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6 days ago

very good trail, I made the mistake of having to many drinks the night before and it made the trail a little bit tougher

The trail goes under and follows high tension power lines. At one point you travel under the metal tower legs of the power lines. The trail is not well maintained. You can hear the interstate highway at every point on the trail. The overlook trail takes you to the edge of an old rock quarry that overlooks the power lines. Not exactly a commune with nature. Can't figure out how this became a North Carolina State Park.

The trail is usually clear with bridges over wash out and wet areas. I usually take my dog with me and they have to be leashed. Lots of beautiful views of the lake. Terrain is slightly hilly but not to the point of being strenuous. Vast majority of the trail is shaded so great for hotter weather and usually the lake has a breeze coming off the water. Bring bug spray if there's no breeze the biting flies and mosquitos can be a little persistent. There are benches spread out throughout the trail to take rest breaks. Bring water for drinking there is none on the trail.

The views at the top were gorgeous, and it was a good workout..but very crowded, loud and lots of trash! I would only go back very early in the morning or maybe in the fall/winter months.

loved this trail. there is an elaborate narrow wood stair case to take you down to the river, where you get a good view of the rocks. saw a copperhead, deer, frogs, fish, and owls. Take all the small extra out-and-backs (to see overlooks and the fish traps). the fish traps are igneous rocks in the river used by native Americans to trap fish. it's very humid in the summer, but shaded almost the whole time. there is a lot of Creek and river water to drink along the way if you have a filter bottle.

A relatively quick, and moderately challenging trail, with a nice variety of views. I use this as my go-to training trail as I ramp up my carry weight. There's a fair amount of traffic here, including people out for a walk and folks with their dogs (no complaints from me on that count!). This is only problematic in some stretches of the trail that can be fairly narrow. The views transition nicely between tree canopies, the Eno River, a former rock quarry, and then a worthwhile panoramic view from the top. As a heads up: Don't expect a jaw-dropping view of the river. This stretch is very brown, and offers barely perceptible movement. Better river views can be had a few miles away at Eno River State Park if that's your preference. I suggest starting the trailhead at the top of the parking lot, instead of the one down the gravel road. The start takes you fairly close to I-85, and you'll hear a good bit of traffic noise for the first 10-20 minutes, but the further you get into the woods the more it fades away into the sounds of nature. It's cathartic. You feel like you're actually taking a mini-break from society. Plus that way you don't have end by coming *back* to highway sounds. The trail winds up a steady incline, before winding down to the river. At that point it starts a steeper climb back up. You can hop off on a little spur to check out the old quarry, or continue up a steep incline toward some power lines, before entering back into the woods. An optional climb to the top will provide the great view you see represented in the photos. Fair warning: This trail system is very accessible, so you will find a good and steady number of other guests there who will be far less sweaty than you. The rest of the trail is fairly easy. After a moderate incline through a beautiful tree canopy, you'll crest a hill where the trees start to open up. From there it's an easy, gentle walk back down, highlighted by two ponds you can optionally stop off to look at. All-in-all, it's a great little hike that has a little bit of everything.

17 days ago

A nice trail but ALWAYS busy. Very steep stair-step type of climb for a long stretch with nice views at the top.

Nice walk in the woods. Narrow trail. I would go again later in the day and let someone else clear out the spiderwebs. I would also be more careful about following the blazes as the signs were a bit confusing. I wish I had taken a map with me.

This park was very clean and well organized. The staff were friendly, and the people on the trails were pleasant. There were all sorts of different kinds of people, and it made nice for hiking alone. As for the terrain, I wouldn’t go if you want to just stroll through the woods. There were many handmade stairs and many rocks, and to get up to hanging rock was crazy! I died three times, but when i got to the top it was all worth it. You can hike barefoot for about half the trail if you would like, which i did, and it was comfortable and made for a better grip on the rocks. (At your own risk) the waterfalls weren’t as big as i would have thought but nice to hear the running water down the rocks, but since it was so busy it wasn’t as rewarding due to people being there. I did go on a weekend so that had something to do with it I’m sure. All in all, i enjoyed myself and got an awesome workout. The best things is i got to reflect and appreciate gods creation.

on Indian Creek Trail

21 days ago

Great hike! We started from Danbury access to top and back. Much easier than starting at Hanging Rock parking lot and going down then back up. There are lots of pretty spots and scenery all around. 9 water crossings going 1 way. It had rained a bit this week so lots more water flowing through. Love the Falls!

