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I always ignore the trail and rock hop right up the river. one of my favorite places

Great hike on Sunday! This loop is about 4 miles total. Not too strenuous.

20 days ago

Not hard, per se, but a sure heart-pumper if you take the loop trail first and finish with the direct descent back to the parking area. Definitely worth the payoff view at the top.

The Grindstone Trail is a very nice hike at the Rocky Face Mountain Recreational Area. This trail is not as strenuous as the Vertical Mile Challenge 2.2 mile trail even though some of the same paths are used. It’s good for dogs and kids with lots of switchbacks and great views at the top of the quarry area. You’ll love it!

24 days ago

This trail and the Rocky Face Mountain Recreational Area are hidden jewels in Alexander County in the Vashti area. The Vertical Mile Challenge (VMC) is true to its name—a challenging 2.2 mile trail that uses some of the Hollow Trail paths. After 8 laps you’ve climbed 5,280 feet vertically. Best time to visit is late-September when the park lights up with bunches and bunches of tiny yellow flowers—very beautiful and surreal. Many other activities at the park too like rock climbing, nature trails, picnicking, ranger talks, and nature displays.

Loved this trail! Super rocky on the way up... a fun challenge! Great view at the top!

Nice hike through the woods. Has a few small creeks to cross. Trail is easily marked.

great safe trail even in the rain

Great cardio, very light traffic on the trail even on a weekend. The parking lot, picnic area and lake was packed but this trail was quite. Incredible views at the top

We had plans to do Sugarloaf but due to the weather we decided to just do the loop and have a small picnic. The views were breathtaking and my son had a blast hiking the loop.

This trail was hard, but rewarding, the steps going up to the top of the Mountains are very very steep. We done a Half Marathon Trail Race here January 6th, 2018. Great place beautiful Waterfall.

Loved this trail. Many things to see and take in. I cannot wait to plan more trips to the other trails around.

1 month ago

This trail starts out with a lot of people but just after reaching the falls in .08 miles the trail becomes lightly trafficked. There are many creek crossings that are easy to cross with pleasant views and sounds of flowing water. There are only a couple spots where the land opens up for distant viewing and this trail only has about 1,700 feet in total elevation gain. The one downside about this trail is that it follows the road for the first few miles and you can hear cars and there are even spots where you can see houses.

well marked clean trail will go again

2 months ago

I really enjoyed this hike. I went after one of the snowfalls so there was barely anyone of the trail and the views were gorgeous. I am excited to come back and do this one again in the Fall.

on Moores Knob Trail

2 months ago

I love this trail. Started off early this am - first in carpark and making new footsteps for the day in the snow. Climbed around the lake - which was partially frozen - and took the red/white circles trail up to the top of Moore’s Knob. Beautiful crisp day with lots of animal tracks in snow - deer, squirrel, small mammals, birds and turkey. Trail was snowy, but not too icy. Wind blowing pretty good in carpark, but it was very calm and warm along the trail up the mountain. I wore layers and was too warm by far. Stopped in at balanced rock near the top. Was hoping to be first up there for the day but got passed by a guy about 3/4 way up - the recent flu bug has left me so fatigued..! Got to top and wind blowing around the rocks - visibility pretty good. Could see pilot mt and Winston Salem pretty good - also could make out grandfather mt with my binocs. Top of tower was surprisingly protected from wind - it really was extremely pleasant up there. Spent some time taking photos etc and then heading down. Met a lot more hikers on way down. The route down seemed slippery than on the way up - I was glad of my hiking pole. Overall a very nice moderate hike with fantastic views at the top.

Great hike. Some of the waters along the falls and creek were still frozen which made it quite beautiful. Started at 9am and only saw a couple other hikers. Very quiet and peaceful.

Heavy traffic. Well defined traik

2 months ago

Just went yesterday (jan 4th). Pretty cold and windy so there was not many other people out. The hike is nice and the view from the peak is awesome. If you are going another great thing to check out is cascade falls which is only 0.3miles from the visitor center and is even handy-cap assessable. The falls are really pretty and are frozen right now.

2 months ago

Beautiful winter hike with my college age kids. We walked fast due to the subzero temps but it was not too strenuous and definitely worth it. Great views without the leaves on the trees, very peaceful spot - just what we needed on a bright winter’s day.

Great trail! Everything is currently frozen making for an amazing hike!

Loved this trail. The falls were beautiful with ice. As others have said, lots of stairs going along the High Shoals Falls Trail.

I started on the red trail heading away from the mountain to add a little distance, connecting to the blue trail on the way up to the observation area and returning on the orange and red trails. The trails are well marked and maintained. The climb to the top is somewhat steep in places but very manageable. It gives you a nice workout for a short hike. And the multiple trails allow you to alter your route if desired on return visits.

Beautiful in the snow!

Pleasantly surprised! The view from the top was much better than expected. We went in mid December and there wasn’t anyone else on the trail. I’m sure really pretty when all the leaves and foliage come back.

2 months ago

6 miles of trails. Take your pick on which side of the loop to start at, plus trails that are inside and outside of the main loop for added mileage. Gets strenuous the last 10 minutes or so. Nice view of the Catawba valley.

Pretty strenuous to the top. Probably 150-200 steps to go up. Nice waterfall. Good views of the Jacob Fork River and surrounding mountainside. Descent from the other side of the loop is a little steep.

This is an easy trail but you have to watch your footing. Views of the valley are unmatched in the fall.

I’ve been multiple times and love it more every time

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