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17 hours ago

Easy downhill going into the falls, narrow path with lots to step over and around. There are a couple of benches along the way and a bridge for taking pictures and admiring the falls. We saw families and small children and lots of dogs. Would go again if we were ever in the area.

Tree lined and shady, rocky and a bit steep in spots so watch your step. Beautiful forest but no Mountain overlooks on this particular trail (would be some in the winter I think but we were here in October).

Gorgeous falls. We've hiked all over the mountain states and this beats all those falls. A Virginia treasure.
be prepared for lots of stairs. We were hiking with our dog. He's fast, big and experienced but the steep wood steps were covered with wet leaves and slippery. we worried he might slip. We didn't get very far.
great park and great hike

Beautiful and tranquil. We only passed a couple of other hikers. Trail is well-marked and pretty well-maintained, though narrow. Quite steep both ways - great exercise going up but lots of slippery spots coming down... It felt like there should be more switchbacks. At the peak of Big Piney there is no viewpoint, which felt anti-climactic, though there are some other points to snag views along the way.

on Crabtree Falls Trail

15 days ago

Loved it. My GSD also enjoyed. Did this trail in October when the weather was cool. Falls were refreshing. Bring snacks.

Enjoyable hike. Previous comments about slipperiness were not exaggerated. If I do this hike again, I will go up Stompin Knob trail instead of down. I think the footing was better for going down the Big Piney trail. Either way is a good workout. Lots of mushrooms and there are still wildflowers.

Absolutely worth the hike. Pretty easy trail overall.

Not too strenuous and well defined trail in most places. Train is not marked so got turned around a few times. Not very busy on a Saturday afternoon. Most dogs on leash except one. Great shade, lots off mushrooms and moss, and yummy forest smells. One thing I’d change if I could is that you can hear all the loud ass touring motorcycles on the parkway as the noise travels up.

23 days ago

Nice, easy hike out to the remains of a remote lodge.

Nice trail with some pretty views. Moderately challenging with one pretty steep uphill on the white loop. Make it longer by doing the blue offshoot trail near the stream.

Nice scenery. Good views.

Beautiful trail leading to very nice falls.

Beautiful falls! Worth the hike!

1 month ago

Ahhhhh... Back in the Appalachians. Despite my relatively high ratings of trails in (flat) Michigan and Florida, this one is qualitatively different. Superb. The system needs more than five stars so that I can nudge those others down a bit, but this is a real five-star trail. Pretty, well maintained despite its popularity, hilly, green and alive with a variety of flora and fauna, and punctuated with a lovely waterfall that’s a great place to watch people, to get wet, to picnic or hang a hammock, and to marvel at Nature’s creative paths and tableaux during her slow march forward. P.S. Remember to enjoy the drive along the Bluegrass Parkway with plenty of time for stopping at overlooks.

1 month ago

Great trail, beautiful waterfall

Nice and shaded. Poorly labeled trails. A few dogs...none on leashes.

A good butt kicker...still feeling it almost 2 days later....Straight up and straight back down...
I brought my 2 dogs.. make sure your dogs are athletic

Great hike after being off the trail for a long time . There are lots of beautiful flowers and trees to soak in .

1 month ago

nice waterfall!

Amazing view

a lot of ways to get fall off the big loop...but not ruinously.. so keep your All trails map close and your cellphone charged. fun times

It’s a good hike to it but the terrain is kind of hard specially if you got kids with you! It takes a while to get to it! ...

1 month ago

Nice hike with kids. Difficult enough to challenge the fam and keep our attention but easy enough to finish with some gas in the tank. Lots of people on the trail, that’s the loss of a star, the parking gets crunchy if you don’t hit it early enough. Good length for the 5 year old and plenty of up and down. Definitely take the spur that goes up to the waterfall. It’s not huge but it’s a nice spot. It’s just outside Black Mountain where we are staying at the Monte Vista Hotel, so it is perfect and three miles to the trailhead. Had a good time and will go back.

Decent easier hike with some nice vistas. Seeing the ruins was cool and crazy to imagine building a home that many years ago in the middle of nowhere on a mountain. Make sure to pay attention to the trail map/blazes when you get to the loop as another trial intersects. Parking is very limited, sort of just a small side runoff the road that can fit a few cars.

trails are very well maintained but it gets a little crowded. Nice place to take dogs as well

Limited parking.

Lots of shade throughout trail.

Lots of wildflowers

The loop comes after seeing the remains of an early 1900s stone lodge.

The loop is the steepest/most difficult part of the hike so I’d skip it if you’re already tired by the time you get to it.

To make the loop, you take the right trail first and then take a left trail at the blue marked tree around half a mile up.

My wife and I hiked the trail this morning. Easy hike with lots of nice views and wildflowers. Lots of history with the Lodge and it must have been spectacular to stay there in the early 1900’s. Trail is kept up nicely. We will definitely be coming back for a fall hike. Had a great lunch in Weaverville.

Steep steps towards bottom. Down all the way in, up reverse. One of the nicest falls in NC. Well worth the hike

2 months ago

Excellent trail. We hiked after a rain and it was muddy in places, but the waterfall was well worth the wait.

Great trail. Lots of people though. Didn’t expect to be that crowded. Nice waterfall.

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