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One of the most beautiful trails I have been on in the park so far! Really tough going up but it was all worth it for sure. Definately would do it again!

This is a tough trail. It goes straight up right from the start and doesn't level off until you hit the fire tower at the top. It's very rocky so wear hiking shoes. You'll get a good work out. Also, it is more like 5 km rather than the 4 stated.

6 days ago

1st half is steep, irregular. Perfect. Nice views, lovely creek. Sunny August day, so no bugs.

Visited mid September, 30C outside mid day. Zero bugs and only other people on trail were motorized vehicles.

Great workout for a novice hiker. Lots of variation of terrain and scenery. A fun mother- daughter outing!

Thoroughly enjoyed this trail. Great look outs and much of it was shaded which was nice in the heat. Lots of friendly people too.

This is our family's regular go-to trail. Couple hours, really good uphill and nice fast way down. Great in all seasons, including on snowshoes after a good snowfall.
For the à Ottawa region, can't beat the wolf trail / Blanchet from P13!

Really beautiful trail, but very rocky, would not recommend going alone unless you're very experienced, just to be safe. Gorgeous view from the lookout

Lots of amazing views

Fun walk with our dog!

15 days ago

Easy, great views for pictures

This trail is awesome with some amazing views when you get to the top!

22 days ago

The trail covers pretty much all I would like to test on the hiking boots. Very nice.

23 days ago

tough and boring.

23 days ago

Nice easy loop - took about 30 to do it - so I pooped twice to make it a nice hour long. Great views up top. I’d say easy to easy intermediate. Go early as it gets busy around lunchtime.

This trail is a 9k. and not for beginners it’s hard.

on Luskville Falls Trail

29 days ago

Beautiful and not too crowded. Big scramble up the rocks at the beginning had us sweating hard and sucking air - but it’s worth it!

Hiking boots are highly recommended- we did this trail in runners (we misjudged the terrain!), and while nobody rolled an ankle, I imagine it happens a lot up here.

Once you hike past the rocks, the trail becomes a more mellow walk/hike. We opted to go further than the loop and up to the fire tower - views were a little anti-climactic but not bad enough to spoil the hike. All in all a great walk.

Worth checking out if you want a scenic yet easy coasting Trail. The lookout is worth the time and the waterfall is beautiful. There are some interesting aspects to the layout of the trail which make it enjoyable.

1 month ago

nice trail. it was challenging in a good way. no waterfall, not even a trickle

Beau parcours !!

great trail that takes a few hours. some difficult bits but mostly is a good hike. has some great views along the way and plenty of wildlife.

1 month ago

Good trail but it is best to go left at the fork to give yourself a good challenge and save the view/lookout for last. We did it the opposite way and thus it was mostly downhill!

We enjoyed this hike and it provided a great workout. It was steep in spots, and rocky, but offered two lovely lookout areas that were well worth the climb. Pleasantly surprised with this trail. Hardly any bugs (August).

rock climbing
1 month ago

Very poorly marked trails! Had two girls see us and they said they were lost. Thought nothing of it. Till I went to east down, ended up on a dangerous cliff and had to get 911 to help us.

A favourite for a good workout and beautiful when the falls are active. Recommend doing the loop portion counter-clockwise because the descents are safer that direction. Good training for hiking in the Appalachians!

not a bad trial. nice quick walk with the dog and kids. the kids enjoyed sitting on the rocks watching the water.

2 months ago

Its an easy trail that can be done in the spring or fall in about an hour. The little lake is beautiful. You will need bug spray if you go in the warmer months.

I’ve done this trail twice now and I really enjoy it. When I hiked it at the end of June the bugs were quite bad. However, this time we didn’t experience any bugs. Today we hiked in the pouring rain, the rocks were a little slippery in spots, and it was a bit muddy. A great trail nonetheless.

Great views!

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