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EXCELLENT trails - amazing views - and not so difficult.
parking is a bit of an issue.
highly recommended..

The trail was beautiful and it was nice for a Sabbath walk/hike. The hikes/walks are different from the hikes I like to do on any other day of the week. I actually slow down on Sabbath. It was my first time there, I will go back. The farm was a cute unexpected surprise on the walk. ☺
The advice I can give is, go early it was hard to find parking, it was full.

Great views and an amazing hike!

Lovely short hike!!!

Did this exact trail and loved it. Well kept trails. Lots of zig zags. Some parts were moderate but plenty of shade that I didn’t need my hat. Parking has fees and would love to use the picnic tables to have a gathering or just use it for our packed lunch.

trail running
14 days ago

This trail is especially beautiful during rainy season. It's much more green than some of the other trails in the area! In the summer it's nothing special and I'd rather go elsewhere. It's worth the extra .25 to .5 miles to go to the top of Maisie's Peak on a clear day!

Great cliff side hike with periodic framed views west. A few boulder scrambles but well-maintained trail. Obnoxious gun fusillades at the Goat point on the weekend.

nature trips
15 days ago

Just a pretty little stroll through the woods, easy and the farm is such a COOL place to take your kids, especially in the Spring. All the baby animals are out and they are so fun to watch. If you have kiddies, grab a pack and some snacks and take them here. Leave no trace, please!

Great place for kids and dogs (and even better when the kids love dogs!). Good balance of shade and relatively easy hikes. Parking can be challenging.

parking is really bad. get there early!!

22 days ago

Beautiful easy trail that has great variety of creek and water, to wide open meadows, and narrow pathways shaded by redwoods. Not suitable for children i’d say and best for hikers and mountain bikers.

Very nice trail with diverse scenery. Great views from the rock climbing spots.

You get to see people rock climbing its pretty cool!
Nice Hike

Beautiful, easy walk. Many trail bikers too

Done this many, many times as a,whole route or just part of it... My office was close.

29 days ago

Great awesome marked trail. Lots of choices and views.

You can hear cars for some of it. Doesn’t feel like you’re truly away in nature. Good for those that live close by and just want a quick hike.

on Edgewood Trail Loop

1 month ago

For a compact area, the trails in Edgewood Preserve feel well laid out. It's scenic, with a mixture of covered and open spaces.

The two reasons for the low rating is that 1) it's heavily trafficked and 2) you almost always can hear car noise. This is specially pronounced on the parts of the reserve bordering Edgewood Road and highway 280.

Great loop and easy category is correct.

trail running
1 month ago

I did this trail with Bay Trail Runners! Beautiful trail! Plenty of shade and good elevation gains for a challenge.

Fairly easy trail with clean toilet facilities. the only moderate part of the trail was at the first leg of the hike for about half a mile.

Went early on Sunday morning, 3/4. Take the unmarked trail to the left of the trailhead sign to go directly to Castle Rock. Didn't seem worth it to me, but to each their own. Some snow on the ground from yesterday's storm, with the sun melting snow in the trees. Wasn't expecting rain! Once I got to the falls I didn't need my raincoat. Despite the rain from yesterday, the falls were just more than a dribble. Nice hike on the Saratoga Gap side, but the Ridge trail gave much better views. It was more difficult with roots, steeper climbs, and boulders/rocks on the path, but worth it. Took me 3.5 hours with a lunch break. Nice area just west of Goat Rock to have a picnic. I hope to come back one day to do the Skyline to the Sea hike. Love having a wooded trail this close to home!

Beautiful trail, with a few rocks to casually climb and get hidden gorgeous views:)
Trail itself is well maintained.

Many ups and downs. Great mountain views. Fun to watch rock climbing and bouldering.

1 month ago

Beautiful lookouts. Very much appreciated the easily marked trails, and the maintained paths. Will definitely come back.

Great for dogs. I do disagree that the trail is easy, especially for beginners. it was all uphill for about a mile.

Wet nice spot to hike, the views are incredible at some points, there is a look out deck about 2 miles in, and if u go a little further, there’s a huge rock on the edge of the cliff if ur brave enough to climb and sit and take an amazing photo..definitely would return here.

Beautiful nature. A touching calmness.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike. Well marked & maintained. Views are exceptional. Easy, short hike.

mountain biking
2 months ago

A little challenging for beginners like me but I had a blast. It really is a nice trail.

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