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Absolutely gorgeous and not too many people. There were three horses too! Lots of bugs but that’s to be expected. Some of the trails are not marked very clearly. The best part is how varied the trail is - from meadow to woods to creek. We ended up doing about five miles and i would describe as moderate. Good for dogs but need to be on leash. Parking was easy and it was easy to find the path. When we got further back, we barely saw anyone.

Nice trail. Looped Lake Elkhorn then picked up the Patuxent Branch trail toward Savage. Marked well. Parked and then walked around Historic Savage Mill. Pretty views of the river

The weathers has been great for the past few days and I have been racking up the miles. Today, I hiked with the family for Alsheimers. Nice overcast-ed day with just a sprinkle of rain. Great crowd and we all had a good time. The Walk For Alsheimer was only 2.5 miles around the lake but there are sections you can do to increase the mileage a little more. I also enjoy the earthen trail in the woods along the lake side. There is shady sections but also quite a few areas in the sun. Being a senior, I get into ALL Federal & State Parks free. A.A. County Parks is a different story, but this Howard County Park is FREE OF ALL.

Great hike. Trail starts in a neighborhood. Runs along the river for large portions. Had son in carrier so it was the perfect difficulty level.

2 days ago

Nice trail, mostly flat except for the end, pretty view of the river and its rapids. Passed horses and other families.

2 days ago

Very nice trail. My dogs loved smelling everything. I would give 5 stars but some of the trail was uneven and I kept twisting my ankle. Everyone we passed was friendly and the other dog parents controlled their pets.

Dont be afraid to go off the beaten path. The bridge is cool and all, but you need to go in the woods and check out the old cotton mill it’s graffitied up an alot of the old machinery is in the remains of the building! Its very cool and i would recommend checking it out.

7 days ago

TRAIL CLOSURE UPDATE: Any and all trails leading to the severely damage Grist Mill trail are CLOSED. Forest Glen, Pigs Run and Nun's Run in the Hilton Tire Park Area are all CLOSED.
The ONLY trail OPEN in this location is the Santee Branch Trail. The entire Santee is Open.

Also note: The Sawmill and mostly All the trails in the HILLTOP area are also CLOSED due to blasting at the dam removal project. One trail is OPEN up at S. Hilltop Rd. but it's only a Out and Back on Buzzard's leading to the Ilchester Rocks over top the train bridge.

8 days ago

Well kept, many altitude changes. Not as close to the water as it seems on the map. The pay off is the beach. We started on Morgan Mill and took the left fork which took us around to finish at Loch Raven Dr at the beach.

A few of the trails in this area are closed due to the blasting of the Bloede Dam. They blow a hole in the dam on the Howard County side on Sept 11, 2018. For me to comply with the notice of TRAIL CLOSURES, I decided to simply blaze my own via GPS. Basically, any trail leading to the damaged Grist Mill is closed. Because of this, most trails that are open are Out and Back. Sorry, I am not a out and back kinda guy. The park is open, the woods are ours but the trails are closed. Fine, just don't hike on the trails. Great to get out after a week of rain and bombing heat. I saw over 15 deer in the woods today. I got my shots of the dam project I wanted. By the way, The River Rd. trail on the other side of the park is closed too. Why don't they want us to enjoy the view of the dam removal. They don't blast everyday. Only on 9/11 ???

Perfect hike with the family and our 3 yr. old Lab.

Nice cement trail around a beautiful lake. Lots of activities for all ages...definitely gonna be frequenter at the park.

9 days ago

This is a great little walk. Only thing keeping it from being a 5 star is how heavily trafficked it is. Still lovely for an evening walk

Private property now is on the trailhead.

On the Elkridge County side of the Patapsco ( Howard County ) are multi trails that can be hiked in many ways. There are a few connector trails you can take if you wish to add or minus the miles of your loop. You could also have hiked the Cascade Falls trail which is color coded ( blue ). This trail does get crowded on weekends. The entire trail system is well marked and color-coded, except for Garrett's Pass but I would recommend a map as a backup. It felt great to get out after a week of high humidity. A few little showers were fine but now the rain comes. Stay away from the Swinging Bridge or the Restroom when saving your data. Park on the big lot and save data there. The other location is a dead spot.

Nice hiking trail, goes past/along a stream.

Had to use map to stay on trail and lots of mosquitos near the river. But a nice hike nonetheless.

Awesome trail that is very well maintained. Definitely a little confusing when you get to spots where there are other trails connected but as long as you have the map with you on your phone you’ll be good! Good variation of flat, uphill and downhills throughout the trail! Perfect for trail running if you want a moderate trail.

Nice hike, great place to shoot some nature photos

nice views of the river for about 40% of trail. didn't see what made it hard other than it was difficult to find some turns.

23 days ago

*** Warning: Hornets are active along this trail ***
On September 1, 2018 two hikers/runners were stung by hornets(?). A week ago, a horseback rider was stung 25 times.

Lovely views of the river, made for a nice evening stroll. Definitely more of a stroll than a hike. Wish it had been longer

This trail is moderately trafficked and has tons of dog poop all over it. The trail itself is not challenging enough to be classified as moderate. Very disappointed, would not recommend.

Nice empty trails.

29 days ago

The trail is not well marked and parts of it are closed. it can be confusing especially where it intersects with other trails. The title is misleading as you're actually on a handful of different trails. I had to use AllTrails quite often to make sure I was going the right way and to find ways around closed or overgrown trails. Ultimately it ended up being over a 4 mile hike. Also, it's not very visually stimulating. There are some nice, small stream crossings but that's about it.

Great trail but a little too short for my liking. Overall great experience!

Apparently this trail is closed now due to flooding. It was a good trail. I wanted a quick bike ride after work before the sun went down, and this trail on a bike took me much less time than I thought, so maybe better for a walk than a bike until they stop construction and open up the whole trail. The trail is nice and paved though!

29 days ago

beautiful trail, nice people. great options. perfect with my two dogs.

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