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trail running
12 days ago

A small stream valley with light eastern suburban forest and some granite boulders. Nice local trail for running with a few climbs.

The northwest trail is nice and well indicated. However the trail on the other side of the creek is more challenging. The blue markers are not consistent throughout the trails and sometime the grass is overgrown and it’s hard to know which way to go. Also you have to go over huge logs to cross the creek at several points. But overall still a pleasant walk near the water.


Returned to the LR course I last ran on July 11th this year. What a revelation! It’s the exact same course I did in mid-summer with vastly different terrain in mid-fall. The run was slowed down due to blowdown, marshes and slip pits from rains the last 2 days, fallen leaves everywhere (more slips), hidden rocks, branches and other obstacles that you cannot see due to the fallen leaves (trip harzards), briars and pointy branches lining the trail that you now encounter due to midline marshes and slip pits, twigs everywhere — really, this was a much different run than in summer. Nonetheless, it is still a great 4-mile course! Managed to get in two out-n-backs for 8.4 miles total. Had two big slip-n-falls while trying to ante up on speed over unseen mud slicks. Walking around the deep marshes was also a challenge. Be prepared to get muddy when the trail is like this, from the shoes up. Still a great outing and I look forward to returning. My recording is posted.

Completed: 10 November 2018

This was a beautiful hike after a long period of rain the trail was quite muddy but well worth it!

Very nice,clean and clear paths some hills but then some levels

mountain biking
3 months ago

Great trail but a few trees down and had to get off bike to manuver. Wear bug spray!

Enjoyable, moderately challenging walk. Trail is overgrown in some soots and there are a lot of unofficialMTB trails that are offshoots of this making the trail hard to follow in many spots.

3 months ago

Great views and mostly clearly marked. Found a few washed out areas I had to navigate around. Couple stream crossing. getting wet and muddy is unavoidable but that's half the fun. Mosquito's were really bad at one point. Small tip, when you reach the clearing with the power lines just go down the hill through the field to pickup the trail again. Don't try to go across into the other side and look for a trail only to fight your way through dense picker bushes. Had fun, I'd go again.

Not moderate. Easy.

great trail, a bit rocky but me and the Roscoe had a ball !!!!

I traveled this Aug 4th, 2018. Bring bug spray, Mosquito's were moderately bad. Trail was outlined with an obviously cleared foot/bike path and the only confusing part was a fork for blue and red. The red had a big tree across it but seemed to be in the direction I wanted so I took that route, it ended up being correct. Lots of little side trails to go down to the water. Only a couple other hikers, mostly secluded, ends at a peninsula on the river. Decent hills at about 45 degrees but nothing crazy. By crazy I mean climbing with your hands to reach the top. Small gravel parking with plenty of room away from the road and the trail begins right there at a small path at the southern corner and is about 2 or 3 people wide. You have to go around a small cable locked entrance.

I love this trail but it’s best during the week because the weekend can be too busy. Great for dogs, I have 2 and 99% of people with dogs on trail are dog friendly

I had great time hiking this trail, but, lots of mud and bugs. I slipped twice on the trail. Also, great views of the lake and few stream crossing. I saw turtle hiking the trail. Part of the trail was washed away forming crack across the trail. I jumped across the crack.

Amazing views . Parts are challenging especially to beginners . But awesome landscapes

It was a nice hike, well paved. I did get lost a few times and had to backtrack but otherwise it was fun.

This trail is currently closed until further notice.

trail out about a mile in due to the rains, blew out a culvert

5 months ago

One of my favorites for a run. Also great for walking dogs. Lots of deer at dusk


Completed 07/11/18

MESSAGE ALERT REGARDING TRAILS: Most of the Baltimore County side including The main Grist Mill trail is CLOSED. The Soapstone trail is NOW OPEN. The entire Lost Lake Pond area is blocked off. Grist Mill trail will be CLOSED for the rest of the summer. Your best option is to hike on the Howard County side of the park. Turn LEFT at the split. All trails on the Howard County side of the Park are OPEN. When entering, turn left toward the Playground. Across from the Playground parking lot is a NEW TRAIL. The Extension is The RIdge Trail. The road is OPEN up to the Swinging Bridge. ** If you need a special map I created it could help you learn the Howard County side or the entire Avalon area.. ** baltoken @ yahoo.com ( Ken )
PS: Go early or you are not getting in. Over Crowded. Only two rental pavilions are open and they need parking for them first.

trail running
5 months ago

Was running great in the beginning until I went off course. I would rather rely on blazes when running but the course is not marked, so I GPS'd it. The problem is that sometimes GPS deviates and sways away from the way you are actually going. When I was going the right way, I thought I was off course because my GPS was swaying. Secondly, because the course is not marked, I missed two turns that I should have taken, as I was rightfully focusing my attention on running and foot strike.

Another thing about this trail is that the elevation profile may be a bit off. The course description has it listed at 1,210 feet but I ventured about a mile over distance using the posted recording, and I logged only 1,053 feet -- 157 feet less!

This course needs blazes due to the elevation profile and rocky terrain -- one has to focus on that, especially while running. The last reviewer is right. I finished but also found the course a little confusing. Nonetheless, this is my kind of course.

Completed: 07/08/2018

As good as it gets on a calm, clear sunny day (87F).

This was an after work 4-mile out-n-back, where I posted a 2-mile waypoint turnaround. Great 50-60 minute workout.

Good two hour walk. Saw a great old abandoned house with a vulture sitting on the roof. Great river access. Will be back with our kayaks!

Really great challenging training run. The hills are real and the out-and-back provides a rewarding view in a nice setting. Some technical terrain on the up and downs but packed dirt and smooth sailing enough of the time to provide some relief from hills. I did this route and logged 7.6m.

I love this trail for the creek that runs alongside it most of the way and that it's so close to home. It's secluded from the road so it's blissfully quiet and much less trafficked than the Matthew Henson trail. It's a packed dirt and gravel trail though, so some parts are a little rocky and it can be really muddy after a big rain storm. Wear bug spray!

6 months ago

Didn't love this trail - there were very few hills or anything that made it feel like a good workout. Views were nothing amazing either.

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