It was okay the trail had some good views and very crowed I would recommend the trail still

great trail. very few people once you get past the waterfalls. very quiet and nice to hike along a beautiful creek. there are some great views of the dan river at the end.

The trail is very well maintained. I didn't see a single person, but I saw lots of wildlife including frogs, squirrels, and deer. I did this hike at dawn and saw about a dozen deer that let me walk within 15 meters of them. The entire trail is shaded with benches and garbage cans along the way for breaks. The views are okay, but not spectacular. To me this was a difficulty level and type of nature walk/day hike for a family with young kids. Also, signs have been posted NO mountain biking.

Trail came as advertised with some good views as well as a short walk along the Eno river. There was one unobstructed view if you took a side path to a look out area. The cliff that you overlook is a by product of a long ago quarry and you would not know it without the signage. All in all a good hike while not extremely strenuous enough ups and downs to get your blood flowing.

1 month ago

Nearly 15 miles there and back along Indian Creek Trail with deep woods with a great canopy for a hot day, multiple slippery rock crossings, some small water falls and pools plus a cool dip in the Dan River rapids. Last 1.5 miles straight up. Guess my heart's in good shape. Ready for a ice cold beer and a breezy hammock

Trail is nice, good condition. Didn't see many people which meant I ended up getting a lot of spiderwebs on me. There were some annoying flies that wouldn't leave me alone and I found some ticks on my dog, but DEET spray kept them off me.

I'd recommend going on a weekend so other people can eat the spiderwebs. Pretty area and cool view of the nuclear cooling tower. Better start running if you hear the sirens go off though, hah.

Great hike! Very good to do on a hot and humid day! Refreshing waterfalls and shade galore!

It was okay. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a good view when we got to the top. It was a hard climb for very little reward. You had to go off trail to see a view. Wouldn’t do again. Great workout though.

Great day hike and great to wear out your kids or dogs!

on Hanging Rock Trail

1 month ago

This was an excellent trail for all age types. We walked it in a moderate rain shower and only got a little wet. The view at the top I’m sure is gorgeous, but was completely blocked by the clouds on this day. A paved trail followed by a dirt trail followed by a steep stair incline (that could get slick in a hard rain). Overall, a fun hike with an average workout.

Great trails! There’s a river that follows beside the trail, you can easily walk across them and the dogs loved the break for play/drinking. Don’t let the waterfall stop you from seeing the real beauty of this trail. KEEP Going!

Good climbs make me happy. Nice trail close to home for me. Walk along the river for a dog cool off.

1 month ago

This has everything you need for a great day / hike. Plenty of canopy cover, wide paths, good elevation for cardio, streams for your pet to drink, awesome scenery and the sound of birds and water. I highly recommend this for family outings although going alone is great too.

The ending is worth it. I took my 9 and 14yr old on a hot day. With all the tree coverage it gave us a cool breeze. The hike was great and fun. It definitely has some beautiful sights.

Nice shaded trail along the water. Took the girls and dogs for mother’s day. Stop at road and turn around for 3.5 mile hike.

Incredible! Please be mindful of the first leg up to the summit. Many of the trail markers were missing as the trees holding them had fallen however that part of the trail is marked with orange tape tied around various trees. It will get you back on track

2 months ago

The hike is very good. Crowded is correct. Finished at the rock after the 5 peak, 5 waterfall challenge

2 months ago

Perfect for training down and up hills especially if you include Mt Morrow Loop

Nice moderate walk with nice creek views and a bluff

2 months ago

Call this hike a barn fire, because its a real calf burner....

Anyway, nice short hike that can be done comfortably in 2 hours, and has a really rewarding payoff view. Plus can pair it with waterfall hikes in the state park from the parking lot for a rewarding afternoon.

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