookout tower are not FS employees. They are paying guests. It's the paid campers whose cars are parked at the gate. We should all try to respect the privacy of these campsites so that the guests can get the most out of the experience and if the guests enjoy it, it will be a profitable venture for the Forest Service that has just taken a hefty budget cut. Let's try to be respectful by not expecting to tour a camper's private space. If we want to tour the tower, we should rent it, and in doing so, we will help to preserve this really cool history. Thanks!

Really enjoyed this hike. It was cool and foggy, but it was still lovely. Pretty easy hike if you’re in shape. The ruins are fascinating.

Was great for beginners. Not too rocky depending on which path you take. Didn't see much wildlife though, aside from a ton of butterflies and grasshopper. I would say light trafficking but I got there at 9am and stayed to 11am. (on my way out there were a handful of people coming in)

The first part of the hike is very exposed — there is no shade so come prepared! It becomes nice and shaded once you reach Shadow Canyon trail, however, then begins the most difficult part of the journey. This is not a hike to bring your low-altitude friends on, as it is demanding of your endurance, balance, and ability to climb a lot of rocks. Reaching the summit is quite a treat after everything is all said and done. I completed it in 5 hours roundtrip while intermittently resting as needed, but I am also in relatively good shape. Happy trails!

This was a good hike, seen some deer on the trail and beautiful views.

Wide trail from the parking lot- good for all ages. Rolling path. Nice views from the castle. Interesting info signs. Trails are well marked.
Was there by 8:30 and top lot was full. Saw a couple deer.

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