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Short, beautiful hike through the woods

Beautiful Lake Michigan views! Lots of stairs through pretty dunes. Don’t skip Acorn Trail that veers of to the south for a few tenths to step into the gorgeous pine forest.

I've been coming here for years to swim with my horses but have not been in the trails until last weekend. They are beautiful and offer different kinds of terrain. Bass river riders have done an amazing job grooming and maintaining all of the trails for horses .. you could easily spend an entire day here riding all over. In the summer, go early as there is quite the flutter of activity and can get quite warm (not a lot of tree coverage on some trails).

Nice mix of walking surfaces, great 30 min workout if you run / jog

This is my favorite spot to go . Absolutely amazing

lots of deer. Easy and peaceful. We did have a problem with someone on a motor bike when signs are specifically posted.

Very nice trail. Particularly enjoyed the views of the dunes and Lake Michigan

My new favorite hiking place.

I love this place. Quiet but some people around. Good hiking trails. Sand dunes. Bring a hammock and stay a while.

Beautiful trail and well maintained. Great views as well!

Much longer than .8 miles. The trailhead itself shows 9 miles with multiple ski trail loops you can walk with additional unmapped trails as you go. Very pretty views with the trees and the sand.

Great shorter hike through the woods. The hills make it more of a challenge for a beginner like myself. Well kept up and close to home.

Close to home, enough stairs for a decent workout, and beautiful. love it!

5 months ago

For the location in the middle of a very populated area, it doesn’t get much better....I hit this trail on lunch often

horseback riding
5 months ago

It is okay for riding but not the best. There are a few trails that are decent but there is one big loop that would be nice but it is completely covered and pretty much not passable unless you want to just close your eyes and let your horse plow through the low bushes. The trails more by the biking trails are okay. Rather buggy. Traffic over the weekend on the lake is not ideal for horses, dogs running everyone, loud boats and seadoos, children screaming.. this park could be great for horses but it really just isn’t.

Light traffic (Sunday afternoon), many hammocks off the trail, few bugs, a couple of hills to make you work a little more. Nice, well maintained trail - just wish the main “loop” was a little longer. I did the trail 3+ times to make up for the length. I didn’t notice the homes people mentioned but there are parts where I could hear cars zipping by.

on Walking Path

6 months ago

Great short trail to walk, half shade half sun. A few cop bridges to go over and even caught a glimpse of wildlife. Only bad part was the fallen tree over the trail that I had to lift the stroller over. Other than that, would do again!

went for a hike with my dog, stayed on the paved path most of the time (grass was still pretty damp), didn't make it too terribly far one mile in and one mile back. so far liking what I've seen, now I need to work the dog into taking longer hikes, break him in slowly

6 months ago

Nice shady, easy walk with parks at both ends of this point to point trail. The Byron Center road park is open. Burlingame is not open. There are barriers closing the parking lot. Very quiet with lots of parking and few people for what it can accomodate. Quiet enough I'm going to take a nap!

Would be a better run...

Delightful little trail through a backdune forest leading up to the lakeshore. Very pretty and peaceful. Lots of stairs make it a good workout. The trailhead has a place to lock up bikes.

7 months ago

My go to trail. It's close and has some decent views/terrain. It is pretty heavily trafficked. People love to bring their dogs here. Doesn't bother me but something to keep in mind.

8 months ago

Very nice place to bring the dog for a nature walk. Besides the small parking this is maybe my favorite park

For what it is, it’s a cool little spot. Definitely short, but if you’re nearby and looking for a quick, pretty walk.... it’s pretty solid :) The only other downside is that it IS super close to neighborhoods, at times you’re just past people’s backyards

8 months ago

Not a loop.
Not moderate.
This trail is DEFINITELY easy. It's a flat paved path through the whole thing. You see nature and trees and can hear the river that's not even close to the paved path besides the 1 bridge. If you're just walking your dog or with a stroller this is decent. Short. But meh...

8 months ago

Super short. Finished the long route in 20 minutes. Took it around again. However, gorgeous trails. Different terrain and trees. Really good for dogs and if you just want a quick hike.
Close to some roads so you can see houses and cars on parts of the outer trails.
Pro: right next to Robinettes!!

such a beautiful walk through trails and up steps to find the beach at the end

Nice hills, views, wide paths, but could use more trail markers.

Lots of stairs, but worth the climb to see the view of Lake Michigan. Nice wide trail that is either gravel or wooden planks.

Love the trails! Very beautiful/peaceful. Also great trails for a dog

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